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I will get back to everyone, please understand the amount of mail I get is overwhelming.  I will keep trying to keep up with it.  Thank you for all your great messages! 

PRESENTLY:   UNOWNED  - that means I dont owe anyone anything, I can talk to who I want, and say what I want, until I am owned.  At this time, I am only interested in Males over 25 preferably over 30. Just as Masters state their interests, this is one of mine. So please understand I mean no disrespect.    

Im educated, and have a wonderful job, and I can prove who I am can you?   I have references,  from previous Masters served. 

I Dont want to be dommed by a woman, even though I appreciate all the woman who have sent letters,  the ones who have sent intelligent letters at least.  I have many women friends In the lifestyle.  I want a secure man to be my leader, role model, Master.       

I know I am gifted, being a strong submissive only makes me the best, the best at submitting to the finest,  I am here to serve. 

I am a submissive woman
who loves my life. I am not an abused girl or what anyone would consider emotionally hungup.  I believe in submission and love the rush.  Theres no other reason Im submissive except I love the feeling when submitting to a stronger Dominant force. 

For me, submission is like breathing air, its just normal. I feel the rise when Im asked to submit.  I take on my role seriously. I'm not mindless or clueless, I'm sincere and devoted to this commitment.

I have met some wonderful Doms here and I love how Ive been treated.  Some  have turned me on unbelievably.  Im looking forward to meeting a lot of you real time.  

To see me on the street you might say I am one of the unapproachable women. 

 MasterDaddyDom   He has to be a Master of Dominance a Daddy who gives love and encouragement for his girl to grow into what he desires and that dom that is unique from all others.  My MASTER-DADDY-DOM


I am loyal and have few limits. 
They are the obvious NO CHILDREN/PETS/SCAT/BLOOD and nothing illegal.  NO STD's NO drugs.  


He fills me with desire, every part of my body aches for him, He is more then amazing, his hand wrapped around my hair, pulling my body into his, with force, with control beyond imagination, he slams into me, and the pain, I have been yearning for,  has set me free.  My heart doesn't want another, my heart want's him, and when I least expected this, here it is  - I was found.  He found me, and all this time, I was waiting, only to be found.

This is the love story -  the beginning, with a never end. 
Please refer to my journal after this, but i had to share a joke. 

A Domme writes to me:

"hahahaha Id destroy you"
And that is the joke.
I may be sub, but no one would or could destroy me.   what the hell compels some people to think they even have a clue.   Do I look wimpy, does this person even know me, and yet she contacts me with this one liner?   Is this really what some ppl put up with on here?  What a joke. 
For All Im a sincere submissive woman, there's no games or other reasons. I believe those on here who are fake, all have sites and things for you to go to with another motive. I don't. For this moment I'm here for friends only, If by chance a true Dominant that meshes with me comes along, then thats wonderful. I will be in heaven. I walk my path of submission with dignity and yet, I can and will do anything my limits allow for my true Master. I have to thank a special Master for bringing that out in me, out of nowhere I found another reason I'm back on collarme. susie :)
I have complied to each Doms requests so far, with photos, calls, etc.  Now I will be just adding my own, and deciphering who it is I want to comply with.  Tonight Ill be adding my personnal photos from head to toe.  Just like something in a store so I can be looked at closely.  If theres not enough room then ill add a slide show link. 

 susie :)
im back after many months away again.  i dont know for how long, and i dont know why im back.  Theres Someone i missed terribly. 


for this moment, this time, i have returned. 
slightly different, but still the sexie susie girl for the MAster of my dreams.

 I do not want to be owned by a female.

Im bisexual only because previous Masters have made that a requirement, otherwise I am not interested in women. 

I will not be part of a poly household.

I am self sufficient financially.

I only have an interest in Daddy, not because I want to act younger, that is so far from the case, Im interested in "Daddy" because "Daddies care about their little girls" 

I have much experience in the scene.

Im submissive not because Ive been abused or neglected, Im submissive because its my way of life. 

If you have any questions, Ill be sure to answer all of them as best as I can.  But please dont assume, Im a slut, whore,  or any other derogatory name, I am what I am, only for my Master, and then I am whatever he wants me to be for him alone. 

susie <3

This is regarding my beautiful Idea I had, and what is written on my leg. 

I specifically prepared and took my new profile picture for Daddy Claudio, on my leg it says "Daddy Claudio I hope you like my sign and outfit"  I know he loves my words, but I want him to love my actions. 

I may continue to have friendly correspondence with people here on CM providing they are polite and respectful to me, however, at this time, I will only be accepting instructions from Daddy Claudio. Right now my focus and attention is to be primarily on him and I truly want to see where this will go. Anyone who disrespects that will be blocked from sending me any further emails. Thank you.
So I had this beautiful idea, its on my leg, only I screwed the whole thing up. 

I dont want my 8/30/09 message to go, it has to remain on here. (this site wont let me copy and paste it here) So its below this entry. 

I am not being good right now.  Im aggravated so I think im taking a short break.  Maybe just 24hrs, maybe less, but I know I have to speak to some of you daily, so Ill do that from my yahoo acct. 

Please read entry below, nothings changed, I just need to clear my thoughts from some. 

Thank you,

susie <3
Now im learning who matters and who does not.   Ive never done an online anything.  So now I see how this works.  Im still overwhelmed with all the mail.  But Ill be making my final decision shortly.  Id like to thank all the wonderful Masters who have been so wonderful to me.  Your all amazing.

The ones that have gone out of their way for me, are absolutely the best.  Thank you.  My decision is coming to a close.  I have gained more knowledge about who will be there, and who wont.  Thank you for all the wonderful letters, and my lengthy conversations. 

What Ive learned most is, If you truly want something, you dont just give up,  For those that havent given up, this will be a hard decision.   I hope I can make. 

With love and respect,

susie <3
Ive been asked:  What do I want.

I want to have a DaddyDom, I want to be loved and cared for and yet I want to be that slut.  I want both.  I want a concerned man, and an animal.  I am both, Im kind and loving, and then I am wild. 

I am in need of both.  They excite me, they take me where I need to be.  I want to serve and yet be loved, but I want to be a dirty little slut too.  I want my man to take me, whenever he wants, wherever he wants and however he wants.

And when Im done, he will take care of me. 

This is my desire, to serve and not be served,  just to be loved after serving. 

Im getting so confused by all the messages. I dont know if I should continue here or not.  All of the Masters excluding one, have been so supportive and kind to me.  But im confused now with all the messages.  I may have to please, ask if I can friend you so I know who im speaking too.  Theres so many.  And you are all kind and understanding and helpful, but now Im worried maybe I shouldnt have joined here.  Its so much. 

If we have exchanged mail may i please ask that you request a friendship, on here.  So I know Ive talked to you.  

Ill add the Masters Ive held conversations with, extensively.  I need to have somewhat of a relationship with you prior submission. 

Thank you Sirs,

Brand new today.  My name is susie, Im not new to this lifestyle, and am looking for a new MasterDaddyDom.  I have uploaded a pic I took this morning and im waiting for cm to approve it. 

Thank you for your time.