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Bay Area Houseboy to Dominant Women Surely there must be a Lady that could use a sweet and si
Male Submissive, 44,  Oakland , California


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Age: 27, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 135 lbs.
Location: Sacramento, California
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Bay Area Houseboy to Dominant Women

Surely there must be a Lady that could use a sweet and sincere houseboy. I really do the housework and enjoy the feeling of being of use to a Dominant Lady......moving furniture to vaccum, shining chrome, disinfecting surfaces, laundry and shopping and anything else you tell me to do. 

I have been a regular houseboy to several dominant Women over the years and seek ongoing service/situation to this preferably bossy/dominant Lady. I truly enjoy pleasing a Domme and long to be bossed around, ordered around, and humiliated to keep me humble and sweet.

I will:
do the dishes and clean the kitchen
clean and disinfect the bathroom. Scrubbing, sweeping, mopping, shining
Vacuum and/or sweep and mop the floors
dusting with pledge
cleaning mirrors, handrails and door knobs
laundry including delicates and ironing
change bedding
shoe/boot shine & cleaning
wash your car
water plants
run errands and do grocery shopping
light cooking
serving appetizers and beverages. coffee, tea, wine, cocktail

I will do this quickly and quietly with little to no supervision.

I am clean, respectful, discreet, and polite. I have a charming personality and a strong work ethic. I aim to please.

I also enjoy pampering the Lady if it pleases her.
Foot massage expert
Back and neck massages
Hair brushing
Candle lit bubble baths
Moisturizing lotion application
Food & Drink Service
I am very sincere and eager to serve, please and be trained.

Let me know if this interests you.

Journal Entries:
1/21/2018 3:59:50 PM
Happy New Year 2018 Mistress's and Dom'mes. It would be my pleasure to serve you in any way I can in the new year. I'm an excellent housekeeper and I give an awesome foot massage. I'm very polite and very sweet to whom I serve and please. I wish it was You :-)


1/24/2015 9:32:03 PM

This is just some thoughts I'm having about serving and pleasing 

I imagine You allowing me to come for a training session. I would be very nervous but also very excited. I would clean myself thoroughly and shave my cock and balls smooth. I would wear panties on the way to keep me reminded of who will be in charge. When I arrive You would have me come in and strip down to my panties for Your inspection. Ordering me to my knees to properly greet You by kissing Your feet/shoes/boots and thanking You for allowing me such a great honor of Your presence and training.


Kneeling before You in panties You lean down and lock a collar around my neck and You claim me as Your property until further notice. You tell me to place my forehead to the ground and You then gather up my boys clothes and lock them somewhere that I cannot retrieve them until You are done using me.


Kneeling and bowing I am feeling very vulnerable and a little scared. I hear You re-entering the room and feel Your presence as You begin to decide how you want to use and train me. Staring in silence at me Your becoming excited at the thought of the power You posses over my trembling body. You begin to speak to me calmly advising me of Your rules and protocol.

"Listen up slut" You say

"here are My will always address Me as and out of session. You will always greet Me the same way.....on your knees eyes cast down attentively awaiting the snap of my finger. When I snap My finger you will bow down and kiss My feet gently until I snap My finger again. Failure to do so will result in this............WACK (as You bring Your cane across my pantied ass that leaves a welt) Understand slut?"


"Yes Mistress"  i reply with a whimper.


"You belong to me when you are here and you will do as you are told immediately and without question. Is that clear slut?"


"Yes Mistress" I quickly reply trying to avoid Your sadistic torture of my pantied ass.

WACK! (again i am left with a welt to remind me of the consequences of failure to do so)


" do not touch Me or yourself slut without My explicit permission"

WACK WACK (and again I am reminded)


"Got it bitch?"


"Yes Mistress Andrea" i cry.


"Good" You reply...

"Now that you understand My rules you are ready for My training".


You walk over and attach a leash to Your collared slut and lead her to the edge of the bed where You sit and bring her closer to You.  You reach into Your bag and pull out some lipstick, eyeliner, and blush. You say nothing and grab me by the chin and hold me tightly as You begin to apply makeup to my face.


Smiling and clearly amused You tell me I am going to learn to suck cock today because someday soon you will be sucking your boyfriends cock like a true slut.


"Yes Mistress" I reply submissively.


You order me to my feet and rip my panties down to my ankles and chuckle at the welts across my ass. Again You begin to pull things from your bag and lay a girl's cute outfit across the bed.  By the looks of the skimpy skirt and thong panties I can clearly see that I am going to be transformed into a slutty little whore.


"This is going to look so hot on you slut I'm not sure I can keep from fucking your hot little ass."


Before you can dress little slut I have a surprise for you."


You produce a butt plug and giggle saying "This should insure that you truly know that you are My slut!"


You take my leash and bring me over to the desk and secure me bent over the desk by tying the leash so I cannot move my neck off the desk.


"Spread your legs slut"

"Yes Mistress" I reply quickly.


You bring the harness up and around my legs and secure a butt plug in my ass and tighten the belt and place a small lock on the belt. You untie me from the desk and order me into the slutty skirt and thong.


"Hurry up slut!" You demand and quicken my pace with a firm swat from Your crop across my burning ass.


All dressed in heels and plugged before You,  I can see Your pleasure and amusement at my predicament. I can feel the butt plug penetrating me without retreat and I'm feeling helpless and vulnerable. I'm also feeling incredibly sexy and slutty and excited by Your pleasure. You demand that I walk and shake my slutty ass for You. You teach me to curtsey and how to be demure. You tell me how pretty I look and how much You want to fuck my mouth.


You show me a large dildo shaped just like a real cock. You rub it across my lips and tell me to prepare myself to be your cock sucking slutty bitch. I kneel and beg to please You.


"Don't move slut" You demand.


You walk to the bathroom and close the door. A few minutes later You emerge looking incredibly hot with Your strap-on in place and  stocking and boots and a tight and revealing top. I can't believe how badly this makes me want to please Your strap-on. I am feeling incredibly whorish and i begin to beg to get fucked by You.  


You pull the leash and order me to kiss it and caress it. You grab the top of my head by my hair and slowly force Yourself into my mouth thrusting slowly and gently at first. Impressed and excited at my eagerness to please You, You sit back in a chair and hold my head with your hands feeling me bobbing and sucking passionately on Your strap-on. I have never felt so slutty and so fulfilled to be wearing Your butt plug and worshipping Your cock. I will never forget you......never.


I also have many thoughts about servitude, domestic slavery and husbandry.


I am very sincere in my desire to please You.

Please let me know how I might be allowed such a great honor.

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