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The last 2 years has been a real eye opener and have come to realize the Dominant I am seeking
Hetero Female Submissive, 58,  New York
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 Submissive Female

 New York

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Dominant Male

The last 2 years has been a real eye opener and have come to realize the Dominant I am seeking may not be on Long Island or the surrounding areas so I am widening my search and the relocation demographic areas I am willing to relocate to-i still prefer to stay on the east coast so I can be within a reasonable distance from my children.

***There is a HUGE difference between kink and DS-if you know the difference ( My ideal preference is a man from the NY area- and BE BETWEEN 58 AND 70 YEARS OLD-NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!) and SINGLE lets talk.

i AM SEEKING MY forever Master -, IF YOUR over 58 SINGLE, AND are D-O-M-I-N-A-N-T I would love to chat with you!!!I want to start off by saying this has been the only way of life i have known for the last 20 yrs.....I NEED this life like the air i breathe. and i wish to live that balance of a vanilla and BDSM relationship -because it has always been who i am and it comes from deep within the core of me.I AM SEEKING A 1 ON 1 Mastersub relationship-If your one of the those Doms who feels the need to have multiple subslaves i wish you well as WE ARE NOT compatible and never will be !!!!I am a widow 8 years and just looking for that needle in a haystack. Im 57 and live on my own, no baggage, no drama no bs. This should be simple right? lmao..IM REALISTIC AND YOU SHOULD BE ALSO AND BE AT LEAST 58 YEARS OLD, SINGLE,( I HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR TALL CAUCASIAN TEDDY BEAR TYPE MEN(I WEAR 4 TO 5 INCH HEELS)..if this offends you, because Im honest and upfront then its your issue not mine. I may be weak in the heart and soul for ds but I am a mentally strong and educated submissive woman who knows what the lifestyle is all about(i dont proclaim to know everything-we all can learn new things-but i know what a loving healthy DS relationship can be-I am in the lifestyle 17 years)My late husbandMaster trained me well and to the best of his abilities., (if we only knew then what the future held for us-and one day i would be out here on my own-searching). I am NOT trying to replace him. I am looking to make new memories with that one special dominant who is single, sane and kind and who wants to take my hand in his so we can walk the path of life and see what incredible things we can share together. I feel after much wasted time and emails i must put this in my profile- I am a SUBMISSIVE and know and love the place where i belong- if your a male switch KEEP GOING-your NOT what I am seeking and never will be.


How my heart longsfor the lustof a beastMy quivering lipsas i squirm aboutBecause Your handspossess me

My submission can onlybe as deep as my soulAnd my soulis very very deepIt longs for a time only

My Master

can give ofof screams and pleasures all mixed together as one

i feel that You The ability to take me Far away from the mundaness of life Its trickling affaspects that it hason the passions of my soul

Its been too long since my eyes have burned with lust and the fires have burned between my wanton thighs Its been too long since i have willingly succumbed to the deviants mind and the dominants playground

Take me into your soul where only few will ever go i long to be there i long for it please take it...........

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