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Hello, I'm a straight forward, truthful, fun, loving, laid back, sadomasochistic , 'old hippie
Hetero Male Switch, 63,  Northwest, Ohio
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A Poly Household

Hello, I'm a straight forward, truthful, fun, loving, laid back, sadomasochistic , "old hippie/biker " who loves having new adventures and experiences. I tell the TRUTH !!! and expect the same from others. I enjoy movies and other indoor pursuits, but I have also skydived, flown an airplane, and scuba dived, I enjoy both worlds. In 1982 I would meet my soul mate, a sweet lovely women who I loved and would explore our kinks  with until her death 15 years later. I stopped playing with anyone until around ten years ago.

 P.S.........It is interesting how many people on here consider themselves slaves, most are not true consensual slaves they just think that they are. Most of the so called slaves are really submissives, nothing wrong with submissives I have a submissive streak. A slave gives up all rights and becomes what their owners want them to be. One of the best discussions on here was written by MistressVN, she nailed it completely. I suggest anyone who want to be a slave read her journal. Peace and good luck.

  P.S.S...........Discrimination because of age is to be a BIGOT. Base your chose on attraction or other criteria if you must but a blanket rejection because of color ,religion or age is to be a bigot. I can understand sexual orientation  because in many cases it can be hardwired though I believe that in plenty of cases it is cultural.

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