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Pan Female Slave, 25,  Tennessee
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I am a worthless piece of meat that deserves no pleasure. I am no more than 3 holes and a set of tits that needs to be abused and humiliated constantly. I desperately need an owner that can control me and will take all pleasure from me. I am a subhuman piece of flesh. I should be punished and forced to act as the piece of meat I am. I should not be allowed the pleasure of orgasm. Not only do I not deserve sexual pleasure but I do not deserve pleasure in general. I need strict harsh rules that inflict maximum suffering. I should be made to give up friends and fun for a piece of meat like me surely does not deserve such things. I wish to be owned online (yes it's possible). I do not deserve the honor of looking an owner in the face. It is my goal to be held accountable for all my actions and to be punished harshly for any and all bad behavior.











 Female Slave


 5' 5"

 165 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Dominant male

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A Poly Household


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Journal Entries:
7/24/2011 6:12:58 PM

Just a few notes 


1.) Yes I have a webcam. Anyone who wants online and then says they don't have a webcam is full of shit. 




3.) I'm looking for someone creative and cruel and strict and unmerciful. However they have to take my career and education into account or it just wont work. 

7/18/2010 1:40:37 AM
Well I selected an owner as planned buuut it didn't work out so well. Not really what I was looking for and I wasn't what he wanted either. Oh well I have a friend at least. So now it's time to start the search all over again. Taking applications LOL j/k but really if you're interested drop me a line.

5/30/2010 9:37:34 AM
I have decided that the time has come for me to pick an Owner to surrender to. It is time for me to accept what it is that I crave. Complete and total abuse and humiliation by an Owner that views me as a piece of meat to toy with and use. I'll be moving into a new apartment in a few days. From now until that day comes I am going to speak with those interested and at the end of my move I will select an owner to surrender to. If you are interested in owning me and abusing and torturing me and stripping me of all pleasure please message me with how you would do it. I'll send you my yahoo information and we can talk there.

4/25/2010 1:58:08 PM
The people on this site astound me sometimes. I love how they see my profile and instantly think that I am capable of all of these very extreme things. No, I cannot nor will I attempt to double fist myself and send you the video. No, I can't cut words into myself to make you happy. No, I will not fuck a dog on cam. For one thing I don't do animals and for another thing I live in a dorm room for crying out loud. Oh yeah and NO I will not agree to be your lifelong slave after one conversation with you.

11/24/2009 12:23:40 AM
AGH!!! I'ts been such a long day! I was suppose to be talking with some of you online tonight but It's been a crazy day so I'm just going to go to bed and I'll catch you tomorrow!

11/24/2009 12:23:36 AM
AGH!!! I'ts been such a long day! I was suppose to be talking with some of you online tonight but It's been a crazy day so I'm just going to go to bed and I'll catch you tomorrow!

2/15/2009 2:42:16 AM
I feel I must express this one thought about what I'm looking for.


I truly am looking for a sadistic bastard that wants to see me suffer. I want you to make me throw away my favorite book or make me cancel my birthday plans so that I can spend the evening inflicting pain on myself for your pleasure.
I want to be 3 holes and a set of tits and thats it!

8/31/2008 12:21:17 PM
May I rant for a minute??? I can? Good!  Let me just say U IS NOT A FREAKING WORD!!! YOU IS BUT NOT U. U is a letter of the alphabet.  I am a college student fixing to have two degrees we are all adults on this site so lets talk and type as such!

6/17/2008 10:09:20 PM
Sorry I've been away for so long just been busy. . I think I need to find someone to put me on a VERY strict schedule! One that involves lots of punishment and humiliation.

6/2/2008 10:46:46 PM
I think I'm just going to quit my job and become a cam whore! (I'm kidding by the way).  I'm just irratated with my current job so yeah I'm venting but get over it's my journal! lol Hope everyone is having a great time.  If I haven't read or responded to your message give me a minute I will I promise!

5/31/2008 12:11:18 PM
A few things I've noticed. . .

Ok so I posted an entry asking you to tell me what a day in my life would be like If I were your slave. I've noticed that a lot of the responses have several things in common.

First of all every single answer has included the fact that I will be naked at all times when I am home.  The majority of them have included controlling my orgasms and also controlling my panties as to whether or not I wear them or the style and or color.  Of course my clothes will be picked out for me oh yes and I will spend most of my time abusing my fuck holes for their entertainment. . .  Anyway the search continues. . . I'm speaking with a prospective owner or two but nothing concrete yet.

5/31/2008 12:51:10 AM
I get so frustrated sometimes!!!! First of all let me clarify this ONE MORE TIME! I do so enjoy real time it is very fufilling and I have enjoyed it for four years however the stuff in my profile and the reason I am on collar me is to fufill the fantasy I have laid out and that fantasy is to serve and be controled by a stranger who is for the most part nameless and faceless the best way to do that is online via a cam.  Yes guys I actually have a cam. . .on occasion Im on cam in the video chatrooms on here. Ok next thing to clarify I will NOT send nude photos or get on cam and do nasty things five minutes into a conversation.  I want to make sure things are going to click with us before I agree to anything oh and just because we've had 3 conversations doesn't mean you own me!!!! And another thing I HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE SO DON"T TALK TO ME LIKE I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok I'm done ranting I hope you all are having a good day!!!!

5/29/2008 6:07:28 PM
Ok feeling a bit better this evening. Much better than I was this morning. Lets play a game shall we? One thing I always ask about when talking to Dominants is this.  If I were your online slave/property/fucktoy/whore. . .well you get the picture what would a day in my life be like?  I would love to hear your answers. . .details such as specific tasks you would have me perform. . .rules I would have to follow are great. In return I'll send you basically the same type of writing. I promise I wont just copy and paste the same answer to every person who answers the question instead I will take the time taylor my answer to yours so that it will be something you like.

5/29/2008 12:42:22 PM
Oh man I have been so sick the past two days! Sorry I haven't been around to answer messages or chat but I have been very sick and in bed for 2 days.  I'm still in bed not feeling well but I'm feeling much better now.

5/27/2008 6:51:23 PM
Ok apparently I need to clarify something.  I'm not just looking for online.  Some people have it in their heads that I don't want real time at all or that I must be a fake because I have it in my profile that I want to be a dirty little cam whore.  However I LOVE REAL TIME!!! If after I fufill this dirty little fantasy of mine I should find someone for real time I would be so excited!!!

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