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Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Euless, Texas
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Feel free to say Hello. If you think you might make a good addition to my family as a slave candidate, you should definitely introduce yourself.

Friends are always welcome, but if you seek something additional, you should be prepared to walk the path toward enslavement. Total enslavement does not, and should not, occur immediately. Appropriate screening for compatibility will be prudently discussed. That will be followed by you being allowed to experience service to myself and my family in short durations, which get longer over time. If it makes sense, we will all realize that at some point, it will no longer make sense for you to leave.

The way that I engage in BDSM play is very intimate, and very sensual or very animalistic, depending on mood. BDSM play is a component of a viable slave candidate offering service. If a slave candidate gets to that point, she will discover that I like many things. I like passion. I like intensity. I like romance. I like not having to treat the person that I am dating like a biohazard. If we are going to be intimate, I want to feel my hot cum spray inside of her body, and if I make her bleed, I want to be able to consume part of her by licking the blood off of her body.

I am well educated (Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science) and well established in my career. I have an excellent vocabulary and strong command of the English language. I am a homeowner, and I like to work on the multi-year plan to improve my home. Advanced dating could easily lead to a change of address for you to mine.

I am an attractive man who is 6 feet 0 inches tall. I have dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes. I weigh about 210 pounds and am pretty fit. If you send me a message via normal e-mail, I will happily send you some pictures of me. You should know that I am a nudist whenever possible.

I am a loyal friend, and a polite gentleman, but still very much a sadist who will keep a slave on her toes. I know how to treat a lady right. I know how to handle a slut well. I expect my slave to know how to be both.

I have a wickedly warped and sarcastic sense of humor, and a creative and sadistic imagination. I do not smoke. I do not mind the consumption of alcohol but do not do it very often. I do not need the effects of alcohol to lower my already naturally low inhibitions and I do not want a ry mind such that I cannot remember how much fun we had together.

I have no fear. I will die, and so will you, and in spite of all of the rules, guidelines, and laws everyone else attempts to impose on us, dying is the only thing each of us is required to do. I am not terribly stupid about those facts, and perf0rm appropriate diligence in ensuring the safety of my partner when things get edgy. Both in play between adults and in life, I do not believe in limits or barriers. Anything is possible and if you do not think so, you just have not thought through the problem long and hard enough, and with enough creativity.

The best way for you to capture my attention, besides becoming my completely kinky, perverted fuck doll, is to find a way that you can add to my life, and that of my family, rather than subtracting from it. My slave should expect to become my personal assistant and make her life about enabling me to achieve greater things because of her presence. I will attempt to make the efforts of my slave feel like a worthwhile use of her life. If we are not adding to each others lives, it is not really a life well spent and we both deserve that.

Prospective friends or slave candidates, I look forward to meeting you.












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Journal Entries:
4/4/2018 12:04:59 PM
It is amazing how often people confuse marriage and enslavement.

In a marriage, the wife is a helpmate and near-equal partner to the husband. Her opinions and preferences always matter.

In enslavement, the slave is property... same as furniture, an automobile or a building. Because, unlike these inanimate o-b-j-e-c-ts, a human slave is a semi-intelligent being, the owner may consider taking the opinions and preferences of a slave into consideration. However, there is no obligation on the owner to do so.

Classic examples of this type of confusion is when a man opts to marry his slave. This should never happen as it raises the slave from the level of property to the level of near-equal. I cannot understand how a slave could possibly still respect an owner that degrades himself in this manner.

A slave, although valuable property, is never as important, or due the same level of respect, as a wife. If an owner has a wife, his slave(s) should be thankful that their owner's wife tolerates his usage of his slaves when it detracts from the attention which the wife receives.

The purpose of a slave is to serve its owner, and improve the equation of the owner's life, not subtract from it. Any slave which forgets this core fact of a slave's life requires training, and possibly discipline, to remind it of its place in the world.

4/1/2018 1:57:24 AM
This is warning to everyone about yet another way CollarSpace screws things up.

No... this is not an April Fools gag. I wish.

I just discovered that CollarSpace deletes all instances of the word "O-B-J-E-C-T" (without the dashes) and the word F-O-R-M (also without the dashes). Therefore, the word "o-b-j-e-c-tive" becomes "ive" and the word "inf-o-r-mation" becomes "ination." Yay, CollarSpace... not!

P.S. It has become clear that CollarSpace has a filter that automatically removes all HTML keywords from all messages. As a result, you cannot have the word "S-P-A-N-K" in a message because that word contains the word "S-P-A-N" which is a HTML keyword. So yes, a BDSM web site... this web site... will not actually allow you to talk about "S-P-A-Nking" people unless you doctor up the word with some dashes or periods or something...

3/27/2018 5:43:20 PM

For those who claim to have no limits, what if I enslaved you and used conditioning, hypnosis and brainwashing to erase who you are. You would forget who you are, and not care. You would lose all memory of your life to this point. You would just know that you suddenly started to exist in my home. I would convert you into basically a drone.

You would be my fuckdoll when I wanted to rape you, which would be often.

You would be my victim when I wanted to hurt you, and I am a sadist, so I would want to hurt you all the time.

At other times, you would mindlessly, but obediently perform whatever tasks I directed you to perform.

You would never have to think again except on the steps required to complete assigned tasks, and I could either teach you each of those, or else provide you with step-by-step written instructions to blindly follow without ever having to think or make decisions again.

If I enslaved you in this manner, there would be no going back. You would be permanently my property, and my complete airhead girl.

There are variations on the theme.

Maybe I program you to turn any intelligence you have on and off at will.

Maybe I program you to selectively remember who you are, or forget, for times when you talk to family or require medical maintenance.

Maybe I program you to selectively forget that you live in my house, and who I am, and when you think that you are in a strange house with a strange man, I rape you, and then turn your drone mode back on afterward. The nice thing about that is that I get to actually use the force necessary to rape you without the actually legal issues of rape because all of this was pre-planned and consensual.

Maybe when I need a life assistant who is still capable of logical thought, I turn your brain back on for a few hours at a time, and when I am done using your mind, I reset it back to vacant, and I fuck your face.

Being a computer software programmer at the core of my chosen career path, becoming a slave mind programmer has a great deal of appeal.

3/23/2018 2:04:25 PM
There is a good chance that the end of CollarSpace in the United States is about to occur.

3/9/2018 8:21:43 AM
Apparently, someone designated March 8th as "International Woman's Day". Workplaces have many events on that day, or even throughout the week to observe this "holiday." However, I didn't see anything about a blowjob competition as an event so I fail to see much value in the celebration. Fortunately, March 14th is Steak and Blowjob Day, so balance will be restored to the universe.

1/19/2018 10:31:02 PM
I rather get the impression that some feel that the person on the left side of the slash (ie: top, dominant, master, owner) should be completely trained, versed and experienced in all possible types of interactions which can occur within the world of BDSM.

Therefore, when such a person acquires a new person on the right side of the slash (ie: bottom, submissive, slave, property), the person on the left side of the slash should only ever subject those on the right side of the slash to experiences which have already been fully experienced, and therefore vetted, by the person on the left side of the slash during previous interactions with right siders of times past.

Wow... if my future in the wacky world of BDSM was ever going to be that repetitious and boring, I would just quit and walk away entirely. Life is about new experiences and expanding one's capabilities.

Once upon a time, I could barely tie my shoes. Now, I can use a variety of bondage methods using rope and many other bondage materials to restrict someone in any configuration I wish. The reason for that is that I talked to others from whom I could learn, I read and studied very much, and I experimented and practiced.

So it is with any of the various ways that I can, or will in the future, interact with a right sider. It is my responsibility to keep the right sider safe, and a large part of my personal education involves learning about safety, hazards, and risk mitigation appropriate to manage those hazards in ways that make the activities feasibly safe.

I will point out that even then, there are always risks, and accidents do happen. More people die every year simply from falling down than are killed with firearms. Gravity is pretty much always present, and falling down is pretty much always a possibility. The activities that are commonly engaged in the world of BDSM are often significantly more risky than the typical risk of falling down. That is why anyone engaging with BDSM activities should be aware of the risk and sign up with the concept of Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK). 

The opposing camp adheres to Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) but unless one restricts oneself to such mild BDSM activities that they are almost not engaging in BDSM at all, there is nothing sane about the things that we do. They are dangerous and risky, so also not safe, and we are all sicko, perverted adrenaline junkies who thrive on the effective management of the risk and the danger so that we can play with it, and beat the risk almost every time. 

For that to occur, the person of the left side of the slash must assume tremendous responsibility for the safety of the person of the right side of the slash. Right siders are often literally putting their lives into the hands of the left siders. Leaving a burning building to save oneself when a left sider has a right sider bound so that the right sider cannot save themselves is unacceptable. If the left sider is not prepared to burn to death in an effort to free their bound right sider, the left sider has no business picking up the rope in the first place.

On a less dramatic level, I once had a rope bottom thoroughly bound from her neck to her feet so she was unable to walk and barely stand. We decided that we wanted to move her in front of a different background to take some photographs. I attempted to pick her up at the legs because of the way her bondage was configured. She shifted weight on me and I almost dropped her. Not only did I not drop her, but I made sure that I dropped to the floor underneath her as we went down so that she would land on top of my relatively soft body compared to the hard concrete floor. I consciously took the double hit of hitting the floor and allowing her to land on top of me. She was fine, and I was only slightly sore so we were able to try again and get the photographs we wanted. This is just a small example of the responsibility of the left sider to put the safety of the right sider before their own. If you cannot do that without hesitation, you do not belong on the left side of the slash.

Such extreme dedication to safety and management and mitigation of risks is not just nice to do; it is a non-negotiable requirement. The left sider must be extremely diligent in learning all that can be done, and have plans for what to do if something goes wrong, because sometimes, things DO go wrong. Learn to think not just of the fun part, but the contingencies for when the unexpected occurs. It is only that careful attention to the details of risks and their related emergencies that give a left sider license to expand their skill set while putting the right sider in harm's way.

1/11/2018 2:12:43 AM
If your profile indicates that you only want online contact, and somehow think that it is possible for someone with no access to you to dominate you merely by typing, go get a couple of needles, some alcohol and a large permanent marker. Remove your clothes, wipe off your breasts with the alcohol, push the needles through your nipples, and use the marker to write "Property of Naked Thinker" across your body. Was it good for you?

After you have complied with my directives, be sure to send me a message to let me know you even exist, or I will never know.

If you really want to learn, create an account on, and perform two searches on that web site. Search for "subhaven" and search for "newbie". Join the discussion groups that you find there. Introduce yourself in the discussion groups and state that you want to learn. The good people there will assist you.

No one can dominate you remotely for real. Sure, they can type directives to tell you to do things. They can even patiently type explanations to help you learn things. You can type messages back that you complied with their directives, and you can indicate that you understand and agree with their explanations.

However, you will learn almost nothing about what real BDSM is.

A common theme is that someone wants to be trained remotely to be a sex slave.

Nevermind that being a sex outlet for an owner is only part of being a slave. How do you think it would be possible for someone to train you to be a sex slave when they have no means to engage with you in any sexual activity, or even any physical activity at all? Do you expect them to type messages to you to tell you, even though they have no way of knowing, that you need to deep throat that cock deeper? No, I don't really know what cock but if you are going to learn about sex, you have to eventually do it with someone's cock.

Should they type additional messages that tell you that after you have tied yourself up so that you cannot escape, or even move your hands, you must now use a cattle prod on your ass? I don't know how you are supposed to zap your own ass with a cattle prod when you cannot move your hands. Yes, bondage and electrical play are two very common activities in the world of BDSM. If you want to be a slave for real, it is highly probable that you will be engaging in these activities.

So, if you are bound so you cannot move your hands (assuming you could figure out how to do that to yourself), how are you supposed to untie yourself later... or more importantly, if there is an emergency and you must vacate the building, what are you going to do? Maybe what you are going to do is burn to death because you are tied up and there is no one present to ensure your safe evacuation. You see, engaging in BDSM can be dangerous, even deadly. That is why it is usually vital to find a trustworthy person with whom to engage in BDSM and then have that person present to do it.

Speaking of fire, fire play is a common somewhat edgy activity, and is done very safely when there are at least two people involved. Will you set yourself on fire? No? But you say you wanted to be trained to be a sex slave, and it will sexually arouse both you and your owner to set you on fire.

Unless you have eyes that you can detach from your body to allow viewing all parts of your body, how will you know if the fire is extinguished everywhere. I suppose that if you had several full length mirrors around yourself, you could use the mirrors to confirm that the fire was no longer burning past the few seconds that is normal in fire play. You will have to suspend the mirrors in the air around the table that you lay upon because standing vertically while engaging in fire play is much more dangerous.

How are you going to blow fire at your own pussy to make yourself have an orgasm from the heat? Not happening? Then, you are missing a really fun experience.

Will you blindfold yourself and do sensory deprivation and sensory overload on your own body when you cannot see where you are?

Do you intend to whip and flog your own body? Have you ever successfully spanked yourself?

Go ahead and tie yourself up so you cannot get away from yourself and then stick a thousand push pins into your tits. No matter how many push pins you use, the experience will be completely different from you deciding to do it to yourself compared with you begging someone else NOT to do it but they do anyway.

Which really begs the question about how you will rape yourself. How can you learn about consensual non consent when you automatically have to consent to use a sex toy on yourself before it happens when there is no one else present to force it inside of you. Even then, a sex toy is never going to pin you on the ground and remind you what a slut you are.

In theory, self-hypnosis is possible. Go ahead and hypnotize yourself to become a total cock suckling cum slut. Of course, if you do manage to do that, you will have the problem that there is no cock. No matter. I am sure you will just go outside and find random guys out there to suck off thus satisfying your hypnotic induced desires.

In any scenario you might want to dream up to simulate interaction with another person, what you will experience and what you will learn is going to be disappointingly empty and incomplete compared to the real thing. Once you have tried whatever plan you think is viable, if you ever want to discover the difference with regard to what you are missing, let me know. Until you are prepared to fully go down the rabbit hole with another person, anything you will learn from online interaction will be a hollow experience.

12/13/2017 6:50:12 PM
We have just finished with Christmas, but I have a great idea for a Christmas gift.

I would cover your head with a plastic bag, put some pieces of PVC pipe through the bag into your mouth and nostrils.

I would cut breathing holes in a festively wrapped cardboard box as well as a hole for your neck in the bottom of the box.

I would place the box around your head and close the bottom flaps of the box so the flaps of the bottom of the box so it could be closed around your neck. 

I would feed the PVC pipe which runs from your nose and mouth through the breathing holes in the box so that your face stays close to the side of the box.

I would fill the box from the top with expanding foam to force your head to stay in one place.

Once the foam dried, I would remove the PVC pipes from your nose and mouth, and you just became a gift wrapped blowjob box.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and perhaps next year, you will be an excellent blowjob box.

12/6/2017 9:14:07 AM
People should spread the word that CollarSpace is a pretty buggy web site. It has a variety of problems on a frequent basis.

A problem that I am seeing right now is that if you attempt to reply to a private message, when you click on the "send" button, instead of sending your message, CollarSpace will send you to the login screen.

The workaround is to click on the "back" button on your web browser. This will take you back to your message. Copy the text of the message to your computer's paste buffer. Then, find the profile of the intended recipient of your message, and send it the message to them inside of their profile, or as a quick message while viewing their profile on CollarSpace's "home" page.

11/28/2017 12:12:29 AM
I have recently become aware of the term "ancilla." It is a Latin word which translated into English, means "maid," or "maidservant," "female slave," "serving-maid," or "chambermaid." These are all nice translations. defines "ancilla" as "an accessory; auxiliary or adjunct." Yes, this translation is good. It suggests the ancilla is like an additional pair of arms to allow me to accomplish more than without the ancilla.

Merriam-Webster defines "ancilla" as "an aid to achieving or mastering something difficult." This is my favorite definition. I have things to achieve in the remainder of my life. They will be difficult, but worthwhile. There is no guarantee of success, but if successful, I will positively impact the lives of many, many people. Thus, an ancilla would find itself to be part of some projects much bigger than itself.

11/26/2017 1:44:31 PM
Results from the BDSM survey:

100% Dominant 
99% Non-monogamist 
98% Master/Mistress 
97% Degrader 
96% Voyeur 
95% Sadist 
95% Rigger 
93% Primal (Hunter) 
92% Experimentalist 
86% Owner 
82% Brat tamer 
68% Exhibitionist 
45% Daddy/Mommy 
11% Vanilla 
10% Ageplayer 
4% Brat 
2% Masochist 
0% Boy/Girl 
0% Primal (Prey) 
0% Slave 
0% Submissive 
0% Switch 
0% Pet 
0% All-rounder 
0% Degradee 
0% Rope bunny

11/26/2017 1:43:38 PM

Someone recently asked me, “What kind of Dom you feel you need to be?”

Suggesting that I need to be a particular kind of dom implies that I am assuming some kind of role. I do not. I have a naturally dominant personality. It is just intrinsically who I am in all aspects of my life. Now, I don't walk around with a chip on my shoulder attempting to enforce my dominance on everyone. Someone who actually has a dominant personality is not in the slightest bit threatened by letting someone else have the spotlight when it is a good occasion for someone else to shine. With dominance also comes humility. When a person with a dominant personality shines is when no one else is present who knows what do, or how to cope with a situation. Then, the dominant acts without hesitation to manage whatever requires management. BDSM is an acronym for Bondage Domination and SadoMasochism. For BDSM purposes, I tend to describe myself as a sadist with a dominant personality. This is because most BDSM dungeon-like activities involve the "SM" (with the "B") more than the "D".

I am married to a woman who also has a dominant personality. We have been together for over 25 years. She is my life partner, and we have obviously worked out between us how to effectively segregate realms of our life together where we each tend to have primary control. My wife’s male slave has lived with us since 2010.

We have a large quad split level house that was built in 1965 which makes it now over 50 years old. It is a nice house, and it sits on about a half-acre of heavily wooded land in the middle of the fourth largest metro area in the country. However, like any house with that many years behind it, it needs some maintenance and updating. There were also several owners before us, and at least some of those owners have done some interesting modifications to the house over the years, and not all of those were done in line with normal building codes. So, there are plenty of home improvement projects on the to-do list.

Given possession of someone’s life, I know how to give them purpose. That is the whole concept of enslavement as a life choice. When someone chooses a life of enslavement, the purpose of a slave’s life isn’t just that she becomes a permanent kinky sex doll for her owner. Certainly, there are a wide spectrum of ways to use a slave’s body for the pleasure, enjoyment and amusement of the owner. If you are enslaved by me, I will use you in every depraved, perverted way which can be imagined. You will be extremely well used and abused on a constant basis. However, the simple fact is that no one has time to use your body for sex, torture and torment 24 hours every day. Normal people have other responsibilities, and enslavement must necessarily involve more than being a fuck doll.

At the core of enslavement is the concept is that the sole purpose of a slave is to amplify what the owner may accomplish to a degree greater than what he would accomplish alone. That means that a slave will give her life to her owner as his property, and willing or not, dedicate her life's labor to the assistance of the owner. In this way, the slave becomes part of something greater than herself because she is making it possible for her owner to accomplish greater things than he would without her.

This is not just a one way street where the owner takes and gives nothing in return. A slave owner is responsible for care and maintenance of his property. The important thing you would learn to understand that you would be a valuable piece of my property. That means that you will be a possession into which investment for improvement is a worthy investment. Not only would you receive training directly from me to teach you how to serve my needs more effectively, but depending on circumstances, it may be appropriate to have you acquire additional education or training external of my training.

It is possible that there are times when you would have outside employment, but normally, I would find your service would have greater value to me if it was spent in assistance directly to me rather than in the pursuit of money.

You should understand the manner in which I use the word “abuse.” When I spank someone, I am abusing her. When I tie someone up and leave her to struggle against her bondage, I am abusing her. When my hands squeeze around someone’s throat while I am fucking her, I am abusing her. When I use humiliating language, such as “slut,” to remind a woman that the primary function of her body is to be fucked, I am abusing her.

By common definitions, those of us who practice BDSM activities are warped, perverted, and even broken. I am completely capable of containing my sadist desires if I wish. However, there are people who have masochistic tendencies, and they want what I can happily give them, and what they want by normal standards is abuse. This is different from misabuse, but the line between the two can be fine. It is the responsibility of the top or dominant or master or owner to determine where that line is, and do their humanly imperfect best to never cross that line.

If you have an account on that other web site that begins with “f” and ends with “life” with “et” in the middle (the CollarSpace web site is well known for its internal filters which automatically delete the name of that other web site), then you can find some of my additional thoughts on the topic of abuse versus misabuse here:


As you may have by now surmised, when I decided that I wished to acquire a slave, I had two basic motivations.

My first motivation for acquisition of a slave is that I want someone with whom I can build enough trust in a relationship to do extremely intense BDSM activities with her. One of the things about the submissive women that I encountered is that they all seem to be sort of the kinky equivalent of swingers. They want the kinky experiences for the purpose of getting their endorphin highs, and maybe even with some orgasms mixed in. However, they are ridiculously choosy about what activities they will do. That is because they are only interested in what is good for them. They have a very self-centered mindset.

The slave mindset is that of service to the owner. She does things because she is more interested in catering to the needs of the owner than her own needs.

Consequently, a smart slave owner knows he must learn about the needs of the slave, and make sure that she is placed into situations where her needs have a chance of being met. Part of that responsibility is to not push the slave beyond what she can handle even though the limits of what she can handle are continually expanded.

The second motivation for acquisition of a slave is my need for a personal assistant. Every task that my slave can perform is one more that I do not have to do, and that allows me more time to do other tasks. The simple fact is that because of my responsibilities for my house and my business and my external job (when I have one of those), there is too much to do for even the three people that currently comprise my family. I need someone else who can find ways to add to that equation rather than subtract from it.

Maybe my slave would spend time with mundane tasks such as mopping the floor, or doing laundry. Maybe my slave would spend time doing house repair and renovation. Maybe my slave would spend time working in the yard. Maybe my slave would spend time performing tasks for my business. Almost anything is possible, depending on her aptitudes and interest in training to learn new skills.

A simple question is, “Why not just hire people to help out?” That is always a possibility. However, the fact is that people for hire almost never care enough to do as good of a job as someone who must live with the results on an ongoing basis. Generally speaking, I would rather have a slave make mistakes while learning how to do something well than hire someone off the street who might or might not do a good job. Plus, there is this slave who needs something to do when I am not fucking her silly, and there is something particularly satisfying about being able to grab my slave while she is wiring an electrical socket or pulling clothes out of the dryer, fucking her face for a short bit, and then allowing her to return to her previous task. Additionally, I am a nudist and slaves do not complain about my nudity, but hired people are not amused by such things.

The slave owner is the care taker of the slave, and the slave normally obeys the owner without question. Because the owner must create spaces for the slave to exist, it is the responsibility of the owner to keep the slave as safe as possible, even when the slave is given enough latitude to fail, and learn from that failure. The skill is to allow a space for small failures at first, and then increase the size of the failure allowed over time as the skill of the slave increases, and at a rate that continues to challenge the slave. It is very much like working a muscle to increase its strength.

So, how can you add to the equation of my life to make your addition to my family a good investment?

7/28/2017 12:05:05 PM
I am just looking for my walking, talking, kneeling, fuckable, masochistic Siri to use and abuse. Is it really so hard to grasp that concept?

7/24/2017 10:41:00 AM
I wonder if it has occurred to many prospective slaves that an owner has no interest in the slave's thoughts on their own sexuality. A car owner drives his car on whichever highway he desires without regard or concern to what highway the car might prefer. Why should things be any different for other property, like a slave? The male slave owner will use his slave as a fuckdoll in whatever manner he desires without any regard or concern to the preferences of the slave. Whether or not a self-proclaimed lesbian finds that offensive is of zero interest to the slave owner. In fact, a sadist like myself would enjoy the humiliation which daily fucking by the sadistic male owner would cause a slave who identified as a lesbian. A slut's body will betray her every time. Lesbian's fixation on strap-on dildos proves that fact. If every female, regardless of sexual orientation, did not crave penetration, lesbians would have no interest in dildos. Using that fact to my advantage would make for delicious humiliation of the slave. It would be like mentally raping her every single time, and causing massive humiliation with every orgasm the enslaved lesbian slut was forced to endure.

7/16/2017 12:02:10 PM
How can you add value to my life? You must address that question if you wish to acquire and retain my attention. If you don't know how you can add value to my life, I am happy to discuss the possibilities with you, but you must address that question.

1/2/2013 9:19:07 AM

Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the day when Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. Would anyone like to celebrate by becoming my slave?  : )

11/8/2010 8:25:32 PM

Today, Yvegee and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Because we got married on the 8th anniversary of our first date, it is also 18 years since we first met.  Just as in previous years, we renewed publicly re-declared our love for each other by renewing our marriage vows.  Aside for the fact that we are both fighting off the remnants of headcolds, we had a very nice day together!  :)

4/5/2010 9:58:48 AM
I have had all manner of relationships from people in the BDSM crowd, ranging from people who I've only talked to online all the way to people with whom I've had a sustained intimate (and I thought loving) relationship, and everything in between. Essentially all of those relationships have blown in and out with as much steadfastness as fallen leaves in my yard during a Texas thunderstorm.

What I have learned is that relationships, including mere friendships, with a basis in BDSM tend to get very intense very quickly, and they tend to disintegrate just as quickly. That many people tend to use pseudonyms rather than actual names probably makes it easier to never really think of the other person completely as an actual person. Obviously, non-actual people are easier to blow off.

Anyway, after getting both disappointed and hurt by the casualness by which people in the BDSM world seem to be willing to discard their "friends" and "lovers," I thought long and hard about the minimum attributes of friendship that people expect in the vanilla world, and I wrote this journal entry.

Sorry, but if someone cannot meet the basic requirements listed here in question form, I will no longer delude myself about the existence of an actual friendship. We might be acquaintances, and even be on a path toward becoming friends, and that is good. A real friendship can take some time and energy to forge and solidify.

The questions...

1) Do we know each other's full real names?

2) Are we welcome at each other's homes?

3) Can we call each other on the phone without wondering if it is ok to call, or if the call will be welcome?

4) Do we talk to, and associate with, the significant other(s) in our respective lives?

5) Do we respect each other's significant relationships?

6) Do we do things together outside of the dungeon or beyond BDSM-related events?

7) Are you comfortable keeping my company in the presence of your family, relatives, co-workers and vanilla friends?

8) Do you have interest in me beyond my ability to satisfy a fetish, show you a kinky time, or get you off?

9) Can we depend on each other for support, help and assistance when one of us really needs it?

10) Do we trust each other enough to be loyal to each other's needs?

If we cannot answer "yes" to all ten questions, how can we really be friends?

So, if you want me to only think of you as an Internet phantom, I can do that. If you want me to treat you only like a dungeon prop, I can do that. If you want me to treat you with politeness, consideration, and respect, but never let you into my world outside the dungeon, I can do that. In any of those cases, it is unlikely that I will expend much thought about you, and it will be very unlikely that I will ever engage in any actual BDSM activities with you.

I find that the experience of BDSM play... even non-sexual BDSM play... with people who have no interest in me as a person just leaves me feeling empty, used, sad and unappreciated within blocks of driving away from the dungeon even after a really good scene. Given the choice between no BDSM play at all, and BDSM play with someone who has no interest in me as a person, I just really don't need the BDSM play that badly.

However, I am a good and honorable (although imperfect) man, and I make a damn fine and loyal friend to interested parties. Investing the time and trust into being able to answer "yes" to the above ten questions would be worth the effort.

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