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Hetero Male Dominant, 71,  Bloomington, Illinois
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 Dominant Male



 5' 9"

 180 lbs






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Submissive Female

Switch Women



 Auto Mechanic

 Construction Expert

I am a Dominant Male seeking a submissive slave for a long-term relationship. Possibly even leading to marriage . I AM NOT BI-SEXUAL THAT MEANS NO MALES. NOONE THAT IS NOT AT LEAST 18, That is willing to relocate. Preferably within a hundred miles or there abouts. Depending on the situation. I would consider a person that lives a further distance. They will be expected to do at all times what is ask of her. Though she realized that all she does is a gift for Him. In return she will be treated with love and know that she is cared for,and safe with him. That he will never do anything that will cause her permanent damage neither mentally or physically that is unless specifically agreed upon. If you think you might be interested. BY THE WAY IF your JUST HERE TO GET A FOOL TO SEND You MONEY DONT WASTE MY TIME OR use yours ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I AM OLDER NOT STUPID. I USED TO BELIEVE THAT MOST PEOPLE WERE ON THESES SITES WERE SINCERE BUT NOW I KNOW THAT THEY ARE USER,LAIRS AND FLAT OUT THIEVES. WHO PREY ON THE DUMB AND TRUSTING PEOPLE. WHICH I WAS ONE. AS I ALWAYS BELIEVED THAT IF YOU TELL SOMEONE SOMETHING YOU DID IT NOW ITS JUST THE OPPOSITE. SO LIKE THE OLD SAYING BUYER BEWARE. SO IF YOU NOTHING MORE THAN THE LOW LIFE SCUM OF THE EARTH SCAMMER GO CRAWL IN THE HOLE YOU CAME OUT OF.

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