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Hetero Male Switch, 38,  Melbourne, Australia
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Ok, so most of this is old - so I'm just going to go through and deleting all the old stuff.

I'm still a photographer. At the moment I'm working on video works involving myself, so I'm not really looking for models, not that CM has proved a great resource for finding models anyway (so what is there left to do but make art about yourself). If you are interested in modeling though just shoot me a message.

A lot of my work is about the fringes of things, I'm interested in people who live at the edges. My experiences with fetish creep into my work in subtle and not so subtle ways.

If you are interested in being in something I can show you examples of my work.











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Journal Entries:
10/12/2008 4:55:16 AM
Well it looks like I'm going to be down in Melbourne in January if anyone would like to model come say hi. I won't have a studio down in Melbourne so it will we location shooting.

5/20/2008 3:37:41 AM
Well, Collarme has proven to suck in supplying models, oh well photographpy continues nonetheless.

12/13/2007 3:56:39 AM
So I've come home to find a possum has gotten into my house and pissed in my bed. That's just not funny (well ok it is pretty funny, but still my bed, could it have not pissed elsewhere).

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