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Looking for someone in the Kalamazoo, Mi area for light, casual play that may become something more serious. Send me a message here or on . I use the same screen name there as I do here.
I know that I have ranted in the past about people not responding to messages, but I find that I am somewhat guilty of that myself now.  The reason is those rare messages I get with attrocious grammer.  I'm sorry, but if you cant spell correctly, or even make an attempt, I wont repsond.  I can understand the occasional mispelled word, or missing punctuation.  
Hello all, here to update everyone.  I have found someone to explore with.  It is going well and hopefully will continue to be so.  Always looking for friends to talk with, so send me a message.
I hadn't realized that its been over a year since my last journal entry.  Well, to update everyone here is what has been happening with my life.  I have now been at my current job for 11 years now, gotta love it.  I turned 30 last week and got my first tattoo.  I'm in no hurry to get my next one yet.  Before anyone askes, as soon as I can, I will put a pic up of it.  I'm still in the Renn Faire scene and loving it.  I still attend munches as often as I can.  Oh, and I am still looking for one to share my life with, accepting applications and inquiries.

Hello all, updating my profile and looking again.  Cant wait for wednesday, munch night and my birthday.  Maybe I'll get lucky and have fun that night.

Hello all, its been a while since I put in a journal entry.  Life has been keeping me busy, but I am still seeking one to share my life with.  I'll put this bluntly, I am seeking a submissive in the Kalamazoo area.  If you match that simple requirement, contact me, talk to me and we will go from there.
Hello all, I'd like to make and observation and ask a question.  I've seen alot of people say in there profiles and journals that they will not respond to "on your knees" or "submit to me now" from Doms.  Is it just me or is that the only way to get a response sometimes, even if is a negative one.  I mean, I have sent emails to people, being very civil, very casual, saying I would like a response.  And yet, I never get one, it would seem that being curtious is a dead end with people.  Maybe I should start making outrageous demands just to get responses.  Though I know I wont.  If you read this and want to make a comment, feel free, it would finally give me someone to talk to even if it is just to respond.
Hello all, how is everyone doing?  Life is still good, I'm still looking, but half the fun is in the hunt.  I hope to hear from more of you and look forward to it.
Hello all, thought I would start using my journal.  Its been kind of quiet lately, I know, everyone is having fun in the sun.  I just thought I would put down that even if you are not looking for someone, just need to talk with someone, I will respond.  Everyone needs to talk from time to time.