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11/15/2017 1:46:51 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

When all you can think about is Him, He is in your dreams, your thoughts, your mind... as you get to know each other.. little bits and pieces start to come together with each day and each moment.. you want to feel, to touch, to hear every word spoken from His lips... wishing and hoping to one day look into His eyes and show Him just how you really feel.. to show Him the desire and craving that you have to kneel at His feet, to be controlled, to be used in any way that He chooses.. The ache that grows with each day gets stronger and the need becomes unbearable because all you want, need and desire is to serve Him, please Him and to make Him happy. The craving to feel the pain that He can unleash against your body.. the marks to show how deep down that you crave everything that He is willing to give and make you feel deep within your soul knowing that you are doing it for Him and Him alone.. To shed the tears not of sadness but of knowing that You are pleasing Him.. to know that you need Him beyond words alone.. knowing that the silence would be heartbreaking as it would feel like you have done something to disappoint Him.. a slave craves so much and wanting to give beyond herself, to never disobey, or disappoint as it would hurt her more than life itself.. To feel the way He makes you feel when He is being flirty or complimenting you, but when that is taken away you feel as if you said or did something wrong to make it all change.. there will always be obstacles to go through and lessons to be learned, we work through them and move beyond the good and the bad.. who knows what will be in the end.. all you can do is take a chance and see where it goes.. If you never try then you will never know if they are the One for you. i rather take a chance then to never know if it was meant to be or not..

11/2/2017 11:30:47 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The body and mind have hidden desires that are locked away deep within, waiting to be set free.. to feel emotions.. to feel pain as it lingers way beneath the darkness hoping and waiting for it to be brought up to the light.. to feel someone's touch against your skin as you begin to ache, needing it as if you need it like the air that you breathe with each breath.. you want to feel everything that is there waiting for you in the darkness.. He is your light that beckons you to come to Him without words... He will not chase you as there is no need too, as you pull yourself up and out of the darkness you seek what He has to offer unsure if He wants to offer it or give it to you.. the connection between two souls that deepens beyond anyone's control.. the thoughts of so many things that you cannot comprehend but want to understand.. you reach your hand out to grab what it is you seek hoping that you will not lose yourself in the process of gaining what you desire and need deep inside of yourself.. to feel your smile across your lips as you hear that familiar voice that you have not yet heard as of yet.. you hear it in your mind and in your thoughts.. your body reacts to different words as if they are like music that plays at your heart strings with each melody... To feel, to need, to want, to experience all the new things that you have not learned... among feeling the old again as a reminder of the good pain that hits across your body as it makes you wet and moan with pleasure and pain setting your mind free.. i need to feel the pain deep in my soul to bring out who i am and ache for... as i beg... please oh please i beg for You to set me free.. i beg of you to set my soul free into lustful pleasure.. set my mind at peace with each strike against my skin.. the sting as it takes me into that deep place that i want and need and only You can give me.. Oh PLEASE i need it and only One can give it to me and it has been so long and i ache for it.. Please take away this ache! Wanting, needing to give Him my tears, to show Him my devotion my loyalty to only Him..

10/21/2017 5:17:34 AM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

As the heat rises along her aching body, she aches to feel His touch.. her skin lights on fire as she imagines in her mind, what each touch of His fingers would feel like as they run along each of her curves, moving slowly across her breasts.. setting her body ablaze with want, desire and need to submit to Him.. she closes her eyes taking in the sounds that surround her, the scent of Him as He moves around her, she wants to feel the pain that He can give.. she wants, needs it, it is what she craves.. to feel everything that He is willing to give to her as she desires and accepts it with a sense being at peace as she serves, a soft moan leaves her lips as the ache is so strong.. her senses bring her back to where she cannot help but want to give into this Strong wonderful Man who has intrigued her beyond comprehension.. she wants to give herself to Him.. to submit to Him.. to be at His feet.. to quiet the demons that haunt her of the fear of not being able to serve someone as wonderful as Him.. He is always on her mind and there is not a moment that she does not think about Him... He has begun to capture her mind.. He makes her feel safe.. Perhaps a new journey begins!

8/8/2017 3:31:25 AM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The air as it hits your lungs as you gasp for life.. The light as seen in your eyes as life begins.. The mirrors that reflect with each look as if your eyes are like glass looking through a mirror.. you see a hint of what is deep inside your soul as you see the reflection looking back at you.. The vision of a picture hidden between the mirror and the depths of your eyes as it tells your story of what is to come or what you have been through.. darkness.. light.. confusion.. pain.. love and tears.. As you hear the sounds that move through the air as they take your breath away in amazement as you realize that you are alive and that you can do anything in this world.. You look up to the sky as you see the peace and the hope that this life has so much to offer as you breathe with each breath.. You are strong and the weakness is no longer there as you take the next breath, you feel something amazing as time goes by.. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to.. keep focused and what you have been waiting for will come to you when you least expect it and set you free.. Happiness is out there and one should never give up to achieve it.. Giving up is no option as it is not who you are.. You have to fight for what you want as it is worth it in the end. Take a breath and be thankful for what you have and what you will gain in time.

7/4/2017 9:35:09 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

Pain as it hits against your inner being that is so deeply hidden until you find that one who can bring it out.. They reach parts of your soul that you never knew existed.. your body aches, begging to be where it wants and needs to be.. the feeling when you fall to your knees in front of the one true Man who can bring out your inner slave that has been locked away for so long.. makes you realize that you were missing so many parts of yourself that have never been seen by anyone because they were never strong enough to reach into your mind to gain the ultimate gift.. the pain from when you try to let go of the one who fed you lies of love and forever happiness.. a slaves heart who wanted to believe that she found the one to call Master.. Pondering if her soul will be lost forever to the endless feelings that she feels when she has been abandoned and unable to serve in the way that she was meant too.. The emptiness that goes on forever but she still keeps hoping to find that one strong Dominant to call Master... she continues to hope and dream of the day that she can finally find her true happiness and serve a strong Dominant Man..

6/9/2017 3:18:18 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

When you start to let the walls come down letting someone in.. thinking that perhaps you can live again and starting to trust and to begin to believe that maybe there is hope... then to have all those walls go back up in the blink of the eye throwing out any hope there could have been.. As pain begins to settle deep within reminding you that is it is best to not feel or to give in so quickly.. Those walls have been put there for a reason and when you give into letting them fall can be a risk that you take and hope for the best.. sometimes something wonderful can be behind those walls and you have to take a chance.. but then there are those times that you let them down and someone decides to cause them to go right back up by hurting you whether they do it on purpose or not, it can still be damaging to the one who is hurt.. you try to overcome the fear and to not let yourself get hurt but sometimes it happens and you have to pick up the pieces which is not an easy task for some.. The fight is not easy after having your trust broken and heartbroken so many times, so the walls go back up and remain in hopes that someone you meet will bring them down and help them stay down.. Maybe one day i will get the chance to have that. Until then i will remain broken.

6/4/2017 9:28:23 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The darkness lingers deep.. as the mind sometimes has hidden demons who try to claw their way out.. The demons inside beckon for the pain to be given against the flesh.. to set the mind free. The strong need to feel the lashes against every inch of skin as the excitement builds with every second as she waits.. Darkness that seeps deep within the soul as the whip takes its toll on the glistening skin.. bringing out the desire and need as her body feels the release of what she craves and what only He can give her within that moment.

6/3/2017 9:55:10 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

Emptiness sometimes surrounds my inner thoughts.. feelings that come to light that can be confusing and unbearable to fight, can be overwhelming and draining.. loneliness comes and goes taking what strength i have left, but i will keep fighting to be who i am and to overcome it all.. i will fight until there is nothing left in me, until i take my last breath.. The pain i have endured is just a start of a life's lessons.. The ups, The downs, The dreams, The disappointments, The Heart breaks, The memories of happiness, The sadness.. i would never change anything as it has made me who i am today.. i am strong deep within and a fighter.. In time i will find where i belong and be with the One who captures all of me.. The One who will have my mind, body, heart and soul... my devotion, my loyalty and so much more, which will one day set me free deep within to where i want to be to where i am the happiest, and that is to be who i am and do what i crave which is to serve that One once i find Him.

3/28/2017 4:03:16 AM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

Thoughts of You run through my mind, as i picture You when i close my eyes.. listening to the sounds around me, hoping to hear Your voice among them.. keeping my eyes closed so that i can keep You're handsome face fresh in my mind.. excitement runs throughout my body as i think of how good it would feel to have Your warm lips kissing mine, with Your hand against my throat, taking my breath away as the taste of Your lips quench my thirst for You..
As the warm air hits my skin sending delightful endless thoughts into my mind, reminding me of the day that i was with You.. The need that i felt throughout my body when You looked into my eyes, showing who was in control.. as i felt Your fingers along my body, Your other hand in my hair pulling it hard, as the wetness builds between my thighs, trying to hold back my body from cumming.. making me wish that You would do more than just touch me.. i wanted You to possess.. to ravage.. to torture me.. to take whatever You pleased and desired.. i wanted to give You everything that You craved, i would do whatever it took to please You.. needing You to show me the darkness that resides deep inside of You, that i crave so much.. needing to feel the pain that only You can give me that makes my body crave.. need.. desire You even more than i did before... You makes me breathless and unable to say no when i am with You. You're the air that i breath.. the one i want to please. The one who i have endless thoughts for.

2/3/2017 11:38:24 AM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The heart wants what it wants and it will fight to have what it needs to survive.. It seeks out the one true thing that makes it breath and live as it needs only one real thing and that is true love.. Pain can try to defeat its purpose but it will never win in the end as true love conquers all.. The desire to take what it wants and keeps fighting until nothing else exists.. The heart beats a mile a minute when it feels that touch from someone who loves another deep within, until it cannot stand to be alone.. It needs, it wants, it devours all that gets in its way as it will not be defeated because it is strong and capable of taking what belongs deep within its grasp.. The ache that makes it bleed from the rejection of all that it wants and demands.. It never gives in as it will fight until it has what it wants in the end..

2/1/2017 5:49:12 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The light before the dawn, she cascades a sheer beauty deep within.. her heart is pure and full of love, she is strong, sensual, loving, obedient and loves deeply when she serves the one who brings out the best in her.. The need to give of her heart, mind, body and soul will someday belong to Him in time.. she will get her strength from the one who has captured her mind and heart.. she will give until she has no more to give.. All she can think about is pleasing Him as He is the only one who matters, it makes her happy and content, makes her feel like it is where she belongs by His side serving His needs and desires. He makes her feel needed, wanted and desired, like no other man has made her feel.. He brings out in her the desire to give Him everything that He craves and needs.. He makes her breathless with just His words alone.. He sends shivers down her spine with just the thought of Him running through her mind.. she wants to breathe Him in, hear His voice and have Him take control of her mind, heart and body to do whatever pleases Him.. she aches deep within to feel His touch, His lips against her skin, His hand against her throat taking what is His and His alone.. He is what she craves and needs as no one else can taken her to the depths that only He can.. He is the air that she breathes, she gives to Him freely and completely as they are one.

1/31/2017 12:20:26 PM
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The heart that has been broken into so many pieces but yet begins to mend and become whole.. The past becomes a memory that begins to disappear.. The love that was once strong begins to dwindle as she sees that there was no real love on His part.. her mind has so many thoughts going through and making her understand that it was not her that caused all the pain that she went through as her heart broke.. she smiles as the new day begins to dawn and bring thoughts of what will be.. The awakening of her mind as she sees the lies that took their toll and came back to haunt her for just one moment, then to slip away once more. The loss of such of a love can bring one to their knees and tears that run down against her cheek. The desire to become whole again so that she can love someone who deserves her love and to feel love from someone who truly loves her back.

1/5/2017 2:26:17 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

In the dark there is fear hidden deep within that she cannot understand.. The life that breathes with each breath that she takes as she is hidden from all to see.. she has only one hope that there is someone to save her from all the pain and anguish that she has endured.. The winds of fate begin to surround her closing her in.. The gasp as she struggles to become free of the ongoing nightmare dragging her to the ends of the earth.. her body shivers with each touch of something unknown as it hits her skin.. A whisper that she hears from a deep voice soothes her fears for just that moment.. her body shifts trying to gain her strength to move forward but then slips away from her again.. The heat that rises deep within her soul, begs to be set free so that she can feel, to live and love again.. Only one has made her heart and mind soar into that deep feeling of ecstasy and she wants to feel that once more.. The strength that He shows her makes her melt with just a simple look that He gives her.. her body shivers at the thought of this strong Dominating Man controlling her heart, mind, body and soul setting them free.. her thoughts seem to be of only of Him and the way that He makes her feel.. He has brought something out in her that she cannot describe but makes her feel so alive.

12/15/2016 1:19:16 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The heat, the passion that lingers deep within.. The struggle to be perfect comes to no end.. The love, the desire to overcome the pain that sucks you down into the crater below.. Clawing you're way up and out of the darkness to see the light above.. The ache in your heart that pounds hard against your chest as it it becomes greater with each beat.. The lingering thoughts of wanting to be free of what so greatly pulls you down into the darkness of loneliness and despair..  The fight to breath has you once again gasping for air wanting to forget the depths of your soul being ripped into two before your eyes.. The thoughts of never seeing Him again brings tears that you try to hold back so that no one can see the pain that consumes your aching heart.. The ache that guides you through each waking day has you pushing to forget and to learn to move forward to a new beginning.. You live and learn with each moment that you have spent loving Him, cherishing Him, being devoted to Him, serving Him with each waking moment.. Needing the strength to let go is hard to bare on ones heart and soul when the connection is so deep.. The pull to go back to that place that your mind cannot seem to let go from His grasp that is buried so deep.. The tears that you shed as you wish that you could find happiness and not the darkness that keeps finding its way into your mind. There has to be light somewhere in the depths of time to set me free.

11/26/2016 7:34:05 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The touch of His strong hands against her skin.. The sound of His deep voice as He speaks, sends chills down her spine.. His hand as He reaches for her hair and grasps it and pulls her head back sends shocking waves deep within her core.. The wetness begins to build with each time He pulls even harder as she softly gasps at the sensation wanting it to never end.. He pulls her to Him, looking into her eyes He asks do you want this?... she answers yes Sir.. His hand guides her head towards His cock, He tells her then suck My cock.. she takes His cock deep into her mouth.. He tells her all the way down.. she complies and takes it into her throat.. He has her on all fours with her legs spread wide, His hand as it lands against her ass makes her body come alive with want and need.. His cock deep in her throat as He fucks mouth deep and hard.. her body shakes as the excitement runs through it begging to feel His hand against her ass once again.. her thoughts as His cock pushes deep into her throat that she wants to please Him completely.. she wants to be a good girl and do what He wants and desires.. He pulls her off of His cock bringing her to Him once again, as He grasps her hair , His hand wraps around her throat and brings her close as He hears her softly gasp for air.. kissing her lips, He tells her Good girl.

11/18/2016 9:19:46 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

This isn't a poem but something i wrote of what thoughts have been going through my mind lately.

The feelings one has when they are in love with someone who they have given every part of themselves is hard to get over when it has ended...Giving up your heart, mind, body and soul to a Master is what makes me feel whole and completely content and happy.. When all that is no longer there then i feel lost and unsure and needing to find the strength to begin again.. Deep within i feel a strong need to submit, obey and serve as it is who i am and always have been.. To have that one who can command and take control of me and make me feel their strength deep within excites me... When i serve a Master i give everything deep within myself to please Him in every way that He desires with no hesitation.. When i do not have that i ache deep inside and long to find what it is that will set me free and that is to please a Master whom i can make happy and pleased with what i have to give.. When He is happy then that makes me happy.. The feeling i get when i am on my hands and knees or kneeling before a Master, whom i would serve brings me pleasure and happiness.. i still have so much to learn.. i want to experience new things and to become a better slave than i am now. i don't have a perfect face or body and i am not perfect, no one is perfect.. but i am who i am and nothing more.

11/10/2016 11:18:07 AM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The heart and the mind have so many uses, they seem to control who we are in some ways. The mind helps us in the way of control and thought but the heart helps us by feeling even though it can make it to where we are tortured every day of our lives when one feels love for another. When a submissive/slave gives up that control she is trusting that person with everything. She gives and craves to submit to that one person whom she serves with complete devotion. Her desires to serve are very strong as she feels it deep within her soul, she has given every part of herself to the one whom she trusts and obeys... she craves to kneel in front of the one who has taken over her heart, mind, body and soul... her body aches to feel the pain against her flesh as she needs to feel the warmth of the sting... her mind as it slips into that one place that makes her feel safe as she gives Him the control He seeks.

10/31/2016 12:53:08 AM
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The heat of the warming sun, beating down on the face of sadness.. The night air as it has a chill running throughout... The never ending hours as it graces us with the time to sleep.. The sadness becomes apparent as each moment passes by and each breath slowly ends with a sigh... The heart beats quickly as the memories begin to fade as the smile widens across the angelic face of an angel spreading her wings... her mind is becoming clear as she begins to feel the laughter she has held in for so long... The visions she now sees are of what was once pain and anguish are no longer there... There is a light deep within her soul as it has been set free... The moments of nothingness begin to wash away... The truth will come to light in the end as time goes by... her mind will be taken to new heights as she lets herself go into deep thought. The heart and soul will become one and Love again with deep passion.

10/21/2016 4:27:02 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!


The scars that she bares from the battles she has fought are too painful to overcome.. she fears that her soul and heart have been torn into pieces yet again.. The suffering has been so great that she is no longer who she is.. she begs for forgiveness as she wants only to be loved and cherished, not taken advantage of and hurt beyond repair.. The heart and soul compete to see the light and to remove the darkness but there is no way out.. her mind is trapped between trusting and loving the one who she hoped would save her.. There seems to be no hope in sight.. her tears staining her cheeks as she pleads with her inner being to forgive and to forget.. The ache she feels deep within her heart seems to bring her to her knees in unforgettable pain.. What has she done to deserve this utter turmoil.. she only seeks to live, to love, serve and obey with utter devotion..  How something so trivial can ruin her dreams in a blink of an eye.. When will the torment and suffering end against her happiness.

10/21/2016 4:25:34 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim as Y/yours!

The soul lingers in confusion.. first allowing herself to care, need and want.. her heart wants to love and to be loved.. there are feelings deep within her that question her thoughts.. her mind is running in circles wanting answers to the questions.. It is hard for her to trust from those who hurt her in the past.. she worries that giving her heart to someone will only get her heart broken again.. her mind is uneasy with the thoughts of being abandoned and ignored.. making her want to hide from the fear and pain that never seems to cease.. The thoughts that she was hoping were gone keep coming to the surface only reminding her of the pain.. The tears that run down her cheeks as she contemplates her fears may come true.. The light may not save her as she is condemned to hell for the rest of eternity.

10/20/2016 10:11:23 PM
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As the light streams throughout the realm of sanity... The mind sinks deeper into a state of consciousness of doubt... The wind of coldness as it sinks deep below and beyond anyone's grasp... As she fights to gasp for air with each breath she takes and the light begins to fad in her eyes... The thoughts of helplessness as she fights to become free from being dragged under into the darkness... The chill starts to sink into her skin as she realizes there is nothing she can do but try to grab onto something to pull herself out and cling to life as she is being suffocated into lifelessness. A hand reaches down and pulls her back up bringing her back to life as she breathes in deeply as the color returns to her skin... His lips graze against hers with a soft kiss... He whispers the words, you are safe from anymore harm... I am here to protect You and to Love You... You are Mine!

10/15/2016 6:30:15 PM
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Pain has made her soul and mind become corrupted with doubt and sadness... The rain of fire that smolders in her eyes as she gazes upon her heart that she holds in her hand... she feels the heart beat as she holds it carefully pondering if it will ever be whole again... Love has made these things come to light deep within her, as she tries to grasp the deep need to be free from all the ones who cause great sorrow deep within her heart... There is no place for trust or love as she has given up on those sorts of dreams... The passion she once had has been crushed beyond repair... she once had hope until it was taken from her because she was no longer wanted or needed.

10/15/2016 2:53:05 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The sound of the beautiful bird who was once wounded with her cries as the pain was so deep... As the pain subsides she sighs a relief... her wings flutter as she is once again able to soar into the wild and become one with the world... she will not trust anyone again as it is no longer there.. she fights her way back to the place that she once loved and belonged.. she only wants to be loved and to return that love to only those who deserve it... she no longer searches for that dream as it does not exist... It is all a myth and a lie as there is no such thing as real true love or happiness... The emptiness, the sorrow will someday disappear and happiness will once again consume her heart and soul... until then she wanders in the mist of the light until that day comes.

10/14/2016 3:14:20 AM
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The sound of the wind as it blows and the whisper of the words i am free as they go through my thoughts... setting my mind at peace as a new day dawns.. my heart races with such excitement knowing that there is more to life then what has been in past days... i am someone special and i deserve more than having someone out for the chase and throwing me away. The light has returned from that dark place that was consuming my soul... The thoughts become clearer and i will rise above the evil that lurks deep within...There is hope and there are dreams waiting in the distance for me to find and to explore..

10/2/2016 9:42:00 PM
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The shine that is bright within her eyes as she looks up at Him with a soft smile. His touch as His fingers run along her cheek with such tenderness. The happiness deep within her heart and soul begins to flourish with such passion and hunger. The sound from His voice sends sparks throughout her body with just a few words, making her body ache with desire... her body giving in to His commands as He leads her to where she belongs and where He needs her to be. He leaves her breathless and wanting and needing more from Him with each day that goes by... she needs, loves, desires and is devoted to Him. He is her one and only Master and the one who she adores with everything that she is. He has stolen her heart, mind, body and soul to do as He wishes until the end of time.

9/7/2016 11:20:22 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it Y/yours!

The light before the dawn as the darkness has subsided.. The heart has started to beat again with such force that she is able to Love again. She is no longer weak and sheds no more tears from the heartbreak as her heart has been mended.. With each day she becomes stronger and the pain is swept away. His voice is a comfort and gives her strength to move forward with each moment.. The sound of His voice makes her body shiver with anticipation, want and need for Him.. He takes her breath away with just one word and one command.. her body is His to do as He pleases..  she is His completely with such love and devotion.

8/24/2016 5:46:17 AM
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In the depths of my mind there are thoughts of one who i never thought i would feel something for... The days go by and each thought becomes stronger but i seem to fight with each waking moment. The feeling of jealousy all of sudden runs through me like the wind as it blows through the night sky... i never thought i would feel that pain again as the tears want to shed. The insecurities as they deepen with each time i watch and observe what is in front of me.... The feeling of my inner being torn to shreds as i see what will become of me in the end... There is no outer beauty that i can see when i look in the mirror as all i see is a tortured soul who wishes she was as beautiful as the others she sees.

8/10/2016 2:23:42 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim as Y/yours!

When the darkness becomes to great the mind wants to find a way to escape... feeling the pain deep within trying to fight to become something that should never be. The heart beating with every breath i take, trying to go back to being me... The fight is so great that i feel that i am losing my mind as it lingers in one place trying to get free... The completeness will never be as the lies and deceit have been so great to endure... It is like He never cared, that He wanted to crush my inner being, to make me into something i am not... i can only be who i am and nothing more... i can endure so much pain but in time it will take its toll and break me down into nothing and make me into what He wanted and that is His puppet. He uses the words i Love you to gain what He needs. The mind and heart can be so manipulated that one cannot control them and they feel weak because they trusted them and gave themselves completely. i try to fight it but some days i am weak and vulnerable and break down. my soul aches to be set free so that i can Love, feel and submit to the one who truly wants and Loves me.

7/30/2016 2:39:34 PM
The mind always thinking about wanting the pain to go away as He has taken my mind completely and you want Him to no longer have control....your heart is fighting to gain control and to not love Him anymore... The tears that you shed as the thoughts hurt deep within your soul...why is it so hard to let go... why does it have to hurt so much that it makes you want to scream. Why do i have to love so deeply. No one understands they think i am stupid or crazy for being in love with someone like that. i wish i wasn't because then i wouldn't hurt so much. If only He had not broken my trust and lied then things would have been different

6/25/2016 4:55:03 PM
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The warmth of Your lips as they brush against mine.
The touch of Your fingers as they roam my body.
The heat that burns deep within my core as You push me up against the wall.
The sound of Your voice makes my heart race.
The feeling of Your tongue as it runs along my throat.
The thoughts that run through my mind with each breath.
The sound of each moan that leaves my lips with so much want and desire.
The beating of my heart as it starts to feel something deep within.
The ache of wanting to be loved and to love someone in return.
The sweet and wonderful feelings that begin to grow with each day.

5/19/2016 2:16:03 AM
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She kneels in the middle of the room with her eyes cast down as she hears Him in the background. A chill runs up against her spine as she senses His eyes watching her. Her breathing becomes rapid as her juices start to run down her thighs from her excitement. Her nipples begin to harden as the cool air hits them making her pussy clench as she waits to hear His voice. She dares not to touch her clit that throbs with each moment of anticipation. He comes up behind her and pinches her hardened nipple between His forefinger and His thumb; she becomes even wetter as He continues His torture on her nipple. She tries not to move out of place as she knows it will only make her endure more pain. Her body becomes more aware of His touch, she bites her lower lip trying to prevent herself from making a sound, but she cannot hold in her soft moan. He whispers against her ear, you are being such a good girl for Your Daddy. He releases her nipple and makes her stand before Him, He goes and sits in His favorite chair and calls her to come to Him. He grabs her wrist and pulls her to Him and bends her over His lap. He begins to run His fingers along her ass, she tenses up waiting to see what He has in store for her. He starts to rub her ass cheek with the palm of His hand then brings it up and then smacks her ass hard. She can feel the sting of His hand as it hits her flesh, the heat begins to build deep within her, as she becomes more excited with each swat of His hand, it turns her ass cheeks a bright crimson red. Tears start to fall from the corner of her eyes from all the pain and the pleasure that He has given her. He messages her ass cheeks admiring His work, then slowly pushes His finger in to her wet pussy, then pulls it out sliding it up against her clit then pushing it back inside, He adds another finger, continuing to push them in and out making her pussy so wet. He brings His other hand up and smacks her ass again making her flinch, she softly moans with each stroke of His fingers moving in and out of her tight pussy. He pushes His fingers deeper hitting her g-spot making her pussy clench against His fingers, her orgasm is so close. She begins to beg Him… please Daddy may i cum? He tells her no not yet; do not cum until I tell you too. He pushes His fingers in faster and harder feeling her pussy tightening against His fingers, He smacks her ass hard… she begs oh god… please Daddy i need to cum please….she hears His voice as He tells her… Cum for Your Daddy NOW! Her body begins to shake, while her pussy tightens around His fingers … i Love You Daddy slips from lips as she cums hard. He removes His fingers from her pussy then pulls her into His lap, holding her into His arms. He begins to whisper into her ear, you have been such a good girl for Your Daddy. She smiles up at Him… Thank You, Daddy!... You’re welcome baby girl….your Daddy loves you!

5/12/2016 8:36:24 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The wind that blows against her hair as she closes her eyes, waiting to hear His voice but it never comes. The only thoughts that rush through her mind are the ones of His betrayal. The tears that begin to fall as she wishes that none of it was true, her heart begins to beat slowly as the thoughts drag through her trap mind that He has captured, her heart has been taken completely by Him and Him alone. The pain and agony that she must endure to try and escape the deep pain that lingers within. The heat that rushes into her cheeks as she becomes undone with each and every thought. The ache that consumes her soul wanting to be set free of anymore pain, her heart wishing this to all be a dream and not a reality. The tears run freely as she realizes it is all real and He will never want just her as she is not enough for Him.

4/28/2016 4:05:31 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The sound of His voice telling me to cum, carries through my mind, from the first time i heard it, i thought i was imagining it but it was really Him. The pain that runs through my heart as it wants to believe that it is all a dream. The hurt is hard to bare as my mind will never rest. The darkness starts to creep its way in to consume my soul and to completely devour it until it no longer exists. The ache that seems to never subside, makes me want to lay down and die. The parts of me that i gave to Him and have never given to anyone one else. The words He spoke of that He would never hurt me, seems to be a lie. What have i done to deserve and be given such pain and sorrow. With each beat of my heart, i want to scream but nothing comes out. How can someone who says they love you, lie and not expect it not to hurt them when they find out. There are no more hopes or dreams left to be seen. There is only pain and anguish that make me want to give in. There is only one thing left to make the pain and hurt go away and that is to sleep for the rest of eternity.

4/28/2016 4:04:43 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

Thoughts that run through my mind , as the ache becomes too great for my heart to take. The meaning of truth and trust are fading away. The knife that digs deeper into my heart until the blood sheds to light. The meaning of truth is no longer there to see. The lies that you hide from me, become bigger and bigger until they escape to be free. There is no happiness left within these walls i begin to build. There will never be another let inside this heart or in my soul. The fears are starting to creep deep within. The struggle with love and pain are too great to fight. The light has disappeared and the darkness consumes everything i have left to give.

4/28/2016 4:03:40 PM

Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The sounds that surround my aching soul, as the screams begin to unfold.
The dreams have become nightmares with each night.
The love has become nonexistent as the pain rips through every part of my heart.
The lies have become too great to bare, with each day that goes by.
The need to be loved is long gone, as the heart has become as hard as stone.
The happiness has become sadness as the tears begins to fall.

4/28/2016 4:00:57 PM

Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The dreams and hopes she had to share are no longer there.
The passion and love she needed, You are not willing to give.
The darkness slowly creeps it's way deep within.
The light fades into nothing as her heartbeat stops.
The warmth and happiness she gave, as You took it all away.
The fear and anguish was too much to bare.
The trust she had for You has been diminished by lies.
There was nothing left for her other than to die.

4/28/2016 3:58:40 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The mind that thinks and dreams of hope and love.
You have taken one thought and planted it like a seed.
The heart that was closed off began to beat again.
You take what You want without thought of what it may do.
The secrets and denial will catch up to You.
The mind can be twisted beyond repair with each thought.
You being who You are is not what You seem.
The mind can show You so many things deep within your soul.
The heart gives until it is shattered into pieces.
The love for one can make you blind and not see what is real.

3/18/2016 4:42:21 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The darkness deep within your soul with each breath.
The pain that sears through your heart as it is pierced.
The emotions that go through your mind.
The ache for the pain to subside with each day.
The heart begging for it to be loved.
The torture one feels as the pain is so deep.
The tears that are shed from the pain.
The need to feel no pain where it hurts the most.
The heart needing to be put back together.

3/14/2016 8:27:15 PM
Please Do not claim as Y/yours!

Just one touch of Your hand against my skin makes life to where it is about to begin.
The look from Your eyes makes my body come alive.
The sternness of Your voice calls to my heart and soul.
The ache that lingers deep within is what the future holds.
The desire that burns through, makes me feel alive when i am with You.
The tears that run down my cheeks are not of sadness but of happiness.
There is only one who holds my heart, mind, body and soul.
The wonderful Man who has captured every part of me deep within.
The Man who i trust with my total being is YOU!

3/14/2016 8:20:10 PM
Please do not claim as Y/yours!

To love is to feel it deep within your heart.
To feel each heartbeat as it becomes one.
Love is the strength that brings two people closer together.
Love brings happiness to those who endure it.
Love makes you weak and powerful at the same time.
Love makes you do the craziest things.
Without love we would be lonely and insecure.
Without love there would be no hopes and dreams.

3/14/2016 8:07:48 PM
Please Do Not claim as Y/yours!

The wind, The sky, The heat that rises between my thighs..
The air i breathe with each breath that i take..
The lust, The need, brings me to my knees..
The whisper in my ear, that makes me beg for release..
The look from His eyes tells me there are no lies..
The touch, The caress, against my silken skin..
The need to please His every need, takes control of me..
The finger tips that brush along my skin makes me shiver with lust..
The sweet torture of being denied to cum makes my body come alive..
The desire and need grows deep within, making me want to sin.
The one word whispered into my ear, makes my body shake and cum..

1/16/2016 1:17:09 PM
Please do not take from my page and claim it as Y/yours!

The mind that seeks guidance.
The heart that seeks Love.
The soul that seeks nurturing.
The slave that gives up control.
The Master who takes control.
The heart that beats when He is near.
The Master helps make her mind clear.

1/15/2016 11:28:59 PM
This is something that i wrote, i hope that you will enjoy it... Please do not take it from my page and claim that it is yours...

Thoughts that run through a slaves mind as she kneels before Him..
The air that blows across her skin as she waits to feel His touch..
The Love she seeks from Him with each breath she takes..
Her heart beats rapidly from the excitement, as she hears His voice..
She awaits His every command, as she wants to serve and please His every desire..
She lives only to serve Him, as He takes her beyond the depths and frees her soul..
Her body belongs to Him and Him alone, to do as He wishes..
She serves Him in every way, but is not a doormat, but a beloved slave..
She has a mind of her own, she is intelligent and speaks what's on her mind..
She Loves Him with her heart, mind, body and soul, gives it to Him completely..
With each day she craves Him, desires Him, needs Him and is lost without Him..


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