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5/24/2015 3:23:00 AM
Back to the UK location again - if you really feel the need to be so vague with your location, would you seriously expect a Dom to make contact and say "hey that's great - so you're actually 400 miles away from me. Great! Get the kettle on!"  
A bit of thought goes a long way - we aren't all mind readers - so at least give us a clue of what part of the UK it is. Even North East, North West etc - it will ultimately help both you and us!  
If you're Scottish and reading this, then feel free to drop me a line - there aren't enough northern subs on here!

2/1/2014 4:13:27 PM

*Musing out loud* if a Collarme "sub" doesn't have the manners to reply to a polite message, it would suggest that the important element of respect is lacking. Surely manners are everything for both Dom and sub?

1/30/2012 3:16:35 PM

What gives with the "Location: UK" - don't you know which bit of it you live in??




*exhales*  ahhhhh, feel better for that :-)    mini-rant over

1/17/2012 3:50:52 PM

There are genuine people on here, from both sides of D/s, and it's genuinely nice to talk to them - unfortunately there are fakes too! I'm not sure what they get out of it, but I guess we all have to find our kicks somehow!


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