Vertical Line




I've been here a while now and chatted to some very interesting and amusing people.

I'm at the point now where i know exactly what i need and i am hoping that some day, i meet someone who has that rare quality and strength of character to fulfill that need. Ideally he will be single, articulate, funny, honest and as daft as i am. I don't plan on jumping into anything. Until then, i am happy just to chat and pass the time of day.

Who am i?
The girl next door with a dark side. Fairly level headed with a modicum of intelligence. A loyal friend, partner, lover and i always try to help people whenever i can.
I have a sense of humour but i am about as deep as they come. Serious when it is necessary but i rarely take myself seriously.
Quiet and introspective, shy too with people that i don't know.
Sometimes an adult, sometimes childlike. I have a huge smiley fetish. I nick my friends emotes on IM (yours too if we chat on msn)
I do enjoy life, often smiling and i love to laugh. I'm low maintenance, it doesn't take much to make me happy.
Love to learn new things and to keep my mind active.

Not long ago i read a profile that began with the words...Wouldn't you like to say " I am His".

Those three words have been going around and around in my head ever since. A desirable statement it certainly is but it can't compare to hearing him say,

"You are mine".
Old Chinese proverb says : Man who walks through doorway with an erection is always going to Bangkok.
Has anyone else ever suffered from Coffee Syndrome? You think you still have half a cup left but as you pick it up to drink it you see the cup is empty