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Hetero Male Master, 58,  Minnesota
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First I didn't let her listen to her fears, had her pierce herself and hung cheap jewerly on her.  Next an opportunity arose and I got her to cluck like a chicken on command.  Now I'm training her to clearly state her needs and wants and say please.

The other night, I was scanning some photos for her project and the words "master is helping me"  escaped her mouth.  She was surprised and embarassed to have thought and said that.  She tried to cover it up but I required that she tell people that "master"  had  printed the  photos.  She doesn't quite realize yet that I have dominated her, but she is happier and more optimistic than she has been in years.  In two weeks I'll have her kneeling in front of me wearing the old bounty hunter handcuffs her friend sent her.
Then the real training will begin.










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Journal Entries:
10/19/2005 1:25:35 PM
Its a long journey refocusing an old, stale relationship into one of domination and submission.  It is worth it though.  I am meant to be dominent and she is happier when dominated.

I am guiding her too three principles:
Adoration, obedience and belief.
I insist on arbitrary obedient responses and usually get them.  I have her call me master more and more often and every once in a while I call her slave.  Usually though, I just define her as service oriented and putting others first.

Sometimes she complains that its not an equal playing field anymore and seems a little bewildered at the change in our relationship, but mostly it seems she knows what is happening and enjoys it.

I am exploring subliminal and hypnotic techniques to allow her an "excuse" for becomming ever more submissive.

The most successful are the "anchor" touch after a statment such as "you know you adore me"  or when she obeys "cluck like a chicken" or say "thank you master"

The other is the subliminal soft voiced statements when she is focused on something else or sleeping.

"You adore me"  "You obey me"  "You believe me"

She is warm and affectionate the next day after the nighttime programming.

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