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funties722 - photo 2

Im back after being away for a while.

If you think you might be interested then go ahead and contact..... Im looking to get to know people, Im not at all interested into rushing into a sexual relationship. Im mostly interested in relationship minded people, the rest can be discussed )

Hope to hear from a few of you!!

Am I the only person who thinks this guy needs a better gag??? LOL

Ok, I've made a few observations after being on Collarme for a bit. Take warning if:

a profile pic looks like a college coed

a profile is typed all CAPS

if the person is only interested in On-line

If the weight on a profile is 60lbs

Chances are the person on the other end isn't Dominant, or the age stated, or female, or in this country...…LOL




Was just thinking, collarme should have a like button ;)

Thinking it might be time for a break....