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First of all... I do NOT support the chump in any any shape, manner or . I don't care for a liar/child playing at being President.
We interrupt this program for a public service announcement from a Top...
- real-life, public, mentored, experienced
- sane, safe, ethical, protective, blunt, honest
- there are no hard and fast rules in d/s but below are some of my feelings & opinions on it.
Move on to another profile if:
- you don't understand the difference between d/s & bdsm
- you think that unprotected, multiple-partner sex is not russian roulette
- you don't understand the exchange of power and how it differs from sub to slave
- you want d/s to be like an app on your smart phone - instant gratification without any work or effort. - even though *you* may identify as female, if you are tg or post-op, move along. - if you're part of a couple and advertise as a single woman, please try being HONEST and get a couple's profile.

Tips for the subbies...
- A Master who has not had any real life and public experience is akin to having a driver's license but never having driven a car.
- A dom-a-bee owns one flogger.
- A master-bator owns at least two.
- "Master" is asexual; "Domme" is a purely internet invention.
Now, on to the regularly scheduled program...
Chief Squirrel - Seeking My Life Partner, Friend and submissive within a reality-based, long term relationship... .
Why be stuck in the rat race when you can run with The Rodent? .
I value excellence in Service, Dedication, Honesty, Loyalty and Commitment before kink, fetish or sex. I seek a true, Honest submissive and not a sensation-seeking bottom nor a recreational/NSA player. . I live in HELL and desire that My partner live the same...
Love .
Real Time ONLY - exploring the boundaries of human sensations.
Not for the fence-sitters...
Not for the faint of heart...
Not for those who misuse dominate and dominant...
Not for those who confuse D/s with BDSM...
I am a very experienced, dominant person. I am happy in My continuing evolutions and happy with the "me" of Me. Although I have significant Real experience, I am always learning more... more about the lifestyle, more about My own self, more about the real power, eroticism and sensuality of D/s. I am known in our local community (Chief Squirrel - good, bad and indifferent), attend national events and have made lifestyle friends across the country.
I know and believe in some basic, core facets of D/s:

- that honesty, respect, communication & trust are crucial.
- that D/s is meant to complement one's life, not to fill a void in it.
- that the power exchange works Both ways.
- that D/s is something you do WITH someone, not TO someone.
- that the Real intensity lies in that special, deep connection beyond the physical.
- that it All begins in the mind.
Life and Laughter are the keys though... with Fun, sin, elk skin floggers, lust, Fun, seduction, rope, rape, fur-lined restraints, debauchery, chains, Fun, suspension, a violet wand and depravity thrown into the mix. Yes, I firmly believe this should be FUN!
Sammies are very welcome!!!!
I desire real time encounters only but it Has to "fit" beyond the mere physical. Although I accept that developing a special connection requires time and effort, I am not here to play endless electronic games with those unwilling to explore themselves in reality. I seek the 1 of 1000 rather than the 999... I seek the needle in this haystack...
Me: Straight, STD-free, 100% pure dominant with significant real-time experience. A teacher/learner, a mentor/mentee, a guide, a challenger of the status quo. Genial, courteous, intellectual, Virile, courageous and I LOVE laughter around Me. I have Lots of toys but I love touching the mind and soul even more than the body. I give 100% total, complete honesty, integrity, commitment and unselfishness. I Demand no less from you.
You: seeking a long term, life-relationship with sexual domination, tough love, caring and respect included.
Unlike many here, I have NO gaps to fill. I am NOT a "swinger with toys" nor do I experiment with another person's life. I have much respect for the core essence of the lifestyle. I am seeking a Very special person to Partner with me and expand everyone's consciousness and experiences. I desire you to join me in this life-journey within the bounds of a respectful, honest, committed relationship. I am serious about the lifestyle (and play publicly) but understand and respect the separation of vanilla and kink. I offer a stable, consistent and caring yet strict environment in which to bring desires, fantasies and dreams into reality.
My few limits are:
- no scat
- no emergency rooms
- no police stations
I am Always open to making friends (single and attached) with whom to share ideas, philosophies and life.
Lust and Innocence, Tears and Laughter, Fear and Love, Intimidation and Caring, Bondage and
Liberation, Pain and Pleasure brought to you by Eros and Imagination.
(courtesy "Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns" )
"Blessed be the cracked, for they are the ones who let the light in."
If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room...
For those internet people who believe a mere Title has some worth, here is Mine... lol
El Uno y Unico Ultimo Magnífico Grande Supremo Jefe Ardilla
(Elvis entrance music now, Please)
. My Ideal Person:
Casual and NSA encounters don't feed me. I desire and Need that deep, Special connection and honest Commitment... as well as sharing life and FUN albeit with a D/s undercurrent.
My expectations of you are the same I have for myself. Communication, Honesty and Trust are mandatories. I will not have it any other way.

4/2/2018 1:50:44 PM
so many "single" fems looking for another fem to join them...
A core tenet of d/s is honesty. you should have a couple's profile.

3/1/2018 1:33:55 PM
if you shave your legs and you shave your pits, shave that pussy as well...
make it baby-smooth...
nothing in between My pleasure and your submission...

If you shave nothing, move along, hairy beast....  lol

12/29/2017 4:50:36 AM
Excellent advice....  well worth reading...

How to Do the Right Kinky Thing- Ethical Principles for BDSM

9/12/2017 1:57:56 PM
I hope that everyone who lived in either hurricane area came out safe. Things can be much more easily fixed than can people.

12/26/2016 7:28:07 AM
Santa said "Look, out in the snow.
There's a traveling bordello show.
Nice little lookers,
I counted three hookers.
And prompts me to say: Ho Ho Ho!"

12/25/2016 7:39:14 AM
A Very Safe, Happy & Merry Christmas to all...

11/30/2016 12:39:05 PM
Such much venom and vitriol cast by so many who have such little understanding of d/s.
It appears that too many US trailer parks now have internet access.

10/27/2009 2:06:13 PM
Thoughts on Submission...

Submission is NOT about...
being the center of attention...
getting flogged or whipped or bound or suspended...
kink or role play or fetish or fantasy...
being naive, needy, afraid or weak...
These by themselves are merely attributes of a sensation-seeking feeder, nothing more.

Submission IS about...
devotion, dedication and commitment...
seeking personal growth...
"wanting to" instead of "having to"...
using your strength to enhance the connection...

All the above applies to Dominance as well...

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 Age: 33
 Osnabrueck, Germany