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I ran across these words on a slavegirl's profile and thought I'd share this thought... "i need love and care. not just sex. anyone can fuck, can you love?" to that I say... There are too many people that believe this lifestyle is a 24/7 orgy with every Master being pleasured constantly while every slavegirl is wearing a chastity belt or butt plug all day... I appreciate that this slavegirl's words reach straight to the heart of the matter; 'can you love'... That's what the M/s dynamic is all about; the deepest kind of love; deeper than anything vanilla, deeper than any other feeling. Can she love a Man who puts her into complete submission, expecting her whole being to be focused on Him? Can He love that girl just as completely as He accepts her subservience as if He were a god? The answer to both of those questions is, of course; YES. But, both must be aligned to that mindset; both must feel the same attraction to each other; mind, heart, body and soul... Now, a little about Me I am seeking full time relationship(s)/dynamic(s). I love big girls, skinny girls, baby girls, sluts, pets, pain sluts, and any woman with unbridled passion and limitless fantasies. I am also looking for session slaves. (If we hit it off an it becomes something more - so be it - after all, who am I to challenge fate...; but, long term or short term works for me; it's all about living in the moment) If you want to explore your masochistic slave tendencies in one or more sessions drop me a note and we'll talk. With all that said - I am always up to meet new friends. So, if you're close, and if you want to talk and/or hang out sometime, drop me a note and we'll see where it goes... But, before you respond, you must understand; I am strictly polyamorous. That won't change. I form and maintain relationships as opportunity arises. One doesn't take precedence over the other; love is love; so, if it should get to that point; you have to understand this as there is no place in my life for jealousy.
Always remember, and never forget, an Oreo is only a cookie, till you get it all wet!!!
Hmmmm, and one little girl has disappeared. Afraid? Of her own attraction? Of the process? Of the conflict our journey was causing in her own mind? What a shame...
Just a heads up - I have a few, pretty interesting conversations going on at the moment. Then, yesterday, I kind of disappeared. Just to let those individuals know, I have had a bit of a family situation pop up. I'll be back to catch up on those conversations tomorrow. Till then - have an orgasm on me... Talk to you soon...
In the grand scheme of the universe, throughout my long journey, I have learned a lot.

Among those lessons, some of these stick out above all others.

1) Life is full of surprises

2) Always be honest (especially with yourself).

3) Always keep your word.

4) You can't predict what someone else will do in a given situation; no matter how well you think you know that person.

5) Bullshit is much easier to tolerate when I'm high.

6) Redheads are more fun (even if that red came from a bottle).

7) Bullshit is much easier to tolerate when I'm high. (oh, wait, I said that already)

8) There is no better way to start the day than with a blunt, a blowjob, and a fishing rod.

9) Short term memory loss is a sign of something, but, I don't remember wtf that something is?????   :P

Have a day!!!
In a world of illusion, where everything is peaches and cream, we all have our kinks, we all have our dreams. A light shines brightest, at the end of a tunnel, don't look now, or you'll fall in a funnel. Swirling around, sliding real fast, you fall faster, the slide burning your ass. There is nothing to grab, no way to stop yourself, no hope in sight, you should've stayed on the shelf. Then you hit bottom, that narrow little hole, not sure where this is going, I just smoked a bowl. So, if you find yourself falling, toward that light shining in the dark, think real hard, about playing in the park. Hold onto your ass, pray to your own gods, think about nude women, and their sweat covered bods. Play with your dick, finger your pus, scream like its fun, don't be a wus. Cuz falling is fun, a real life journey, swirling and dropping, your head will be turning. No adventure completes, without a drop in the end, now that you're here, you mind surely bends. Now that you are confused, fucked up as can be, scratch your head, like you're after a flea. Then look up above, where you came from before, then spread your legs wide, like a good little whore. Then give me a call, drop me a line, send me a message, if you think you'll be mine. I'll bend you over, tie you up tight, use you repeatedly, all through the night. I'll teach you the pleasure, of pain at its best, no inch of you left untouched, at the end of this test. So if you're ready, for a ride like no other you've seen, take a deep breath, and jump in the scene. This is my riddle, this is my rhyme, let's get started without wasting more time. Tell me your fantasy, and all of your fears, and I'll show you the world, where adrenaline brings tears.
Hmmmmmm; you ever have one of those days where you just want to PIERCE somebody RRREEEAAALLL SSSLLLOOOWWWLLLYYY???

Yeah? Me too! In fact; TODAY is one of those days...
While it is true that every woman looks beautiful gagging on my cock; it is also true that if you cannot show a modicum of intelligence in your contact and/or responses to me I won't respond. In fact, I'll block you outright. Life is too short to spend it pretending to get somewhere with a nameless, faceless entity hiding in her (or worse yet - his) mama's basement sending out pix of real women to morons trolling for jerking material.

So, if you're just here to talk shit, scam a moron, or kill boredom with fantasy talk - I'm not interested.

However, if you're close, and you do actually have the capacity or intelligence or desire for a meaningful conversation, I still stand by my first statement - EVERY woman looks beautiful gagging on my cock. --- just sayin...

(Oh, just for the record - if this, or any of my posts offends you - go fuck yourself - I don't care!!!)
I am always amused by slave profiles that state "i want to serve a Master, everyone in His house, and everyone else He sees fit".... Okay, I'm with you so far - hell, who doesn't love to have a complete slut at your beck and call. But, the part that amuses me is that 90% of those same profiles also say "NO POLY"....

Whoa, hold on, wait a minute, let me stick my finger in it!!!

So, this complete and total slut wants to be commanded to fuck everyone and anyone on demand. But, there can be no one else involved on a regular basis, or, worse yet, she expects her Master to only fuck her.

Hmmmmm, sounds like my first wife... no dice!!!!

Alright, I've had my laugh - that's my deep though for today - carry on fuckers...
There is a fine line between amusement and tragedy, pleasure and pain, victory and defeat. Do you know how to walk that line? Do you know what it feels like to teeter on the edge? Do you crave that feeling?
A little rope, a blindfold, a nice intense flogging, fisting, squirting, and a commemorative piercing to mark the occasion...

C'mon, don't be shy - you know that's exactly what you want...
Whatever happened to good, old fashioned common-fucking sense?

Oh, that's right - it disappeared about the time the internet taught us that we can say/do what-the-fuck-ever we want from the anonymity of our mama's basement.

Well, unless you know the English language (from growing up speaking it in the US), and you know that there is NO ONE in this country that goes to 'University', and that I don't give a fuck if you need $200 for gas and a burger, and that no one here weighs themselves in kilograms, and that most of us are not desperate and/or fucktarded enough to believe your bullshit - unless you know all of that then you can't possibly understand why it is so hard for you to find a sucker, I mean 'master' for you to rip off.

And, since I'm being so nice today - if I EVER meet a dom, domme, or even a slave who was fucking stupid enough to send one of these assclowns money I will most definitely bust him or her in the head with a fucking Twinkie.

End of rant - continue flirting, chatting, having fun and jacking it!!!

Raise your hand (or better yet message me) if you are wet and ready to be tied up, teased unmercifully, and pushed into orgasm after orgasm after orgasm with plenty of wax, needle play, and flogging thrown in for my amusement.


Of course, we'd sit down and get really fkng high first. Then your ass would be mine.


Well, did you raise your hand?

Maybe you know me. Maybe I'm your neighbor. Maybe I'm your darkest fantasy. Maybe I'm your worst nightmare. There's no way to tell, until we talk, learn about one another, and begin our journey.