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I have left New Orleans. Planning to visit a few friends and interested people. Then??? &#
Transgender Submissive, 32,  Traveling, Georgia


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BisexualFemale Submissive
Age: 34, Height: 5ft 4in (163 cm), Weight: 120 lbs.
Location: Pennsylvania
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I have left New Orleans. Planning to visit a few friends and interested people. Then???

Hello all Dominant Women, Mistresses and Goddesses. i am seeking a Long Term or permanent live in relationship with a Woman who wants to own a submissive girl who happens to have boy parts. i am functional as a male, but will happily embrace long term or permanent chastity, if that is Her wish.

i would love to be married as the wife (i would wear my engagement and wedding rings proudly), or i can appear as a boy (although i do have small firm breasts). i am more comfortable as a girl and dont own any boy clothes at this point.

ive had a lot of training over the years and am very obedient. i am not interested in men in any way, although i certainly would consider serving a Woman who has a feminized male mate.

i own my own car, have a healthy bank account, and am not looking to be a parasite in any way.

i am very sincere, but not desperate. i am honestly looking for The Real Thing.

I am, and have always been, STD free. i am not a boozer or drug user, and live a healthful life.

NO MEN!!!!

Leaving tomorrow! I look forward seeing you!!

Hello Everyone!! i have evolved and progressed in my life so much under the mentoring of Ms Jen!Now, we both feel that it is time for me to move on to a new phase of my life.i have breast augmentation scheduled for July 25. i thinking 38C, because i am a rather small girl. After that , im getting in the Camaro and heading out!

Im now ready to be locked into chastity and commit myself to The One for the rest of my life. If interested in owning a full time sissy girl, lets get the deal done. i seek to be owned and collared soon. Anywhere in the USA is good, although warm climates preferred.Hi Everybody! Im traveling and might enjoy meeting with you!

NO MEN (unless you want to be castrated!)

Please read my journal entry of 80315.

Available sissy girl. Seeking Woman or TS to own me NOW!

my pussy is so ripe for strap-ons, dildos and Dominant TS cock! my mouth wants to please You in every way!

There are some very mean people here! But, the good people are wonderful and i hope to be owned very soon! i love all of you good people out there!


I cant believe that ive been dressing and thinking as a girl for almost 20 years! Im so thankful to my neighbor, Mary Ann, who recognized my need when i was young. She nurtured me and helped me realize my feminine soul. Perhaps some people would call Her a predator, but i am so thankful for every day of the 6 years i spent being feminized by her, and being taught my submissive ways.

My parents never suspected a thing and thought that i was a good boy for helping the widow next door so much.

By 14 i knew well how to please a woman with my tongue and mouth, and knew instinctively that was the way, not the normal way.

i am gigi, a submissive transgendered girl. i am free to relocate, and hope to find a situation that will allow me to become someones property and live as the girl i was meant to be. im not looking for a hand-out-i have an income.

i am a sissy slave, although i will also swoon for powerful Dominant Transsexuals!


i am a sissy slave seeking ownership by a Woman or Transgender. i am prepared for collaring, branding, tattooing, and enforced chastity. All i want to do is serve and please. i have superb oral talents (or so i have been told, more than once!), and a pussy aching for You. Everything considered and cherished, except children, scat and excessive bloodletting. Please contact me! i can relocate or visit for long term and pay my way.

My little clitty has been trained to obey!

i will cherish and adore YOU!!



Journal Entries:
2/25/2018 7:12:59 AM
i love Mommy Mistress so much!!! i will do anything for Her.

2/10/2018 10:09:37 PM
Are all "findoms" losers and con artists?

11/4/2017 4:48:15 AM
I fucked a boi and I liked it!

10/7/2017 5:33:24 AM
Someone asked me recently, and suggested that i share this fact. My thing has never been inside a woman. That was discouraged in my early years of training.

9/2/2017 4:41:44 AM
Talking to Ms Mary Ann, i thought about the first time She shaved my legs then helped me put on stockings. The feeling as they were sliding up my legs was electric, and once they were all the way up, Ms Mary Ann showed me how to hook the stocking tops to the garter belt clasps. i slid my stocking clad legs against each other and shivered with pleasure. It felt so wonderful! Then Ms Mary Ann helped me into the new bra she had bought for me. i was so happy! My little cockette was starting to get stiff, so Ms Mary Ann slapped it to make it relax. She reminded me that girls shouldn't have stiffies, and then put me over Her knees and spanked me. i cried mostly from embarrassment, and promised to be a better girl. She let me up then kissed me and said i could feed on Her breast. i felt so much love for Her!
One day soon after, She talked with me and asked if i was happy being Her girl. i answered that it was the most wonderful that had ever happened to me. She told me that i could show my appreciation by putting my mouth between Her legs and following Her directions. i was immediately taken in by Her wonderful taste and aroma! Under Her instructions, i learned how to please Her with my lips and tongue. When i brought Her close, She made me slow down for a while, then in a bit, pushed my head tight against Her, and told me to use my tongue. i had never experienced a woman having an orgasm. Her legs were locked around my head as She bucked and swayed and cried out.  i felt so wonderful, and Her taste was divine.
Later, after She let me loose, She hugged me, and told me that i deserved a reward. i had no idea what it would be. Then She began fingering my little hole then started applying Vaseline around the hole. As Her finger went in, i was a little scared, but (as i realized later), i was already head over heels in love with Her and was ready to agree to anything. She whispered that i was going to like it as her finger penetrated me, and wiggled. Then She withdrew but suddenly put in two, then three fingers as i gasped. Then Her fingers came out and i heard a whirring noise, and then a vibrating thing was up against me and quickly inside of me. i gasped as it went in deeper and a feeling came over me that was totally new. Ms Mary Ann squeezed my thing and and a powerful feeling came over me. i began to squirm and moan. She took Her hand off my little thing and shoved the vibrator all the way in. Within seconds, i exploded. cum flew out of my semi hard thing, but i felt something else inside me as the vibrator kept going. i felt so complete with that inside me. After a while, Ms Mary Ann removed the vibrator, and wiped me up with baby wipes. i was quivering and felt sensitive and tender all over. As time went on Ms Mary Ann trained me to accept (and love!) Her strap on. i was a girl!  

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