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Hetero Male Dominant, 39,  Santa ana, California
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Im the type of Dominant that actually likes a strong willed sub. I know that might sound strange but I love the challenge of breaking one of strong mind and body. Making them submit to my will. Of course I expect the occasional relapse but hey its all part of the fun.So I guess that being said I dont want a slave. I mean I have a hard enough time figuring out what I want to wear and eat, let alone doing it for someone else. More or less looking for a semi intelligent sub. So in between the regular mistreatment, I might be able to get a decent conversation or two.And no, I am no longer in the Navy. Just happen to like that picture.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 Santa ana 


 6' 0"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

 Lives For:


 Martial Arts

 Breast Play

 Being Massaged




 Fine Dining




 Body Worship



 Hair Pulling

 Humiliation / Degradation

 Role Playing

 Arcade Games

 Historical Shows

 Science Fiction

 TV Sports



 1950s Lifestyle

 Alternative Music

 Hip Hop Music


 Rock Music



 Amusement Parks

 Bar Hopping


 Coffee Shops




 Anal Play


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Masks (Wearing)

 Massage (Giving)





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Journal Entries:
10/6/2016 2:17:51 PM
O_o My reaction when a girl says I can't choke her.

12/14/2015 7:57:26 AM
Just received my brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. I guess I can move my experience level from beginner to average in martial arts.

11/13/2015 9:29:18 PM
Sooner or later, we all became what Tyler wanted us to be.

9/30/2015 7:27:46 AM
I'm mean but in a nice way.

8/26/2015 7:47:25 AM
Is it wrong to smile and say thank you whenever someone calls you a bully?

1/3/2015 6:58:49 PM
Todays discovery. Boneless chicken wings are just adult chicken nuggets.

11/30/2013 9:34:49 PM

True domination can only happen when true resistance is absolutely crushed.

3/7/2013 3:45:26 PM
There are two things in this world I don't trust. Communists and brussel sprouts.

1/29/2013 10:35:20 PM

Sticking feathers up your ass doesn't make you a chicken. - Tyler Durden

1/13/2013 11:53:23 PM

See you have to understand most men have never been in charge or command of anything in their lives. Beat down by their moms, bosses, wives, girlfriends, friends, bowling buddies. The internet is the perfect place for such poor souls. The ability to take out their rage and frustration on someone that in the end can do nothing about it. Sure you can return that insulting message/email. All the weakling has to do is block/ignore/delete. In the end you should pity them because they will wake up tomorrow the same weak foolish man they were the day before.

12/3/2012 10:57:55 PM

I want the writers of the Walking dead to know that it has not gone unnoticed by me that when a new black male character is introduced into the show the old black male character is then quickly killed off saving one of the shows white females. If you are going to kill them off saving the white women can you make it at least be an attractive white woman?

1/13/2012 6:40:44 PM

I was at the ATM the other day and an elderly lady approached me. She asked me to help her check her balance..........



                                                  So I pushed her.

8/24/2011 5:40:01 PM

Whatever doesn't work with force, works with more force.

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