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Hetero Female Slave, 23,  Ipswich, United Kingdom
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beckHAM - slave

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Ever since I was at school in Bristol I have been a slag. I love cock. I can't get enough in my mouth, cunt and arse. I adore Victoria Beckham and love to dress like her. I want to be skinny. I love comments about how fat I am. I am a fat slag. My arse is saggy from all the fucking.I have no udders. I want to have my chest ribs showing and hard tennis ball tits implanted like Victoria Beckham. I want to be a real skanky whore. If you know me please leave a message. if you are a footballer with big cock you may get a response. My arse loves a good fucking. I want to be very skinny and muscly like Madonna - encourage me guys. Tell me how fat and ugly I am. I love hard strong abuse call me a fat slag whore.












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 Female Slave


 United Kingdom

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 9"

 117 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

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Domme/Dom Couples

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Journal Entries:
7/24/2011 3:05:59 AM

Who thinks Danielle Derek is hot?

5/17/2011 10:33:27 AM

I just masturbated while reading this from one of my fans. I came buckets you dirty fucker. "You should drag your fat saggy arse up to lowestoft! I'm stuck here bored with work. You would quickly learn what happens to far lazy whores who think that they're allowed food. I would only let alcohol and cum pass your lips. Apart from second hand food scooped out of your useless saggy ring piece. Come up here and be used like the fat cow you are. Come dressed like a street walker. Get treated like a joke. Beg and promise your body for every vodka and slimline tonic I let you have and beg even harder for my cum. I want to see pics of your sister Fisting your arse. In fact bring her and watch her being treated like a lady while you are treated like the fat scumm you are. I'll video the night of your arse's incest and abuse and put it here so that everyone can see what a useless fat whore you are. Watching myself and your sister spitting on your face on video will hopefully make you realise what a worthless fat waste of space you are and finally give you some inspiration to actually lose weight. What the fuck you mean you can't close your legs and still have your arsehole on display? How did you let yourself get like this? HAVE YOU NO SELF RESPECT? I'm glad your sister and online friend have taken you into control. A fat pig like you deserves it! vB tits? No! Not yet you need to completely loose those saggy abortions you have at the moment. I want to see nipples on a rib cage. Then you might be worth them. I want to see you (eventually, when you respect your body) with massive baloons! So big your skin stretching hurts and five minutes slapping them makes you cry. I want you to be a proper skinny slut with massive fake tits who knows she only exists for my pleasure. I want you to beg men to look at you and only use your body for the pity vote! Come a few miles up the coast and begin the rest of your life. Fat fucking whore. But please remember you are saveable. No more carbs ever. No more solid food. Clear spirits and if you have to only slim line tonic with them. Strict gym regime Mine and your sisters fists up your arse until It's so slack I can fist you whenever I like without any lube. If I had my way, fuck periods, you pussy can dry up completely. Your body will be there for men to fill your ring and then you to clean them off with your mouth and then thank them afterwards" Thank you.

5/8/2011 1:43:24 PM

Not been out for fucking ages - me and slag sister Rihannon are down the Marina in Ipswich tonight find us and fuck us if you are lucky. Haven't eaten all day so will be well pissed as usual and I need some cock in my arse. Fed up with her fucking dildo up my arse - need some real spunk not just warm water to flush me out.

5/2/2011 7:39:21 AM

THX so much Mark:

4/25/2011 4:08:07 AM
At last someone has sorted my arse flushing video for me and put it online. Dont know if you can get it though here but hope you can.

4/25/2011 3:49:02 AM

4/21/2011 2:27:40 AM

At last one of you wankers has made a real tribute to me from my cock sucking video that a punter made about a year ago. Can someone please re post this vid so everyone can see it

4/14/2011 10:09:58 AM

Dont have much time for you at the moment. But want to catch up. My slag sister Rhiannon has agreed to help and support me to get the body I want. I think she wants it too but is a gutless coward and wont do it. Fuck she is faaaaaattttttt We got naked over the weekend and compared bodies. She was really fucking up for pointing out every fucking bit of blubber on me. Used her lipstick and drew circles around my fucking tree trunk thighs and arse especially counted my ribs. Made me stand with ankles together so she could inspect my cunt arch for daylight.Said I need to lose some off my arse because it hangs and she couldn't see my rim. She fucking stuck her fingers in my rim to prove it was there. She says I need more big black cock up it so it opens up and protrudes more. She fucking also told me I need to get down to 95lb and will make sure I am puking often enough and not fucking eating my way back to her level of blubberdom. Fucking brilliant. is it illegal to be a lesbian with your sister? So long as you keep both fucking cock ? hahahaah

4/6/2011 9:44:16 PM

Fucking pissed off today and knackered.Went out in Ipswich last night it was fucking freezing but wanted to try my new heels and get some cock. Ended up fucking two blokes in their BMW but one was a limp dick so only one of them fucked my arse they other spunked on my fucking skirt. I need a really good rough fuck. I am going to gym to workout. My trainer always pushes me hard and verbally abuses me - calls me his fat little cunt. hmmmmmm I love it. he wants me down to 7 stone and all muscle. Then I can have my VB udders.

4/3/2011 9:05:33 AM

Sunday afternoon just got our of bed and my fucking arse is full of spunk and I think bleeding. Had massive cock last night outside the club. Up against the wall he rammed it up my arse and called me a dirty fat cunt slag Jeeze my gut looks big. I think i have put weight on my fucking ugly arse too. I am going t go see my trainer for some abuse and get his opinion on some basketball udders for me. Get him training my spine so i can take the fucking weight. barbie meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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