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Hetero Male Switch, 42,  Boston, Massachusetts
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It has been a little while since I updated this portion of my profile. In short, I have learned a lot.In the past, I advertised myself as being a switch. As you can see, that is no longer the case. I think the best deion can be that I am a caring Dom. It is an interesting process to become involved in the bdsm scene.I initially was very interested in being Dom , but also switching to a submissive. But after a number of real time experiences, a couple of things have become clear. Firstly, that I most definately tend towards the dom. It is rare that I tend towards the submissive, but even then, I am somewhat dom. Hmmm. Am I starting to repeat myself?I suppose my perfect match would be almost totally submissive, only with a touch of domme... so slight that you would never consider calling yourself as such.Now that I have said all the above, perhaps I should introduce myself. I am a young professional with a fun streak. I live in downtown Boston and enjoy a number of activities since I have moved here.I love the local seafood. I love exploring new destinations, whether they be a restaurant, museum or country. But I also enjoy a nice pint watching a game. And lastly I have had a lot of fun learning the Dom sub ropes (no pun intended) over the past two years.I am looking for someone looking to explore their sub side. That craves pleasing their master, but also enjoys something fundamental about bondage, submission and roleplaying. (Could there be anything better?)Anyways, I will have to be better about adding to this profile as time moves on.Good night, and good luck.-Andy












 Male Switch



 6' 3"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Female


 Lives For:

 Fine Dining



 Art Galleries







 Surf Boarding


 Wind Surfing




 Body Worship


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops



 Being Massaged

 Foot Worship





 Masks on Partner

 Massage (Giving)

 Clothing Selection

 Role Playing

 Rubber Fetish





 Bar Hopping

 Going to the Opera





 Skate Boarding


 Hair Pulling

 Masks (Wearing)



 Flea Markets


 Curious About:

 Antique Shows

 Bird Watching

 Musical Theater


 Scuba Diving



 Rear End Play

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay


 Amusement Parks


 Garage Sales

 Renaissance Faires


 Genital Punishment




 Hard Limits:


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Journal Entries:
6/30/2017 10:52:19 AM


12/7/2014 4:09:42 PM
So as encouraged by a friend down in Atlanta, who wants to be a latex model just for the fun of it? I love taking photos, and setting up latex subs just right in a killer dress is so much fun... Let me know. Being a fan of heels helps too!

3/28/2014 2:20:53 PM
Anyone love ballet boots? I just bought a pair for a great girl but I fucked it up. :(. Moving on I suppose. (size 7)

2/20/2010 6:59:30 PM
Comparing vacuum beds...  I can't wait.  Anyone have any input on the best?

1/23/2010 8:27:08 AM
Hair removal cream works great.  Why did I never know about it before?

7/30/2008 4:55:42 PM
Do you ever regret something?  I regret something today.  I went for a long run (for me)...  about 6 miles.  And exactly at the last intersection I had to cross on my way home, a fella in a red car nearly ran me over.  He had a red.  I had the little white man facing me.  He laid on the horn.  I said something my mother would not like.  He got out of the car and challenged me to a fight.  I looked at this short, old man, and thought, what am I doing? 

I said, have a good night and ran around the corner to my home.

No harm, no foul, but I still feel like I should have treated the situation better.

Just a thought.

10/16/2007 5:12:55 PM
Have you ever played a kitten or puppy for a full day or weekend?  I have never explored pet play before.  But I am getting interested.  I have spoken to a very nice girl in NJ about getting into it.  Has anyone in the Boston area ever played a cat or dog for extended periods?  That is what I am going to explore.  Yay!

7/28/2007 5:35:39 PM
The Dom has entered the building!

I am going to have to officially crown myself the newest Dom in Boston.

After a couple months of consideration and a couple weeks of interactions, I have officially thrown out the title of switch.

I have never been a pure Dom before, and do not expect much of a change (as I was mostly Dom before.) but it has been process to get to the point of changing this profile.

I hope to chat with you soon regarding my experiences.



6/14/2007 2:30:35 PM
Journal Entry 1:

I have discovered more of myself over the past couple of weeks and months.  This 'world' is an interesting one.

After speaking with a number of folks, it is intriguing to find the things that agree with your tastes, while others you find unpalatable.  For example, I could never imagine being a full time sub, or a slave.  But without a doubt, certain aspects of that role are very appealing for a time.  Could I be a full time Dom?  Perhaps.  If I were to encounter the right sub.  But I mostly imagine that wherever I end up in this world will be as a switch.  For a while in complete control, while at other moments, absolutely without.

On other fronts, I don't think the word sadistic could ever be used in the same sentence with me.  A light spanking or biting, sure.  But I don't have any interest in any sort of real or lasting pain.

Bondage?  Yes.  That sounds like great fun.  Both from the Dom and sub perspective.  But not neccesisarily from a sexual perspective.  I am a very sexual person, but I could image a relationship where bondage is void of any direct physical sexual interaction.

Leather, latex, hoods, gags, etc?  I just think that they are fun and so erotic.  Whatever relationship I end up in will need to be open to exploring this realm...

That is it for now.  I will check in more later.


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