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Hello CS! I've been here before and decided to try it out again! As I'm sure you have alrea
Bisexual Male Submissive, 25,  Canton, Michigan
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Hello CS!

I've been here before and decided to try it out again! As I'm sure you have already figured out, I am a submissive boy with a love for feminization and bondage! I've always been interested in Bondage and with me being a more petite guy I think the Feminization came natural. I'd love to find a Dom or Domme who shares this interest and others and will help me grow as a submissive. Ideally I'd like to find something longer term with someone who has experience training crossdressers. However, I'm more than happy to do meet ups or help someone learn about this as well. I do have many interests outside of the obvious that I would love to explore further. I enjoy service in general and it is not all about sex with me! I will try to add more to this later. In the mean time, I look forward to talking to you all!

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Journal Entries:
2/3/2017 1:15:26 PM
Finally getting into my own apartment again next week after living with others for the past 2.5 years. I can't wait to be able to dress up and play more! More toys and outfits are definitely in my future. 😊

12/27/2016 11:08:36 PM
It's my birthday! Who wants to tie me up and give me my spankings? 😘

10/7/2016 10:31:30 PM
I had a really good month at work which lead to a nice bonus. I'm definitely going to invest in more outfits and toys for my sissy self but I'm not sure what to get! If you have a certain look or toys you'd like to see, send some links to me. I think I'll buy a few of my favorites and model them for you! If you live close to me it might even be in person. ;)

8/8/2016 11:46:45 AM
Got a safe with a timer in the mail today. It locks anywhere from 1 minute up to 10 days. This should make my self bondage and chastity enforcement much more realistic. I can lock away the keys to my handcuffs or cage and there's absolutely no way of getting them out until the time expires. I can't wait to experiment with it!

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