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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Pan Male Submissive, 23,  Naples, Florida
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Hello everyone! I have been on this site a while now, and well not much has come of it.? I have enjoyed the meetings I have had. I am really looking for someone who I can have a "Vanilla" life with as well as a kinky one. I am a little on the husky side, nothing morbid, but I have been on a diet for about 4 months and have lost about 20 lbs. I enjoy many kinks. If you want to ask a question just shoot me a message. I have a picture if you request one. ? ?













 Submissive Male



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 1"

 230 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Dominant male

Domme/Dom Couples

Female Led Couples

 Lives For:

 Being crossdressed by you



 You putting me on a leash


 Amusement Parks

 Being allowed to beg you for things

 Being allowed to worship your body

 You tying me up

 Being allowed to see your breasts

 Being placed in a cage by you

 Being allowed to wear your collar

 Being allowed to be your servant

 Being gagged by you

 Being allowed to do all of the housework

 You treating me like your butler

 Being spanked by you

 Being allowed to see you in stockings




 Local BDSM Community


 Hair Pulling

 Sensation Play

 Curious About:


 Corner Time


 Foot Worship

 Obedience Training

 Orgasm Control

 Oral Service

 Outdoor Bondage


 Speech Restrictions



 Electrical Play

 Wax Play

 Hard Limits:

 Modern Primitivism


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Journal Entries:
10/20/2013 5:26:24 PM

Got a new ball gag today, anyone want to see?

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