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Pan Male Master, 54,  Hartford , Connecticut
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Master seeking real slave .Slave vacancy will involve the following- you will be trained to serve in many respects- you will be used as domestic and for sexual useI am not interested in your INTERESTS, your only interest should be serving your MASTER, period..........If you are a genuine submissive slave and are seeking a new permanent life with a sane Master then get in touch.When contacting me, be sure to include the following info or I will NOT respond to your message1) what you feel you can offer as a slave2) explain how you can relocate permanently3) tell me about your current life, a background by which I mean something about your work, home life, etc4) be ready to be inspected on webcam i am not interested in someone who cant appear on webcam, whether you have skype, yahoo messenger. NO EXCEPTIONS.....I will not take any slaves who are not based currently in the US, or who are under legal age of consent. No exceptions.If you cant be bothered to give me a decent message containing even the minimal ination above then dont expect me to take some of my valuable time to bother replying.Most of the time 99 of messages I receive involve a simple DELETE. Make sure yours stands out and meets at least my minimum requirements!!Time to begin investigation into your service to me.To begin the process we will meet for a 3 hour session and at the end of the session I will either have boy sign a 30 day contract or send it on its way. The 30 days will consist of several weekly service sessions depending on schedules. At the end of the 30 days boy will be given a one year contract or dismissed.Boy has 3 hours to comply to my offer and arrange to come for first session.Master.And a final word or warning, if you are lucky enough to get a reply from me I will expect you to be available quickly thereafter for chat in either skype or yahoo which will involve you having a webcam. THAT IS NOT OPEN TO DISCUSSION IF YOU CANT MEET THAT REQUEST DONT WASTE MY TIME

I am looking for a boy to put my 2.5 inch black leather collar, wrist and ankle leather cuffs, leather chest harness, leather jock










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 Dominant Male



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Submissive Male

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12/29/2015 7:03:41 AM
It is time!

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