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  I am a bit eccentric and just a little bit of a megalomaniac, just a bit though. I don
Hetero Male Dominant, 39,  Neosho, Missouri
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Submissive Female


I am a bit eccentric and just a little bit of a megalomaniac, just a bit though. I don't need others to tell me how great I am as I already know (but it never hurts your standing in my household to tell me anyway). I am Gorean, at least that seems the best fit for me (don't know what I'm talking about? read "Tarnsman of Gor"). I have been dominant in this fashion most of my life but did not know what to call it until about '99.


I am in need of a female slave to have a 24/7 position in my household. This slave will satisfy my sexual needs and desires. She will also serve as a domestic slave (cooking, cleaning and such). I have a few cats and a dog so if you have allergies I will need to know. Breast size is not that important to me however I do not like huge asses. so if you nock lamps off tables when you turn around I won't be interested in you. I really like skinny petite blonds. That’s not to say that I will turn away a drop dead gorgeous redhead that stands six feet tall. This live-in slave can be anywhere from kinky girlfriend to doormat.


  At present I have room for one or two female slaves. I could make room for male slaves and/or more female slaves but I will need to clean out a spare room and I will need a storage shed to put the stuff into. So if you are a male slave and want to be placed in my household immediately you will need to get me a storage shed or shipping container.


As both of my parents are disabled this live in slave will also help my mother with basic housekeeping (cooking, cleaning, and helping with pets and plants or a garden). So you know I live next door to my parents so it’s an easy commute.


I have a few rules. 1. No cussing in front of my parents. 2. You will wear the minimum amount of clothing that is socially acceptable. Or what I tell you to wear. 3. After dark (or about 8 o’clock) if I am not expecting company you will be nude(unless you are bleeding then you will wear a pair of panties). All other times you will wear only a shirt that I give you to wear.


I am also in need of "money slaves". I feel that this kind of slavery can be rewording for the slave only if you can follow directions well or live within a reasonable driving distance. You will send me money or gifts (of my choice) on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis in exchange for having your life micro managed. If you live within reasonable driving distance a monthly visit will be arranged to reward or punish you depending on what you have earned.


If you have dependants of any kind we will need to have a long talk about them and how they will fit into my household. This goes for in house or out of house slaves.


In vanilla life I have many hobbies. I like to fly-fish but I haven’t gotten a line wet in years. I have a keen interest in beekeeping and falconry but I don’t have the money to really get into them right now. My primary hobby (more like an obsession) is alchemy. I like to write and I have an interest in learning to play the guitar and maybe the clarinet and piano. I am also interested in learning more languages (Latin, French, German, Spanish, Italian and maybe a few more).

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Journal Entries:
10/16/2005 6:33:18 PM

No one knows the sorrows of my hart
No one knows the pains I have felt
I have given up just to start over
Each time getting wiser
10,000 years have I lived
And died just as many
A thousand times have I loved
Each time losing my love to death
Or life as the case may be

Man is but a beast of burden for the soul
The spirit within
But if the soul does not control the man
That man is nothing more than an animal
A beast of the field to be used
By any man-god able to control it
Until the day that the spirit takes control
Only then will the man-beast become free
Only then will it become man-god

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