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Bisexual Female Mistress, 41,  London, United Kingdom
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MindDestruction - Dominatrix

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Last Online:


 Femdom Dominatrix


 United Kingdom





 6 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Switch Men

 Lives For:




 Intellectual Discourse




 Mental Bondage

 Role Playing

 Curious About:

 Medical Play

I know how to get inside your mind and destroy it from the inside out. I know you crave to be made weak and helpless before me. I know you will help me do this. This does not guarantee I will accept you as a subject. I need interesting minds to toy with. If you can't interest me with your natural charm and intelligence, you'll need to prove your worth in other ways. Get on the couch. ------- FAQs ------- 1) How do I approach you? Same as any reasonable person would approach someone they're interested in starting a relationship with. Give me a reason to want to talk to you. Be intriguing, express the feelings you have that are unusual, show me how you think, have a mind that I might want to explore.  2) What do you want to do to me? Nothing, yet, that would develop out of the conversations we have if I take you on as a subject. I want someone whose mind will be fun to play with, this is a journey, and I'm only going to take it with a suitable travelling partner. 3) How can I interest you unless I know what you want? I don't have any specific things I want, I'm just looking to be inspired to want to take things further, because someone's mind seems to have potential to be fun to play with.  Be yourself, if you don't connect with me, that's just how it is. 4) Tell me something about yourself, so that I know what to talk about? I don't want to talk about myself until we've already connected, asking me about myself until I want to tell you is invasive to me, even if you think that's what most people enjoy talking about.  5) Is this part of the mind games? No, I'm not going to dominate you until I agree to take you on, me waiting for you to intrigue me is not part of the 'mind games', even if you'd like to imagine it is. 6) Are you a trained psychotherapist I don't have any therapeutic qualifications, any mind games we engage in are for entertainment purposes only 7) I'm not very interesting, how else might I be able to repay you for your time? If you're a good illustrator, I might have need of some drawings of people and scenarios for me to use. I also enjoy reading about very desirable subs, although if you can write stories about them, you can probably just be one anyway. Same goes if you can write me a decent song. If you're a pretty, alternative, boyishly androgynous person I might accept some visual payment. I also might consider a "professional arrangement", but I still need you to have something for me to work with and not annoy me. 8) Is the couch comfy? Don't try to bring this down to imagining physical things

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