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Hetero Male Master, 54,  Pennsylvania
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I am?? Male? Dominant? from? Northeastern PA looking to? find? that? one? true? person? to? share the lifestyle? with.

I can? offer 20+ years of? experience and? understanding? the needs of? one that serve.

I seek one that? is? true to themself and? to? me as I will be able to? tell if you? are honest.

I? look forward ot building? trust?? that? will? quickly? turn into? real life. I am? not? here? for? amusement? but? for? finding? that? one? true person.
For all that? visit my? profile? I? wish? you well in all you? seek.











 Dominant Male


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 2"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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Journal Entries:
1/1/2012 7:06:03 AM

Happy New Year  to  All and may  your Kinky  dreams come  true


4/20/2009 8:14:30 AM
Wow I have  lived  life  and have had my  share of down falls so as the begining of 2009 has  begun  I  find  myself alone still searching with my heart for that  special  someone...

7/25/2005 12:39:57 PM
Yawns, is this  really  the  excellent  site that  I once thought it  was , recently I met  one female slave,  who  truly caught my  attention but alas she  was  far  from  what  I desired. I just really  don't think  much of  someone that  misrepresnts themself  or  how they  look  only  to have disappointment instead.
So the  Search  Continues.

9/13/2004 7:04:50 AM
Figured I  would update  the  ole  Journal  well as  some  things  go there is  no  news  to report have  chatted  with  serveral  wonderful  people on  here   but   to  date  nothing of true desire  yet.

6/23/2004 6:18:31 AM
I was  all excited  to  become a  member but  as  this is becoming a  site  like all the  others where  when   you are  searching  for truth  in  finding that  special  person  to  share  the  eroticism with   and   the  goals towards a LTR just  seem  to  be falling  short.

I have over time  have  sent  compliments  or  tried  to  chat  with  several  people on  here and  I  guess hummmhhh  are  they  bot's  forget  about they  are memebers  or  players that  just  are curious  or  just  decide to  attach a  title to there name. Well before  I  decide to  pull the  plug  I  will limit  myself on the  time I  spend  here .

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