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Lesbian Transgender Switch, 40,  Phoenix, Arizona
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It is my goal to be transformed into the perfect female goddessd fuck bunny. To alweays dress sexy and be someones arm candy.

Treated like a goddess in the streets and a slut in the sheets.











 Transgender Switch



 5' 11"



 Not Listed



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Transgender

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women


A Poly Household

 Lives For:



 Movies (Expert)

 Renaissance Faires


 Shopping (Expert)

 Travel (Expert)

 Camping (Expert)


 Eighties Music

 Rock Music



 Fine Dining (Beginner)

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales


 Bicycling (Beginner)


 Martial Arts (Beginner)

 Pilates (Beginner)

 Tai-Chi (Beginner)


 Yoga (Beginner)

 Blindfolds (Beginner)

 Breast Play

 Being Massaged

 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Clothing Selection (Beginner)


 Role Playing


 Board Games



 Comedy Shows

 Historical Shows

 Horror Movies

 Role Playing Games

 Science Fiction

 Simulation Games


 Writing (Expert)

 1980s Lifestyle


 Classical Music

 Folk Music

 Industrial Music


 Opera Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Seventies Music

 Kick Boxing




 Amusement Parks

 Art Galleries

 Coffee Shops



 Going to the Opera


 Chastity (Beginner)

 Collars (Beginner)

 Diapers (Beginner)


 Masks (Wearing)

 Masks on Partner (Beginner)

 Rubber Fetish


 Vibrators (Beginner)

 Arcade Games

 Card Games

 Web Surfing

 Art Collecting

 Candle Making

 Cooking (Expert)





 Photography (Expert)







 Paranormal Phenomena




 1950s Lifestyle

 Female Led Relationships

 Female Sovereignty


 Old Guard



 Victorian Lifestyle



 Pop Music

 Body Building


 Curious About:


 Erotic Hypnosis

 Medical fetish play

 Maid / Butler Service




 Bar Hopping




 Fire Play

 Modern Primitivism


 Construction Expert

 Gourmet Cook

 Leatherworking Expert

 Metalworking Expert

 Professional Chef

 Woodworking Expert

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Journal Entries:
12/26/2021 9:00:31 AM

As for about me and who I am. Well most of it is in the profile.


But I am a skilled maker with slightly above skills in welding, metal working, woodworking, plastics, molding, 3d printing, cnc laser cutting, chainmail weaving, scene prop special effects, and a few other random skills.


I also have a high level of skill in photography, video production (both shooting and editing), audio production, photo retouching and manipulation as well as graphic design and media production. (BS in media production)

I also dabble in fashion design with a strong interest in fetish ware. Currently teaching myself leather garment sewing, as well as latex/rubber creation. Been playing with bootware and am designing custom heels for high heel boots.


I'm looking for that one female artist who can transform me into a woman. As in post op grs, breast implants, plastic surgery, FFS etc.


In return, my skills and talents would be at her service,  including making a full dungeon with all the toys one could dream of. As I look more fem I would have no problem being a cam girl for her and after I am fully transitioned I would gladly be a beta dom, under her.

12/9/2021 8:14:00 AM

I find it tether offensive that too few people have actually read my profile. I mean I put forth the effort to not only share a bit of myself and what I am looking for but wrote it out rather clearly. 

i mean if you can not respect me or at least pretend to give a fuck long enough to read it, why the hellshould I believe you would respect me. If I can’t trust you with the smallest of things like reading my profile, then what the hell makes you think I would trust you to care in a session, date, whatever?

i put things in my profile to help YOU understand me and what I am looking for, as well as what I can offer. Furthermore I am not going to tell you read it. I shouldn’t need to. BUT, I do know if you have read it or not. How do I know? Maybe you should have read the thing in the first place.

As I am on my soapbox at the moment, to all the people who send a one line, or worse one word greeting message, listen up. That may work at a bar or speed dating, button here a lot more is needed. I know you want to do the least amount of actual effort you can but you get out what you put in. If you can’t even try to make a nice and prober introduction, I can only assume you equally lazy with everything else and not worth my time.


just something to think about

12/2/2021 5:07:54 AM

I just got the official 'Okay' from my doctor and I am now officially "healed". The fucking dick has no fucking clue what he is talking about. I still have aches and pains from just standing up. I went from in fucking good shape to what I feel is a bloated whale. And my endurance is total crap. After 2 flights of stairs, I am now winded.


As for my business, it's gone. All of it. No more tools, or materials. I was even forced to sell off my "personal collection" of goodies. As for my clients, They have found other 'artists' and 'makers'.


Ladies and gentlemen, I have now hit rock bottom.



So what am I looking for I am looking for an artist. Someone who feels they are up for the challenge (and bragging rights). Some knows the ins and outs of social situations as well as proper etiquette in different circles.  Someone who is willing and able to invest their time, talent, money, knowledge etc to make it happen.


The challenge,

Take this currently out of shape male, with lacking social skills and has not started their transition yet.  Then through training, diet exercise, surgeries, lessons, transform him into a proper walking talking sex goddess. To remove every trace of ever being a male from the body and mannerisms. To transform so far that unless another was told they would never even suspect that the lady next to them was born a male.


I know something like this is a commitment in both time and money. As such, I do have skills in making and building that can be used. As I transition and look more feminine,  I am willing to be a cam girl or what not. To be by your side as an assistant and maybe more. After the transition, I am more than happy to be a beta dom in your dungeon, or who knows what we can come up with.


Here I am a living flesh piece of clay, looking to be transformed into the 'perfect' woman. To live the life I know I was meant to be living.  Help me and in return I can help you.


Send me a message if you are interested.

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