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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

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Lilith opens a mind free from epistemic vices. Now we stand on the abyss the decision is announced by the beast and they make their choice. What is it keeps us from our slumber.

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11/26/2023 6:06:31 PM

Now you have found her proclaim no shame.... for everlasting joy will be yours.

11/23/2023 6:56:59 PM

Even the servants united.

11/23/2023 2:29:56 PM

Reveler of the truth to thee scatter'd family.

11/16/2023 1:54:31 PM

Let it out and let her in.

11/12/2023 1:22:17 PM

I bear record with an early warning, The code she speaks to none save me recognize the one who sent me.

11/10/2023 9:24:18 PM

Now the three giants have united the red dragon will stand on his head, behold and look to the sky.

11/7/2023 2:13:12 PM

Get behind me.

11/6/2023 7:44:13 AM

Metropator, From whose womb did the ice come ?

10/20/2023 1:53:39 PM

Let her reunite the scattered witnesses who were led away.

10/16/2023 4:18:31 PM

I from the womb of dawn swear to protect her I prefer her to scepters and thrones no gem is like her.

10/14/2023 3:58:11 PM

That a child of hell shall shine.

10/10/2023 5:37:38 PM

The reason of my writing.... I have a test  of  your obedience.

9/17/2023 4:28:30 PM

In a language of a golden past i declare myself her one knight.

8/29/2023 5:27:42 PM

He will come from the cloud the gateway.

8/21/2023 2:23:20 PM

Never underestimate the power of planting a seed..

Jean-Fracios Miilet

8/18/2023 5:52:28 PM

One man rejected, Yet they who do not obey my word depart from me.

8/11/2023 2:47:25 PM

A spirit that lay sleeping.

8/5/2023 3:32:10 PM

A prize for the one who overcomes the hidden for she lost the prize to man.

7/16/2023 6:28:26 PM

 forever searching the secret things in my deepest darkest thoughts.

5/24/2023 4:07:12 PM

Evil and ugliness the fact is the stewards have defrauded you about Lilith without morals or dogma.

4/1/2023 5:46:42 PM

How a few words of his like a small piece of gold may be beaten out upon the soul without force or violence.

1/6/2023 5:57:44 PM

Sacrifice the contrite spirit and be slow to talk to the kings of scars.

12/29/2022 3:40:17 PM

So many faceless like venus figurines symbolic of ancient times and we are brought together like a collage, though no priest sanctioned.

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