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Nubian Dominant Goddess; If you are looking for 50 shades of grey please look else where! &nb
Bisexual Female Dominant, 55,  Near Ferndale, Michigan
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 Dominant Female

 Near Ferndale 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 288 lbs






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Nubian Dominant Goddess;

If you are looking for 50 shades of grey please look else where!

I am looking for a domestic Household servant!!

24/7 TPE



I am seeking someone male or female who is serious about service! One who is looking to engage in an intimate relationship with me and who is devoted in their desire to be involved in the BDSM lifestyle Family. I am looking for a sincere slave to serve me not for the rewards which will be many but to serve for the sake of serving. The person who becomes apart of my household must be honest, sincere, clean and neat, drug and disease free, financially and emotionally secure and domestically inclined (in other words you must know how to clean toilets and mop floors and eat with the right knife and fork). And you must get along well and play well with others. I DO NOT DO MONOGAMY!!!!If you are bisexual this will be a plus though it is not a prerequisite.

Looking for sincere slave male or female.



I am a Dominant Woman, who has many years of real life experience in the lifestyle.  I live this life in the NOW! If you are not serious about meeting at a public place for coffee, lunch or dinner within a couple of weeks of first contact!!!!

If you are more than a couple of hours distance away be sure and very sure you will be living in the area BEFORE you contact me. Special consideration will be given to those who merit it. Long distance relationships are difficult at best and I am looking for someone to serve me here in Detroit, Michigan! Again DO NOT WASTE MY TIME!! I am becoming very jaded when it comes to this site most that contact me, seem to be game players and the insincere. Look me up on the Ms World Leather website (all one word) to find me, understand  I am exactly who and what I say I am. If you are phoney or playing games it will be ferreted out rather quickly and all you have done is wasted my time and yours.
I believe in the Power Exchange and respect all limits though your limits will change as you grow to trust me which takes time. I am 57 years old and 5'10 with wonderful curves of the solid sexy kind. I teach BDSM safety all over the country. I have excellent references Check Smart, Quest, KUFFS, Ohio Leather Fest, Living in Leather, Leather Retreat just to name a few.  I have been apart of a safety net for more years than I care to remember. I enjoy relationships and do not tolerate people who play games and are rude or crude. I am a vibrant, energetic, loving, Spiritual, romantic, diverse, Stunning Woman with the right blend of sadistic and mystical charm. I have many talents and many fetishes including but not limited to: SHOES!, floggers, corsets, spankings, shavings, knives, whips, cuffs, rope, CBT, bunny fur, and water etc.  I have many things to share with the right submissive/slave. I desire for a 24/7 relationship. That will give us both the pleasure and rewards we seek. This will take time and work nothing will happen over night! I am MS World Leather 2003, Winner of the coveted Vi Johnson Award and  winner of the Pantheon Of Leather Community Choice award 2004.


This means that I do have other slaves and submissives that live and all serve me. I am looking for another 24/7 because my 24/7 slave/husband {he was my slave for 10 years before I even considered marriage} is getting older he has been in service to me for over 20 years. He simply cannot keep up with the house work, my sexual appetites, the events I attend and other things I enjoy. I DO NOT DO ONLINE DOMINATION! ! You cannot clean silver, or do laundry long distance on virtually. 

Do Not invite me to chat!

I will not respond. And you may be blocked because you cannot follow a simple request.

I have Skype and if I think you are a good candidate then you may be able to Skype with me.

Write to me ONLY if you are serious about service, live in my area or within a few hours drive, or are relocating to the area and we shall see if there is Magick!Please answer these two questions for me in your first contact. 1. What is the difference between a slave and a submissive? 2. What do you have to offer my household? Remember this word Magick...there will be a test...later my potential slave.

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