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Hetero Male Master, 27,  Miami, Florida
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Updated Profile

So after some time on here, I figured I would write a more thorough profile before I give up on this site. Im only on here cause I know how difficult it can be to find someone with matching interests in kink.

Who am I
Im just a guy that likes kink. More specifically, I envision marriage with my submissive half, and for kink to be a part of that, but by no means the sole foundation of our relationship. I have interests outside of this, such as traveling, gaming, anime, starting a business, going to the gym, financial freedom, and more Im not thinking of right now. Point is, theres more to me than being a dominant. I can also mention that I am generally a relaxed person, taking life a bit less seriously than most.

Ive graduated college, currently work a decent job, and am seeking a Masters degree. I dont anticipate moving until after completion of this degree. After that though, skys the limit, to an extent anyways.

As for kink and BDSM in general. I dont have a ton of experience (I know, what a disappointment), but I do have some, and enjoy the idea of exploring more extensively within the context of a committed relationship.

I want the sort of relationship where our dom and sub roles are present underneath the surface. That is, I want us to be a normal couple out in public and around others, but be able to embody the dynamic to its fullest extent behind closed doors. I do however like discreet public play, such as a knowing look, a whisper in the ear, a collar that passes for regular attire, toys or other things concealed under the clothing.

What I expect of you
I look for intelligence. I want to be able have conversations with you, and hear your opinion. I would like for you to be college educated or at least have the willingness to go to school, otherwise tell me why you dont need college. College isnt necessarily for everyone.

To be clear, Im not looking to rush into anything. I want us to take our time getting to know one another, and moving into experiencing things together.

People are complex and relationships between people even more so. Lets exchange some messages, and see if an actual date seems worthwhile.











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