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I am a very experienced, Old Guard type Master who is seeking only 247 male slaves for My poly
Gay Male Dominant, 55,  Atlanta, Georgia
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Submissive Male

A Poly Household

I am a very experienced, Old Guard type Master who is seeking only 247 male slaves for My polyslave home in Atlanta. Both neophytes and experienced slaves may apply, but all MUST be at LEAST heightweight proportionate (preferably slender, athletic, or muscular), DD free (including cigarettes), ablewilling to relocate to be owned, completely dedicated to living the lifestyle at all times, and come with NO agendas or expectations other than obeying and serving Me in any way I deem appropriate. Interested applicants may approach by contacting Me here and respectfully asking for My basic documents that describe Me, My limits, My expectations, and various important aspects of My home in great detail. I mean no Pperson any disrespect, but fakes, flakes, liars, sceners, new guard types, part timers, eslaves, phone slaves, video slaves, or slaves who think this lifestyle is mainly about sex need not apply. In addition to My personal practices, I was also a long-time member and co-director of the formerly-existing MAsT Atlanta pansexual chapter and the previously extant MAsT Atlanta mens chapter (which, when operational, was one of only 6 or 7 mens MAsT groups and only 2 gay male groups in the USA). Given that Ive gotten a lot of requests from slave applicants lately who apparently dont read My documents well, let Me state it here for Aall to see. Under NO circumstances will I pay for a slave to relocate to Me or to come for a trial. slaves who are unable to make it here on their own obviously arent resourceful enough to be My slave. I mean no slave any disrespect, but I have NO time for beggars, time-wasters, and game-players. Be real or be gone!!! May Aall discover Ttheir true nature and find happiness!

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