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Hetero Male Dominant, 53,  Canada
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I was here before... it is not with overflowing optimism that I return, but more with the acknowledgment that I am willing to leave no stone unturned in my quest for a thing most elusive.

She is a complex creature, the woman I seek. She is a myriad of things I dont dare imagine, although if we were to attach adjectives to her like stickers on a steamer trunk we would describe her as creative and kind and considerate and reflective and witty and on and on and on and...

Some qualities and attributes are fluid and negotiable, but the one that will draw me to her as much as any is intelligence. There is no specific criteria to measure this in my mind she may be an academic or an artist or just a never-ending fountain of wit, but there would be something that draws me to admire her on a cerebral level every bit as much as I yearn to devour her on a carnal one.

I dont know if I have a type as it were oh I will confess to having a definite fondness for slender brunettes casting shy glances from behind horn-rimmed glasses, but I would just as easily delight in the company of a boisterous and curvaceous redhead who happened to be blessed with 2020 vision... it comes back to the mind. Or, I suppose more accurately, the meeting of two of them. Oh to lie exhausted and spent, limbs impossibly intertwined, listening to the pounding of a frenetic yet contented heartbeat... and to be enchanted by the wit and insight of the woman who was courageous enough to let go and allow her entire being to be laid vulnerable before a man who could never dream of betraying that trust.

If, dear stranger, you are still reading these meandering words penned in the stillness and darkness of night, perhaps you too seek something that is not readily found. Even here or, in some ways, especially here. Unlike many on this site I dont seek to merely don a costume and play at a role, but I also do not seek the company of anyone I dont absolutely admire outside of Ds.

If any of this resonates, I will act most un-Dom-like and absolutely implore you to say hello and shine a little light on the woman you are and yearn to be. Shine a little light, and perhaps we can dance merrily in the enticing shadows for the rest of our days...

I should add that I have left my location blank intentionally, but it is not from a desire to be evasive it stems more from the fact that there is a probability my location will be changing in the next while, and that the woman I seek is so elusive that I prefer to not make matters of geography an issue before need be. When one doesnt seek the girl next door, he should recognize the possibility that she might be found somewhere beyond the horizon and Im hoping you might have the same approach. These things can be worked out in time. In any event, if you are curious about where I am, please feel free to ask.










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