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Pan Male Dominant, 53,  Florida
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I'm looking for a small, young, cute submissive to become my son and pet. An effeminate boy or boyish girl would be ideal, but your attitude and personality matter most. I have a very real, very awesome live-in opportunity for the right boy, and I'm willing to spend the time that it takes to build friendship first. I'm not looking for role-play, and I'm not looking for hook-ups, either, but a long-term friend. I'm a very kind, loving Daddy in my mid-50's. I'll take good care of you, but you should know that I intend to take control of my pet - emotionally, mentally and physically. I have many kinky interests and lots of arrangements are possible, so please, try to be as honest with me as you can be about what makes you twitch. One of my weird kinks is how much I really enjoy having stimulating intellectual conversation with my son. So, if you are the kind of nerdy kid who intimidates other people, you may be just right for me. Just know that when Daddy dresses you in girly things or tugs on your collar, its time to let go and embrace your inner animal. For the record, there will be no naughtiness until I'm convinced that its legal for you in your country and in mine. Don't send me porn. I'm looking for a friendship with real potential. subs that meet my requirements have permission to contact me. Lets not miss a possible connection because we didn't try.











 Dominant Male


 5' 8"

 120 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Sub / Slave Male

Switch Male


 Lives For:





 You wearing my collar


 Genital Punishment

 Rear End Play

 Being Massaged

 Massage (Giving)

 Orgasm Control

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Suspension Bondage

 Lifestyle BDSM



 Placing you on a leash

 Outdoor Bondage

 Spanking you






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Journal Entries:
4/26/2014 8:31:03 PM

Question: If the sub you seek is to become feminine, then why the pronouns that go to the male side?

That's a fair question. Everybody has different interests, and there is somebody attracted to every body.

I am attracted to youthful androgynous male beauty, and I also find some of the things that girls get to wear quite sexy. I'm looking for a son who will be my closest companion, and will trust me enough to give up any ideas of gender roles and become gender-fluid enough to indulge my varied kinky interests. Whether he has a penis or a vagina is not important as long as my son is willing to become both my son and my girl - to be trained to become gender-neutral.

There may not be a name for that orientation yet, but I believe he is out there. Somewhere.

2/17/2014 2:24:39 PM

I'm glad that you are finding the living situation with Daddy appealing. I have sort of a complicated plan that will really have to be tailored to who you are, but it's all meant to help make a full-time Daddy/son relationship maintainable long-term - to meet my needs and yours.

I want the pet that I choose to also be my son and closest companion - someone that I can have long conversations with about technology and humanity, someone that I can mentor in all the little things that I've learned about life. I'll walk with my naked and collared son by my side - to the pool, the hot tub, all the friendly events that this little community affords.

My son will be allowed to pursue intellectually stimulating work (preferably online) for part of the day. A pet human boy has a need to explore, to learn, to build in a rich, stimulating environment. But Daddy will control that environment to eliminate the distractions that confuse so many boys.

But when he is not actively engaged in those few human activities, my son will naturally relax into being my human pet. The pet life will be very simple: live, play, love. Daddy will take care of all your needs and I'll treat your body as my own: feeding you, watering you, play-time, bathing, exercise, combing your long hair, wiping your bottom. My pet will usually wear bondage mittens or wrist restraints to avoid the independence that having human hands encourages.

Daddy has experience as a coach, and I'll spend time with you developing the traits that make Daddy happy: exercises that develop the little bubble butt that makes Daddy act funny, and deep stretching several times a week to promote flexibility.

My pet will not own any clothes, or anything at all, for that matter - everything that you receive will be a gift from your Daddy. And when Daddy feels like dressing you, it will be in pretty, sometimes sexy girlie clothing. My son will learn that Daddy needs a gurlfriend too, and that you can earn special rewards by learning to be pretty in public and sexy for your Daddy.

2/11/2014 6:32:24 PM

I'm a kind and loving Daddy looking for a cute, effeminate boy to adopt as my son, my pet, and eventually, my girlfriend. I'm hoping to find a son that I can be close to, share with and truly mentor in life, but the right boy will also have the ability to switch off and yield control to Daddy. He will be a companion animal who lives in a body that I own.

I live in a very cool community that is accepting of people who are different, where human nudity is accepted as normal and common social dogmas are less important. Keeping my pet naked all the time will not be a problem. When we go to town, Daddy will dress her in pretty, girly things, which turns Daddy on and is likely to get her some rewards if she learns to be beautiful and sexy for Daddy.

I'm not naturally cruel and sadistic, but I understand that some slaves need deep pain and humiliation to get in touch with their inner feelings - and I'm happy to help them feel their need. I look forward to taking complete control over the life of my pet - mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm trained in behavior modification and I'll use it to reverse the social "boy" programming that my son has received and allow it to experience life as a genderless human animal.

Many people don't understand that true submission is a gift. The sub chooses to submit to the Dom. Anything else is merely abuse. It is the work of the dominant to train the sub to really want to yield. This requires patience and building trust. What makes me feel truly loved is for a sub to trust me enough to grant me certain of their personal rights - rights that are normally held tightly as personal boundaries in our society.

For example, I want the right to reach into my son's "sacred" underwear zone any time I wish - in fact, I want exclusive rights to that stimulation. The erotic zones provide powerful reinforcement - both positive and negative - for behavior modification. I want my son to see me as the sole provider of those needs, and to know that pleasing Daddy is the key to happiness.

I expect my son to pursue an interesting and intellectually stimulating career. (There are very few true slaves, that need to give up all outside contact and means of supporting themselves. It would be irresponsible to train the average slave that way.) But I'm hoping that we can work it out so that he can study or work online from home (like I do). Part of the day, he will work at his desk while I work at mine, but as soon as that is done he can slip right back into pet mode. In fact, the arrangement would make it easy to continue some aspects of bondage all the time. He could literally be chained to his desk, for example, with rewards and punishments dependent upon the days work. (I love amplifying accepted metaphors into real world truth.)

Anyway, I wanted to say that distance is meaningless today; the world has never been smaller. You could be here in a day, if you wanted to. What is important is your commitment to the place where you live. If you hold that commitment highly, then we all have to respect that.

If you would like to be able to give everything that you are to your Daddy, then contact me. We can start with a friendship, and see what clicks.

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