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Hetero Female Mistress, 45,  Bronx, New York
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MrTurbo boi4men

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Now I 'm looking for a Domestic services And bad bois who love to be punished and used . I'm a sexy female who wants to be worshiped and obeyed. I'm a no non-sense type of person . I also believe communacation is key to anything in an on going relationship . I will listen to you but this doesn't mean compliance . Contrary to popular belief the world doesn't revolve around you or me for that matter. We as people are a self center bunch of fuck ups as a race . However we look for those bright moments of sunshine with another person. I am not perfect and I can at lease admit that to myself and others . I can laugh at myself and at and with others as well. If you have no patients this lifestyle isn't for you ,it is part of the gift on both parts of D/s . As I say to anyone before D/s begins a friendship ,an understanding , and trust must be built. My life revolves around my family and a close circle of friends. It takes a lot for people to open up in our world. FIND YOUR PEACE then you'll find what you seek in the one you seek . Queen












 Dominant Female


 New York

 5' 7"

 200 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Male


 Body Worship


 Anal Play


 Breast Play

 Canes and Crops




 Genital Punishment

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Journal Entries:
2/26/2013 4:56:30 AM

I love and hate this site . I love it for it's possibilitys , on conversations with other's who have an open mind and willingness to explore. And I hate it for those who are close minded and Prejudice, hateful an abusive, and just plain fakes. So that being serious said if for whatever reason you have a problem with being respectful don't contact me .

12/14/2012 10:26:30 PM

OH MY GOODNESS  set up meetings and cacel at the last mintue so infereating. your ass could look like it came out of a meat grinder  lol

12/14/2012 12:42:50 PM

Im no good at on line domming , I find it two dimensional and a pale immatation in comparison .   I will not give you dommanation over the internet it does nothing for me .   If we are establishing a repore then that's fine,  I have many on-line friends .  But to give of myself and never meet  is foolish . I have been so disappointed in the people on this site they can be like leeches sucking the life out of you wanting you to tell them everything down to the last detail . Draining.

7/27/2012 8:53:40 AM
This life is to be lived to the fullest. So why do we hold back from that which we want that appears wild and crazy. Why run from that because it seems you need to be wild and crazy .Be my horny sluty wife (rolereversal) let me chase you around the room, tie you up and bring you to another world of pain and pleasure.

6/24/2012 4:48:13 PM

Ahhhh men you want it all it seems !!! SO DO I!!! There it's said . I want my BDMS , vanilla and wilds sex with the one I choose.  Female led relationship and happy .  I love my sex and leading you around with my collar and leash . Behave or mama's going to spank you. Ahhh I'm going to spank you anyway  . Tie you up and do what I want to you then sit in your face . hehehe it's soooo good to be bad . One slave boi at my beck and call my little sluty wife .  

4/30/2012 12:17:38 PM

Today is new and we start our search over for that perfect someone!!! Hmmmm I have news for you I'm not PERFECT , I am as imperfect as they come and I like it that way. I change for my benifit and well being. I have wicked ways and I don''t always feel to talk about them. You want to known me then come find out if invited. In person I am very agreeable I think and if not that's the way it's sopposed to be . LOVE IT or leave it alone , You can try begging .

3/24/2012 8:49:49 AM

Being a dominate is not alway loud and brass . There are as many different ways as there are many different people . I can't expect to know you on the spot and neither should you expect it . Dom/sub relationships grow as the people grow to know each other . I'm not a pro so I'm not in dom mode from the word go just because you feel I should be . I will go as fast or slow as I wish . If I accept you the we move forward .You should not have a landry list of things You want me to do to and for you . If so then list yourself as dom not sub .

11/18/2011 3:57:39 AM

As human beings we open ourselves to the things that we want the most , and we go

in a direction that we think well get us there . We meet people ,and form friendships,

and get lovers .  I find that if you want someone or something you must be definate

and sure speak up quickly and take what you want or it may not be there when your return . NOTHING STAND STILL WAITING ON YOU OR ME LIFE IS EVERY MOVING FORWARD. 

10/10/2011 10:58:43 PM

This life style is a choice , and also a place for exploration . The chance to grow and express your sexual self . If all's a person want's is a sexual experence then they should be up front about that and let all who they 're dealing with know that as well . If your serious then be open and honest about what you want and expect  I am and would like the same . IT IS A SIGN OF RESPECT.

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