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Dom / Switch Couple, 58/29,  Pennsylvania
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Last Online:


 Dom / Switch


 Willing to Relocate



Primary Partner:

Gender Identity:










 5' 11"

 240 lbs



Secondary Partner:

Gender Identity:










 5' 0"

 120 lbs



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Canes and Crops


 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training


 Lifestyle BDSM






 Hair Pulling

 Orgasm Control

 Public Play


 Wax play

 1950s Household

 Old Guard

 Alternative Music

 Rock Music


 Anal Play


 Breast Binding/Play

 Local BDSM Community



 Outdoor Bondage


 Goth Lifestyle


 Victorian Household

 Blue Grass


 Electronica / EDM


 New Age Music

 Pop Music




 Corner Time

 Electrical Play


 Gorean Lifestyle


 Heavy Metal Music

 Punk Rock Music








 Hard Limits:



 Female Supremacy


 Investment Professional

 Licensed Attorney

I am an experienced, lifetime Dom having had fantasies of BDSM scenes before I even knew what sex was. I managed to find my way into the lifestyle in college at the age of 20. Over time, I have had various partners, some for play alone, some more serious, some merely friends without play and likewise I have been to many small social gatherings and larger dungeon parties.

I live in a 4BR suburban home and am semi-retired.
I have a live-in 29 YO sub, who also has unexplored dominant (perhaps more sadistic than dominant) tendencies, and is bi. We have both been in poly relationships before as well as more casual relationships with others.We are seeking another female sub for friendship or more depending on how things work out between us. A live-in poly relationship is a definite possibility.

We definitely prefer a long term DS relationship where your status vis-a-vis my other sub is flexible. My approach tends towards 247 TPE or nearly so. I also have experience with slave ownership and will consider it, but what I write about here is a DS relationship. Having said that, I do not micro manage the submissives life and have no desire to do so. I prefer that the sub work outside the home, but do not require it. The reason for that is simply that I do not want a sub overly dependent upon me or becoming financially stuck in a relationship.

I own my home and am financially secure. My authority in the home is paramount. Having said that, I balance the subs interests and also recognize that the sub will have areas of knowledge that are superior to mine. I am a corporal disciplinarian. Errors and transgressions by the sub result in physical punishment. I expect respect and obedience. I also have sadistic tendencies and the subs service at times requires pain for my pleasure. Ideally, that is a turn-on for the sub too, but I have no problems with a service sub that endures the pain totally out of a sense of pleasing her Dom.

I also greatly enjoy the mental aspect of bdsm. I definitely want to and will get inside your head. Submission isnt subjugation to someone who is simply bigger or stronger. True submission has to be mental and emotional.The sub receives my loyalty, care, protection and generosity. I am chivalrous and find no conflict between being the authority in the relationship while simultaneously treating a lady as a lady. For that reason, I am not into degradation or humiliation. However, to please the sub I can role-play degradation and humiliation, its just not something that I need or expect.

I enjoy pleasing subs sexually...there has to be a carrot to go with the stick and regardless, its a huge turn-on for me to see a sub in ecstasy. Exploring your kinks and turn-ons is very much a fun thing to do.

I also view my role as a nurturing one. I hope to better the subs life emotionally, physically, and intellectually. In short, I want to make the sub a better person while also bettering her life.

If you are a slave, treatment will be different and stricter than above. I have never become emotionally attached to a slave, though anything is possible.

My Ideal Person

Seeking an ideal seems foolish and destined for disappointment. People are individuals and part of the fun of any relationship is getting to know and understand your partner. Some things I need and some things that just wont work. I have the means for travel to allow meeting subs and pursuing a relationship over some distance. In fact, some of my longest term relationships began over 300 miles away. However, lets be realistic. You have to live in the United Sates and we can likely eliminate the pacific and mountain time zones.

I have to be physically attracted to the sub. That does not require a beauty queen by any stretch of the imagination. The most erotic thing in the world to me is the female form kneeling before me. While I am no physical specimen, I do require the subs weight to be proportional, otherwise average will do fine. To the extent any of this represents a double standard, well, I confess to a bit of vanity.

ge is unimportant, but being a sub is physically demanding, it just is. So the upper limit of age is really the ability to be of the service required. The younger limit is simply a matter of someone I can relate to. The greater the age disparity, the harder it is for two people to relate. Having said that, I have had DS relationships with women more than 20 years younger than I am and it worked quite well. However, I cant do the adult child thing, although from reading above you will note that my desire to nurture through the relationship will seem somewhat paternal to many. Maturity is more the issue than age is.Average intelligence or better is required. That gets back to being able to relate.Most of my income is entirely portable and most of my family is out of state, meaning I can move pretty much anywhere . So I am reasonably mobile. However, I did say will be highly preferable if a sub can relocate to me, but the potential for the other exists for the right woman.

I drink and alcohol is fine unless you are a drunkard. Non-smokers preferred. Social smoking or light smokers (outside the home) is ok.
420 outside the home as well. My live-in sub is 420 friendly. Love dogs (own 3), highly allergic to cats. Sorry, just cant do cats.

My interests outside of DS are diverse and many. Obviously it helps if we share some interests in common, but that can wait for a personal dialogue.My professional life prevents me from posting any more pics and personal information that appears here. Once we have a dialogue that suggests that we might want to meet, I will share information and pics.

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Journal Entries:
2/12/2016 7:27:02 AM
My new favorite profile 

This slave is seeking to serve Master/Mistress couple. She has 10 experience to serve a couple - part time.  After the 10 month experience. the slave realized she does not deserve her own man or own husband. Instead she has to live for a couple as their assistant for life. It is her place.

Now that might seem ok, but .... she is from California and lists her age as 19... 

12/29/2015 7:53:31 AM
My new all-time favorite scam email:

hello sir , how are you doing i hope u are fine . i will be brief with my mail here sir , i am Connie huise one of the slave of Bruce wesner who died some months back due to cancer of the lungs . some weeks back my former master attorney mark Lewis contacted me that i was left with some inheritance by my late master and in the will that was left behind it was stated that i must find a new master that i will serve as a slave that will control me and the inheritance .thats why i am contacting you . i read your profile and i am okay with you being my master and i know that you are some one that i can serve , i am very submissive and trustful . here is my former master attorneys email his name is mark lewis so you can ask him all and tell him that you want me as your slave and what to know how you will control the inheritance and me here is my email to mail me my number to text me sir ...256-203-4358..., hope to read from you soon sir . slave .

My response:
Sure, send me a link to the obituary of Bruce Wesner, as well as a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with your name on it; also the mailing address for attorney Mark Lewis. Oddly, there are no attorneys by that name who are admitted to practice in the state of Louisiana.
Oddly, that seemed to be an end to our conversation.  And I had such high hopes of a new young, beautiful, rich slave just contacting me out of the blue.  I had only hoped she would be from Ghana.

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