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Damaged goods. ONLY here to browse profiles, entertain myself and occasionally chat. I seek n
Female Submissive, 35,  Las Vegas, Nevada US

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 Submissive Female

 Las Vegas 



 133 lbs





Damaged goods.

ONLY here to browse profiles, entertain myself and occasionally chat. I seek nothing other than time filler.

Asexual was not a choice for sexuality, or I would have chosen that.  

"One would think that in a life, where no two snowflakes are alike, one could find a brilliant rhyme for each and every bit of time." ~ Clutch

My name is Lisa.  Not hun, babe, sweetie, sexy, girl, little one, doll etc.  I cannot stand being called by any of those names if I do not know you.  If you cannot respect this simple preference, please don't message me.

"Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky." ~ Pink Floyd

I am a bitter and jaded little, and chose "submissive" because it made my name pink and that's my favorite color. Not all littles are submissive.  The term fits me because of my likes and dislikes, nothing more.   

Don't read anything into it.  You'll be disappointed.  Tell me you want me to serve you, and you'll be laughed at. 

"I'm not respectable, and never sensible, I've been incredible, so damned irascible and I like the things I do so hooray for me and FUCK YOU!" ~ Bad Religion


Journal Entries:
2/14/2017 7:58:33 AM
I'm ready for a day off.  

Only 15 more days....

2/10/2017 4:49:19 AM

The endless truck saga continues! Nothing quite like being told that while your truck was in for an alignment, your moon roof shattered. How in the hell does that even happen?!? Granted, I'm not paying for the damage. The one who broke it is paying, but now I'm sans truck....again.

Sometimes...I think I'm cursed.

2/9/2017 6:16:42 AM
finger vs 400º flat iron - flat iron wins

And holy poop bags does my finger hurt!

2/9/2017 1:29:40 AM
The employee that was supposed to work a few hours yesterday to give me slight reprieve of my continuous work schedule, either forgot or chose not to show up with no call or text. I COULD have called and reminded said person to come in, but their presence would have been quite useless. One would think after being sternly reprimanded on Friday for lack of work ethic, a person might make an extra effort. Good help is so hard to find.

2/7/2017 2:52:24 AM
If you send a message professing yourself to be a "good and respectful person" and your main picture is your genitalia, your message becomes meaningless. It is not a difficult concept. Calling me silly names only solidifies my point. Perhaps some enjoy being visually assaulted by random close-ups of private areas, but I am not one. At least make it a secondary picture so one has a choice before seeing it.

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