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Damaged goods. ONLY here to browse profiles, entertain myself and occasionally chat. I seek n
Female Submissive, 36,  Las Vegas, Nevada US

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 Submissive Female

 Las Vegas 



 133 lbs





Damaged goods.

ONLY here to browse profiles, entertain myself and occasionally chat. I seek nothing other than time filler.

Asexual was not a choice for sexuality, or I would have chosen that.  

"One would think that in a life, where no two snowflakes are alike, one could find a brilliant rhyme for each and every bit of time." ~ Clutch

My name is Lisa.  Not hun, babe, sweetie, sexy, girl, little one, doll etc.  I cannot stand being called by any of those names if I do not know you.  If you cannot respect this simple preference, please don't message me.

"Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky." ~ Pink Floyd

I am a bitter and jaded little, and chose "submissive" because it made my name pink and that's my favorite color. Not all littles are submissive.  The term fits me because of my likes and dislikes, nothing more.   

Don't read anything into it.  You'll be disappointed.  Tell me you want me to serve you, and you'll be laughed at. 

"I'm not respectable, and never sensible, I've been incredible, so damned irascible and I like the things I do so hooray for me and FUCK YOU!" ~ Bad Religion


Journal Entries:
3/19/2017 4:34:24 AM
Despondency is a new feeling. An unwelcome, unappreciated one.

3/14/2017 3:11:23 AM
How lovely! I have awoken to a broken television. While mostly unneeded today as I will be in the office the majority of it, I will be working from home tomorrow. No television during a long work day from home? No thank you. Once again, I must venture out into the world. Although, perhaps I can order it online and just retrieve it from the store. That might not be as bad... Time to do my research!

3/5/2017 6:16:15 AM
I am constantly amazed at how many people in my life endlessly feel the need to try and set me up with someone.   I suppose when I say I have no desire to be with anyone they hear it as "please set me up with random people" or something of the like.  

It is somewhat funny, but starting to get annoying.  Perhaps I should be less than nice to those they attempt to introduce me to and then perhaps the hint will be taken...

2/26/2017 2:21:13 AM
How cute! This thing keeps making new names, messaging me to "get a job" and blocking me. It's made 5 so far. Not shockingly, it hides behind typical "girl tied up" pictures, and it has a typical "I'M SO DOM!!!" profile, so I'm quite sure it is some older person with no social skills or life to speak of. I am a tad confused as to what the point is. If I was unemployed, it would still be pathetic, but at least it would make sense. I am quite the opposite of unemployed, as I've had no days off in over a month. I wish it would unblock me and explain itself. Curiosity amasses. Seems the actions of a very weak person to go out of their way to make new profiles, send a pitiful failure of an insult and then block someone. I almost feel sorry for it.

2/18/2017 9:34:57 AM
Sometimes being the boss is exhausting.

While it is nice having my peons do my bidding, it can become tiresome having to clean up after the useless ones.  Apparently fixing MAJOR problems and saving large accounts is what I do best.  

On March 5th, when I have an entire day off because my boss will finally be back in the country, I plan on doing as little as humanly possible all day long.  In fact, I do not even plan on leaving my bed unless absolutely necessary when nature calls.  I cannot wait!

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