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BDSM has become a important part of my life. I have gone too far in it now that I don't think
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BDSM has become a important part of my life. I have gone too far in it now that I don't think I can ever go normal again.

I have very nasty fetish. You name one mostly I am into it. Since childhood, I have loved bondage. That feeling when you are completely helpless in bondage against your partner and at your partner's mercy is just amazing.


I have a thing for intelligence. It doesn't take much to seduce me with it ;)
I believe that the way words can seduce you, nothing else can.
If you know the art of words in play, you don't need much else.


I am very curious to know about Hypnosis in BDSM.


PS: I am not looking for online roleplays and sex chats.

Journal Entries:
1/9/2017 9:22:04 AM

What is a D/S relationship?


Many people here have a very wrong perception of it. They think that D/S relationship is all about kinky sex. Well it is a lot more than that.

First of all, D/S relationship is like any other relationship. It's a RELATIONSHIP. You can't just build a relationship within seconds. Like every other relationship, this also takes time.. a hell lot of time to build..

Second, just because you are a submissive and you find somebody who is a dominant it doesn't mean that you can get into a D/S relationship with that person and vice versa. It's like getting into a relationship with a girl you just met just because you are a boy and looking for a girl. It doesn't work like that. You need to know that person first.. and let that person know about you.. build trust because it needs a huge amount of trust on each other to get into D/S relationship.. check if you click with each other and then decide to get into relationship..

Just because you like to take lead in sexual activities or shout orders or slap it doesn't mean that you are a dominant. You may be a top which is good but a dominant.. that is much more than being a top..

  • Being a dominant means taking responsibility of the welfare of your sub and his/her health.
  • It's dominant's responsibility to take care of his/her submissive's "needs".
  • Being a dominant doesn't mean that you are superior to your submissive. Dominant and submissive both complement each other.
  • Being a dominant doesn't mean that you are free to do anything with your submissive. His/her health comes first. You are supposed to take care of his/her limits.

When it comes to being submissive, it is not that easy either. Just because you like to act as a bottom or like to be humiliated it doesn't mean that you are a submissive. Being a submissive is quite different.

  • Being a submissive doesn't mean that the dominant would just fulfill all your fetish and you would get to enjoy. No, that's a very wrong perception. Being a submissive means being of service. It's your duty to take care of your dominant's "wishes". It's your duty to take care of your dominant's fetish. Whether your fetish would be taken care or not, that solely depends on your dominant. Your dominant in no way is bound to take care of your fetish.
  • Being a submissive means giving up your freedom, your will to do anything on your own and submit it to your dom(me) to assume control over you. Giving up your freedom doesn't mean just giving up freedom of your orgasm.. it is lot more than that.. it could be freedom to wear clothes of your choice.. it could be freedom to eat food of your choice.. it could be anything.. it is up-to your dominant to decide which freedom of yours he/she wants to take away.

Also in D/S relationship, love and respect for each other is very important otherwise it won't be there for long. It's the love and respect for each other which helps you keep yourself in your boundaries otherwise boundaries get to start breached unknowingly or unintentionally..

12/1/2016 9:51:14 AM


We were playing chess.. I was trying my best to win this one as was she..
Its not that I like to defeat her.. I love to let her win always because the smile on her face when she defeats me is far more precious to me..
But this time, situation was different..I badly wanted a sexual release which she hasn't given me from past 2 weeks..from past 2 weeks, everyday she brought me to the edge but didn't let me release.. if i win this game, i will finally get the release which i desperately want and she was trying everything to not to let it happen..
Suddenly she made a bad move and she was one move away from the defeat.. I couldn't stop my smile and she noticed her mistake.. I was about to play that move to finish the game so that i could have my release after 2 weeks of wait but suddenly she interrupted.

She said in a cute way, "So now, you will defeat your Mistress."
I replied, "dear, you know very well how badly i want the release."

She said, "I know, that's why just to get that, you will defeat me now. Huh!"
I replied, "baby, this is not fair. its just a game and its because of your fault only, i need it so badly."

She said emotionally, "If you didn't want to submit to me then why did you let me take control over you"
I replied, "its not like that honey. i love to submit to you but i need to have release now. please don't blackmail me emotionally now!!"

I was now puzzled and couldn't decide what to do now. She noticed this struggle on my face and smiled cunningly.

She said, "alright. go ahead and defeat me JUST to get your release."
I was completely helpless at that moment and placed my king at the target of her queen and replied, "at your mercy Mistress!!" and she grinned.

I am her submissive..
She owns me..only She..
I am completely hers..

11/30/2016 4:41:21 AM

How much she owns me!!

I was playing with my Goddess and my Goddess got naughty and tied me up on the bed with my hands tied to the bedpost above me and my legs tied to the lower bedpost.. I was lying completely naked and helpless.. my Goddess looked at me and smiled in a cunning way.. I smiled back.. she came on top of me and sat on my chest and said, "you know what you are supposed to do in few moments.. don't you? I smiled and replied pretending to be an ignorant although I knew, "I didn't get you honey"..

She giggled at this and said, "oh my cute boy, you know very well but trying to be so innocent.. let's do it hard way then".. saying this, she stuffed my mouth with hanky and tape gag it.. I was taken by surprise with this move as I was supposed to lick her and with my mouth gagged, how was I supposed to do it.. she smirked and said, "I am going to teach you a very important lesson today and it will remind you to what extent I own you.. after this lesson, you will be bit more obedient.. if not much.. a lil more obedient.." and she giggled.. hearing this, I got scared a lil and she read it in my eyes and she laughed at it and said, "what happened baby?.. you don't want to be bratty now? anyways, lesson should be taught" saying this she kissed my eyes and then she suddenly pinched my nose and held it tightly blocking air supply completely from me.. my eyes opened wide and got scared like anything.. with my mouth gagged and nose pinched tightly, there was no way I could breathe at all.. I started pleading through my eyes to her to release me but she giggled at my predicament.. in few moments there were tears in my eyes and I was trying to move my face frantically here and there to get rid of her grip on my nose but all in vain.. she held it very tightly.. I was running out of oxygen and pleading like anything through my eyes.. suddenly she left her grip from my nose and I gasped for air like anything.. I was breathing heavily and suddenly she pinched my nose again and I was frustrated like anything at it.. at my frustration, she laughed out loud and leaned over my face and said, "did you get it now how much I own you?" I immediately nodded.. she smirked and said, "even your breathing is under my control.. you breathe when I let you breathe.. you understand?" I nodded again.. she then said, "next time before being bratty, think about it once.. otherwise next time I will hold your nose for pretty long time.. long enough to make things loud and clear..".. saying this she released my nose and I gasped for air..

I was breathing heavily..after inhaling air for few times, she removed the tape from my mouth and removed the hanky as well.. then I said, "thank you Goddess.. thank you for letting me breathe.. my body, mind and soul.. all are yours.." she smiled at this and kissed my eyes again and came close to my face again placing her pussy over my mouth and asked me, "you know what to do.. don't you?" at this, I replied, "yes Goddess"..

I am her submissive..
She owns me..only She..
I am completely hers..

11/29/2016 12:15:08 AM
Its a figment of my imagination..

She is my everything!!

I had a argument with my Mistress and she got angry with me. I tried my best to clarify the things but she was adamant and she kept banging my mind left and right. Then, I surrendered myself and asked for her forgiveness but she was not ready to grant me forgiveness that easily. I was running around her for forgiveness but she was nowhere close to forgive me. Finally when she was amused enough with me begging for her forgiveness, she sat down on the chair and asked me, "give me one reason why shouldn't I abandon you?" Hearing this, I went completely in shock.
I couldn't actually believe that she asked me this question. I somehow collected myself and then I knelt in front of her with my hands behind my back and replied, "Mistress, you are the air I breathe. If you will abandon me, I will die from suffocation." Hearing this, she looked at me with a cunning smile on her face. I continued, "Mistress, you are the water I drink. If you will abandon me, I will die from thirst." She grinned hearing this. Then I said, "Mistress, you are the space in which I live. If you will abandon me, I would be in oblivion. You are my Goddess. Without you, I won't survive."
Hearing this, there was a spark in her eyes. She came close to me and kissed me and hugged me..

I am her submissive..
She owns me..only She..
I am completely hers..

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