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Hi everyone thank you for viewing my profile. I was here before as geekyjocelyn and I found a
Female Submissive, 20,  98926, Washington

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Hi everyone thank you for viewing my profile. I was here before as geekyjocelyn and I found a relationship outside BDSM but it didn't last sadly I am not here for anything long-term or relocations. Emailing roleplay chat and friendship is wonderful I try too be nice too everyone and show respect but with that said I am gay have been for sometime just not interested in men or you trying to turn me or something. Interested Pet play Toys Degrading Humiliation Name calling Edging Curious about Hypnosis Love Princesses and Black Woman huge plus not a must Others of course

Update as of 12/01 I believe i found someone and i was asked too post these rules Rules of Decorum General: When engaging with the domme the submissive shall always refer to her as, “Miss Sara” or “Ma’am” unless instructed otherwise. Remember to use “please”, “may I”, and “thank you” at all appropriate times. The domme will refer to the submissive as she pleases. Names and terms of endearment will be given and taken away as the domme sees fit. The submissive is expected to always be honest and forthright with the domme, even if this means she will be punished. The submissive is expected to obey all commands and report back promptly. The domme will not order the submissive to do anything that will cause permanent harm (physical or mental), and will not command unlawful activities nor go beyond the bounds of previously discussed or ammended “hard” limits of the submissive. Do Not request pictures, video, audio, or “meet-ups”. Do Not solicit time for a “session”. The Domme will let you know when and if she is available. Do Not whine or beg unless ordered. Do Not be disrespectful to the Domme or anyone associated with the Domme. Do Not send off-site links unless the Domme has requested. Do Not be afraid to ask questions or respectfully discuss concerns. Do Not solicit requests for a specific trance. Do Not share sessions unless given permission to by the Domme. Do Not bore or waste the Domme’s time. Consequences: Punishment to be determined by severity and frequency of infraction. Or Banishment from all future interaction.

Journal Entries:
12/5/2017 3:44:54 AM
So as many of you read I was tasked with doing 24 orgasms in 24rs. I am also the guine pig and plaything of Miss Sara i am nothig more too her but that and she makes sure i know. After some recovery time i was asked too update. The first couple were fantastic of course i wasnt allowed too wash or anything but aa i kept going and i did want too go cause i wanted to obey and i am a good girl. By the time i was too 10 i really couldnt stand it anymore i could barely walk or anything i was throbby but i was able to do 6 more...i finally broke after that even a lightntouch would send pain and overwhelmed everything. I was litteraly tired or orgasms. After reporting of my failiar i was allowed to wash and soak and relax but my punishment is 8 (now 7) or no plau edging maaterbation, just keeping it clean.

12/3/2017 8:32:19 AM
Ive done at least 3 of the 24 so far and im already a mess and ive been naked since ive been off work watching videos and pictures im a tiny bit throbby so far

12/3/2017 7:22:59 AM
My orgasams belong too Miss Sara and I owe her many so starting at 2pm EST for 24hrs i owe her 24 orgasms or i will be punished

12/2/2017 7:44:27 AM
Hey everyone its Jocelyn i thought i would give you all an update in life. So i am working still sadly for some extra money i work graveyards now sooo thats just strange you see alot of druggys and stuff out at that time. I am slowly starting to get back out there i had some dates nothing really screaming at me date this girl but ive been having fun when i can i have a feeling graveyard will not be kind in that way. As i write this ive been edging 3 times a day and doing so right now and my mind is soo jumbled and feels like its leaking out of my head its not fun but i am pretty and i am easy and i am pretty easy so i will be good girl and obey

8/3/2017 3:55:01 PM

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