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Hetero Male Slave, 48,  Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Last Online:


 Male Slave

 Arlington Heights 


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

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Friends Only

Online Romance


A Poly Household

 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks

 Bird Watching



 Renaissance Faires



 Serving as a Maid/Butler

 Female Supremacy

 Lifestyle BDSM



 Antique Shows


 Fine Dining

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales





 Genital Punishment


 Massage (Giving)


 Outdoor Bondage

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Quid Pro quo
You kick my ass.  i will kiss Yours.
You assume complete control.  i would serve You in any capacity You wanted and You would be allowed to do anything You want to me to make sure i comply with Your wishes.  In other words i will not have a safe word and i will have no say in anything and no rights to refuse any order you give me.  if i fail You, i would expect discipline that even leads to tears till i learn my lesson.
You are spoiled and only want to hear six words from slave; “How may i serve your Highness?  :  May i buy you expensive gifts?”  i am very service-oriented and know it is my place to provide service promptly and eagerly and always in a positive attitude.  i never make comment, no backtalk or suggestions i will just reply back immediately “Yes Mistress it is an honor to do so.” Overall, i understand as a slave i may have to do things i truly do not have a desire to do but must do.
You are a refined lady and deserve to be treated like royalty.   You are a Woman of many talents but housekeeping is beneath You.  You ought to be able to relax and have someone else attend to Your needs.  Owning a slave will make Your life more exciting, carefree (no housework for you) rewarding and fulfilling.   i too have so many qualities that make myself worthy, not only as a slave but a man in general.  I will use all my skills, talent, resources and learn any skills i am unfamiliar with to please You.    i am always trying to better myself and will learn more about manicures, pedicures, bathing, massage techniques, cleaning products, cooking, fitness tracking and anything else i need to know to serve You better.  i will be your confidant, pet, servant, valet, errand boy, whipping boy, slut, housekeeper, handyman, secretary, butler, chef, masseur, maid and overall complete and ultimate slave. 
Your main interest is in slave driving and you seek someone to fulfill your needs as a Domme.   You revel in tormenting, debasing, degrading and mind fucking men.  Ideally You want a man to allow you to explore allow you to explore all Your sadistic and dominant fantasies.    i will please You anytime, in any place, under any circumstance, and regardless of who is present.   i will be obedient, subservient and act with the highest possible level of inferiority towards You and Your friends.  i will be a jester in Your court to amuse You and Your friends at my expense. 
Your orgasms will be unlimited while mine will be few and far between.  i have no self control and i understand i am a disgusting horny pig, but i want to become a better person by wearing a chastity belt.    i am ready for You to control my orgasm and change my nasty behavior.  i understand that if You lock me up that i will have no guarantee that i will ever have an orgasm again or maybe You might require me to masturbate to demonstrate my inferiority to You.  i would hump my hand in the most humiliating and disgusting manner as You call me a myriad of colorful and degrading names all the while I confess the superiority of Womenn and You in general.      i would cum on command while You cock and ball slapped, smashed and whipped me.  i want You to own my cock and control how it is to be used.   i want You to tie and leash to my cock and balls and walk me around and teach me humility.  All the power in our relationship belongs to You and your pussy while my cock will be caged and neutralized.  i will let you do anything to me and i do mean anything.    You will have ultimate control over me.
You want a man to be very observant and show the utmost respect and manners towards You.    You do not mind teaching a boy how to behave properly and treat you like a Goddess so he can become the slave he longs to be.    i am a gentleman who will act chivalrous towards You.  Other women will envy You for your attentive partner.  i will submit to You and anyone You require.    At family gatherings, i will do all the work while you relax in the living socializing with Your family and friends.
You are looking to find a house that is free room and board for Your family.  i want a dominant woman to move in and take control of my 5 bedroom house.    This will be a reverse tenant/landlord deal where i must pay you rent to live in my house.    Or more to the point, it will be as if i am a guest in your house in which You will change into a totally feminine environment.    When You come home, i prefer to greet you wearing nothing but a dog collar and a penis ball gag and be on my knees with a massive erection to show You how excited i am to see you.    i will present You Your favorite drink and then help You to remove Your shoes and put on Your sandals.    i will inspect Your shoes and polish if needed and carefully store them in the closet.  In the living room i will have laid out all your favorite magazines, books and Your first course of Your dinner will be waiting on the table for You.   i know that You do not want to hear any comment, backtalk or suggestions but if You motion to me i will immediately face You and drop to my knees and once again sport a massive erection saluting you my commanding officer waiting to hear my orders.  i respond quickly and eagerly always with a positive attitude.    i understand that as a male that i am to be a slave to a woman that my cock reveals what i am thinking about how superior You are and my delicate balls allow You to easily overpower me.  Once my cock is hard, most of my blood has left my brain and gone down to my dick and it makes even more susceptible to any suggestion or order You give me.

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Journal Entries:
6/26/2015 5:30:23 PM


It was Independence Day, but I knew I would never again have any freedom, choice or rights.  It was my first meeting with the Most Divine Mistress C.    She is very young but wise beyond her years.  She is a refined woman who knows the true meaning of being a Female. 

I met her in front of her favorite shoe store and I said, “Mistress C may I please buy you some new shoes.” With a grin on her face, she picks out a pair of shoes.   Mistress C sits down and I kiss her shoes and untie the laces with my mouth.  She smirks as she can she how horny I am getting smelling her hot sweaty toes and she tells me to go ahead and suck her toes.  I even lick the bottom of her feet.

Mistress C tells me she would like to interview me for her slave.  She tells me that this is not a joke that if I become her slave I will lose all rights to live as a man.  I will be her property and she will control my mind, body, finances and whole life.  I agree to try.  She giggles wickedly.  Her new shoes do not require her to wear socks so she tells me keep them in my mouth.

The next process is the interview to see if I am worthy, and we check into a hotel. It is to be a CFNM interview so immediately once we enter the room, I take my clothes off and I am completely nude while Mistress C keeps all her clothes on.  Mistress C then ties me up.  I am totally restrained with my legs are fully apart with my cock and balls fully exposed and helpless. 

The questioning begins where I confess everything to Mistress C.  She asks probing questions where I share my most intimate secrets and yearnings.  I share with my passwords, social security number and tons more of questions.  After about an hour, Mistress C than puts a ball gag in my mouth and attaches a shock electrodes to my balls.  She sets the settings to half and boy is it painful.  On and off she turns on the shock.  Drool is coming out of my gagged mouth and my tearful eyes are starting to look glazed.   When she feels I have had enough she starts stroking my penis and once fully erect she shoves a crayon down my shaft.    She tells me to write my pin number down with my penis.  She tells me she is going to go and use the ATM card and hang out with her friends for the rest of the night and the pin number better be correct or she will come back and put me in a dress and post my photos on facebook and change the password so they stay up there forever.  I nod that the pin number is good. 

Smiling triumphantly Mistress C leaves to go party with her friends leaving me alone not knowing when she will be back and if housekeeping will get there before she does or will she come back with her friends.  I have no idea how long I will be there.  I am totally helpless and my demise is her fickle whim.   She has taken compromising photos and knows all my personal information.  I am her slave.

3/15/2015 3:48:36 PM

My deepest desire is to be a 24/7 slave and to sign a lifetime contact granting full rights to my Owner.  To remain a slave permanently and irrevocably and sign a slave contract that binds me legally as far as the law permits to give full power of attorney to a Woman.    i want nothing more than to be a slave to please my Mistress.  If You own me, You can expect my total unquestioning obedience.  i will be the slave who does all the cooking, cleaning, running errands, and everything else that a slave should do to fulfill Your every wish.    i would never dream of anything less than to treat You as a Queen and understand that You will not treat me as a human, but as a slave. 

i am on my knees right now awaiting Your command.  i embrace my inferiority to You and i am a firm believer in Female Supremacy.    If You collar me, i will belong to You forever and obey Your word as the law and understand that You are the head of the household.  i am willing to relinquish my rights as a human and be Your slave.  As a slave, i understand that i cannot own anything even my body so i will that everything is Yours.  If You have a slave contract, i am ready to sign it.

I am a masochist and enjoy pleasure from being humiliated.  i will do any task, any time, in front of any body.   i have no limits and no safe words.   i am a complete and total slave and will endure any punishment you dish out.    i want to have You own me completely and turn me into a gimp and take away my balls. 

Well, i love the thought of being Your slave and hopefully You will allow me to serve You soon.

3/15/2015 1:21:20 PM

i am ready to live my life as a slave.   No rights, no limits, no ego.  i want to be on Your leash as You drag me to an ATM machine and be Your chair as You withdraw money from my ATM card.

9/24/2014 5:42:00 PM

I had one of common dreams again last night.  It was the same theme I have so often that I am out in public and realize I am not wearing clothes.   This time though I had on a shirt but nothing else. 

In my dreams I am always at different locations and always different people that I do not know.  In my last dream I was walking down a long corridor and hoping to make it home before any notices I am naked.    I notice a cute blonde in front and I hoping she can go through the double doors further down the corridor before she sees me.   Of course she moves very slowly and I have to walk past her.  I go through the double doors and then down a set of stairs.  A rubber ball bounces near me and I look back and I realize the cute blonde had thrown in my direction to get my attention.  I am very excited for I wanted to meet her and I am not thinking about that I am naked.

She approaches me with a big smile.  I hand her the rubber ball but she does not seem interested in it for now and bends down to exam that I have no pants on.  I get very excited for I feel she is going to pleasure me.  Next I feel her spreading my knees apart and putting something like a metal bar between my knees so that I cannot close my legs.  My cock and balls are fully exposed and hanging freely.  We then begin to walk and I can feel my cock swing back and forth like a pendulum.  My balls are bouncing up and down in my sack like the childhood toy clackers of two balls on a string. 

I am trying to impress her by saying some profound thoughts only to have her state she is not interested.  I then wake up all happy for it was an enjoyable dream.  Maybe not much of a dream but I do like dreams for they are like a second life.

I might have had the dream for I was all excited about a Woman who had written to me on this site just before I went to bed who made me all hard and excited.

9/21/2014 6:38:09 PM

If you own me, you can expect total obedience and I will do anything you say without question.  I will always reply to you with “Yes Mistress”.  I enjoy public displays of affection in a vanilla context but will also do public displays of submission if you feel comfortable with it.   I am willing to learn and please you on your terms.  I will always respect your wishes as the law.  I am the kind of slave who will commit everything to worship and serve the right woman.  I will obey you no matter what, no matter where.    


9/19/2014 5:58:50 PM

I want to be a slave to a woman.  I want to be humiliated and trained to serve her.  I want her to tell me what to do and serve her in any capacity she demands and the more belittling it is the better.  Please do not approach me nicely but rather tell me that I have to do what you want for you have a pussy and I must submit to you.  I can thrive on nothing less than complete ownership and derive fulfillment on being used and abused.   I am profoundly masochistic and liked to beaten and tortured.    I like extremely aggressive sadistically dominant women who don’t allow their slaves any rights.  I am a Female Supremacist and believe that an absolute matriarchy is the only righteous social order that a man should relinquish all human right to the benefit of his lady owner.   I just want a woman to grab me by the balls and make me do anything she wants.

8/17/2014 12:57:15 PM
I am looker for a younger woman roommate to live as submissive dad, dominant daughter.  You want a slave and I want a master.    I will surrender my house, income and all assets to you and sign a permanent and irrevocably extreme slave contract.  Would you like to live like a queen?  If so please write : )

4/27/2014 2:56:02 PM

i want a 24/7 Femdom lifestyle with a Woman who will blackmail me and take full control of my life.  i cannot explain the appeal of humiliation other than as long as i can remember having fantasies of being controlled by another and having them laugh at me causes some very peculiar sensation .    Dreams such as having a leash around my balls as You walk me around and humiliate me in front of Your friends who giggle and point.  i want a Woman to have me by the balls both literally and figuratively.  i love the thought of being blackmailed and having a total stranger take complete control of my life
i so want chastity control for i am embarrassed and disgusted in my lack of self control.   i need to have my temptation locked away and for You to control my urges. 
So if You are interested in owing me, please let me know.  Realistically I am not sure if I can do forever so i would need to have just like in the Roman times to have manumission where i could buy my freedom back.  A tribute so large that it would make it almost impossible for me to regain my freedom and there to be a time limit that if You owned me for a year than i am Yours as your property pure and simple.   
Here is my carte blanche.  Please write your terms for my surrender to You.  i am so weak and horny that i will agree to whatever you command.

4/19/2014 7:29:09 PM

Her Most Holy Highness the Most Supreme Goddess Jasmine requires that i always address Her properly.  When i write in my journal i must always refer to myself in lower case that i am a thing and not to think of myself as a human being.    Upper case is only to be used for Women for all Women are Goddesses.   i must forget my ego, my pride, my dignity and embrace my slavery to all Females.


2/2/2014 3:06:02 PM

Goddess Jasmine now owns yellowsubmarine6.  All he owns, She now owns.
It was the last important decision i ever made.  i took the red pill and i now belonged to Mistress Jasmine.  i surrendered everything to Mistress Jasmine, my body, my income, my belongings.  i was her property, slut, toy, butler, toilet…whatever.  i was her slave and no choice or decisions to every make again.  i would just carry out what Mistress Jasmine demanded.  She financial castrated me and took possession of everything i had.  My slavery was permanent and there was no possibility of ever changing my fate.  She had made my fantasy a reality and i am spending the rest of my life as her slave.
i obey her every command unquestioningly and i regard Her rule as absolute.  She is my owner I must serve Her by doing all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, and being a proficient masseur, manicurist and pedicurist.  i work only for enrichment.  i have no life and no need for leisure.  Every second of the clock belongs to Mistress Jasmine.  I am Her slave 24/7 which means no free days.
i am never sloppy with my service, but severe penalties and punishment are given for failure, laziness, disobedience or just because Mistress Jasmine feels like it.  i confess and disobedience or failings and understand that i will get the worst ball beating possible.    i understand that punishment is very painful and necessary for it brings me closer to slave i am.  It makes me more humble and submissive.

1/28/2014 7:31:45 AM

Every day was Mistress Jasmine’s birthday, but today was really Her birthday.    i had to come over to Her with her birthday cake and let the gifts flow. 
It was the coldest day of the year but it did not matter.  Upon arrival i had to immediately take off all my clothes and be totally naked and wait for Her to answer the door.  It was the coldest I could ever remember being and it seemed like an eternity before She came to the door.  
i was on all four’s with a set of keys jangling from my mouth.  It was a brand new car for Mistress Jasmine on Her birthday.    Mistress Jasmine took the keys from me and was impressed with Her new car.  She asked me if i got castrated and i told her that i did not that my penis was shriveled up due to the cold weather.   i thought i was going to fall unconscious before She finally invited me into Her house. 
Once in Her house, it was standard protocol where i kissed both Her feet than i kissed Her ass.   i would kneel in front of Her and state “Dear Miss Holy Highness the Most Supreme Goddess Jasmine, Your fucktard of a slave is here to worship You.  Iicome to you with an open heart and i want to give You everything.    How may i serve You today?  May i please buy You more presents?”  Mistress Jasmine liked to be address properly and took a thrill that i had to come up with a long title for Her while i had to use simple degrading adjectives about myself. 
Mistress Jasmine tells me She wants a trip to the Bahamas which i say of course to.  Then i notice on the table is a slave contract with two colored pills on it.  Mistress Jasmine seductively sits down on the sofa and spreads Her legs apart.  i have not officially become Her slave yet but She knows how to control my animal drives to follow Her. 
As I stare at Her crotch, i can only imagine how deep the rabbit hole is.    This is the last chance you have She explains.  After this, there is no turning back.  You take the blue pill- the story ends, you wake up in your bed a worthless  pathetic man with no future.  You take the red pill- you stay in wonderland and become the ultimate slave where you live out wildest femdom fantasies of serving Me. 
Now’s your chance slave.  Are you ready to move to the next level of your destiny?  But remember, once a slave, always a slave.  This is a life-long commitment.  There will be no turning back, whether you like it or not.    Think very carefully for if I collar you, you will belong to me forever!  you will have no say in how you will be used or exploited.   you will lose all rights to live as a man and will be simply my slave, My property.    You will have no say in any matter, no matter, how strict the request is.  Are you aroused at being totally vulnerable and helpless to have to do whatever I want?  Are you excited to be my loser slave?  You as my slave is the perfect birthday present.  I want you to do this for Me!
Blood was rushing down to my groin.  i was beginning to get lightheaded.  Mistress Jasmine could see how excited i was and how i could not control my urges.   i could not help myself.  i went to go grab the pill.

1/4/2014 5:18:14 PM

i am just a slave who gets off on servicing a Woman.  i can cook, clean, do laundry and shop for You.   i would love to have someone have complete control over me.  i am interested in setting up teamviewer and having a stranger snoop through my computer and turn on my cam and make me do humiliating tasks.

1/4/2014 2:26:21 PM

i want to be a complete slave to be owned and turned into a gimp.  Please put me in a cage and make me Your lab experiment for You to run some test on. i know W/we are complete opposites where You are the triumphant one who I will surrender all to Your superiority.  

i am a slave with an unquenchable need to serve.  i crave a relationship that incorporates my deepest darkest secret needs and most intense humiliation and desire to suffer at the hands of a true sadist.   i want to go beyond the limits that even You think are too much.  Let U/us test O/our limits while i do humiliating things to satisfy O/our perversions. 
Do You have the need to control another person and to have them serve You like You want?    Do You dream of a guy who has to do whatever You say?  i would desire to spend the rest of my life in a welded cage with no exit and my only contact is You.

12/29/2013 10:55:04 AM

When i drove up to Minnesota to meet Mistress Jasmine i knew there would be no escape ever.  Once i passed through Her door, there was no way out.  i had to strip naked once i met her for i could not own anything, no money, no clothes, not even my own body.  i had no say in anything and no right to refuse anything. 
i had always rior to Mistress Jasmine and our wedding ceremony was nothing short of heavy humiliation, degradation and complete Female Supremacy.  To pass to the altar i had pass under a yoke of Mistresses in a traditional ritual of subjugation.    i had to wear a Humbler which is a devise that wrapped around my dick and balls and prevented me from standing up.    When i got to the head Priestess i said my vows to Mistress Jasmine in which i said i would love, honor and obey Her.  To consummate our marriage, Mistress Jasmine had a strap on and held on to my Humbler and gave me a prostrate massage.  The final step was that a tourniquet was applied to my humbler and a chef’s knife came and my manhood was removed.  Mistress Jasmine brought out Her branding iron and cauterized my wound and at the same branded me as Her property. 
The party afterward involved wild dancing, trance inducing music and drinking to excess which i needed to have the pain go away.  It was a sort of Dionysian party where the male primal nature is repressed and brought under control and domination while the Female was integrated into dominance and mastery of the female supremacy in the acceptance of Her role in the new world.   A world where everyone has come to realization the Women are the gender that posses the real strength which is intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. 


12/28/2013 4:07:27 PM

She was just a teenager when She realized what a treasure She possessed and started to take full control of Her dominance. When She turned eighteen, She began actualizing Her lifelong destiny of becoming a powerful Goddess.    Within two months, She had subjugated me as her fulltime slave.  i am Hers for life.  Through carefully ed process, She seduced me into slavery.  When i came to know Her, it was easy to share my most intimate secrets and deepest yearnings.  It was my secret fantasy to be blackmailed and being forced to do whatever She wants.    Through S&M She made her slave.  
i use to drive up to Minnesota to Her where she put on an eight gauge piercing chastity device on me that had a serial number locking strip that did not allow for surreptitious masturbation.    No longer was i allowed to have eruptions like Mount Vesuvius. 
One day i proposed to her, and She agreed on one condition that I must be castrated and live as her slave.  She explained She would have complete power of attorney over me and the house, cars and bank accounts would be in Her name only.   She said the ultimate sacrifice was for me to castrate myself and gold plate my testicles in which i was to present to Her as earrings.  Also i was to sell the items of mine that She did not want and to present the money to Her in my leather scrotum coin purse.
She informed me that as Her slave that i would give all rights to live as a man.   Since i was not a man, i was not allowed to have property and had no right to luxury just the necessities She felt i needed.  Once i became Her slave, from that time forward nothing would be heard from me.  Just like in ancient RomeSshe would pass the act of damnation memoriear ( condemnation of memory) by which my name and identity would be erased from public record.   She would forbid me from seeing my friends or family or doing anything She felt was a stupid waste of time that She did not benefit from.    Every moment of my life was to be sacrificed for Her benefit and pleasure.  Overall, She let it be known that She had zero respect for me or my family that i was the lowest of all life form a pathetic man.

11/30/2013 2:33:56 PM

“Poor boy” She said you need to do some exercises before you freeze to death.  you should do some jumping jacks”She demanded.  my dick and balls bounced up and down while i did my jumping jacks.    Being very cold i was very tiny which everyone had to comment about.

Now my owner came by and told me to do sit ups.    She stood over me and on every approach i had to kiss Her ass.    Next task was to do push-ups and again to kiss Her ass every time down.    The last task was to run around the neighborhood streaking.  One girl came up to me and said you probably wish you brought your Windex.  I had a puzzled expression in which She enlightened me that whenever She gets to urge to run around naked that She grabs Her Windex for it stops the streaking. 

11/30/2013 2:21:53 PM

They paraded me outside the house which in December in Minnesota with no close on is very cold.  Let’s do a Christmas story scene one of the Woman said.  Yes, I want you to stick your tongue on that pole over there.  The pole they motioned to was the dick on a statue of a naked man in the back yard.  Sever girls screamed “I triple dog dare you”, and another put her fingers in my mouth to open and force me on it, and sure enough my tongue got stuck.

Oh what great fun they thought.  One swiped up a handful of snow and grabed my balls and scream, “Look everyone at my snowballs.”  Another one pulled an icicle off the gutter and stuck it up my ass.  Then all the girls threw snowballs at my naked vulnerable body.   

Finally They decided to let me in before i froze to death, one lit a candle and held it under my balls and started signing slaves ball roasting on an open fire and then said “Oh, i was suppose to use this on your tongue wasn’t I?”

11/30/2013 1:59:33 PM

 i asked,” may i please be Your slave”, for which She replied “Kiss My ass and imagine every time your lips touch my sweet ass, whatever dignity you had slowly vanishes, and with every dollar you offer me, my life gets a whole lot better and yours gets a whole lot worse.”
As i was kissing Her ass, She pulled out my wallet that i had first put there.  “Wow”, She said, “how nice of you to have so much cash in it. iI take it this ATM card is mine.  i want to make sure you always have $2500 in it available for me."
My cock was so hard and erect, and all my blood have left my brain to my groin that I was only too happy to do as She wanted.  The doorbell rang and She told me to get it.  i told her i was undressed and could not.  She told me it was just some of her friends that She text and they wanted to come over and see a real slave. 
As I stood up, she stated “ that’s a good boy.  I always like it when a dick salutes it superior.”    As i got the door, a bunch of Woman started to laugh.  They paraded me around the house with my excitement prominently visible all the while laughing and saying disparaging comments on what a loser fucktard i was. 

11/30/2013 12:21:51 PM

She stated:  I control everything, you control nothing.  That is why it is called slavery.  you must be willing to do anything I say.  Let me do anything and I mean anything.  I will use this information and other means to keep you under my foot on my financial leash for as long as I like.    I will laugh at your pathetic behavior as you bow down even further in humiliation begging to worship and serve me.  One last thing, if you accept to be my slave, there is no way back.  I will collar you and you will belong to me forever.  Do you feel you have the ability to live in a box and be my bitch. 

11/29/2013 10:20:13 AM

It was the most important interview he was ever to go on. Driving 7 hours he had a lot to reflect on and he knew if he passed his life would never be the same again. It would ultimately be the last decision he had to make in vowing to serve Her.


When She came to the door, he kneeled down and kissed Her feet and when She turned around, he kissed each butt cheek and put his wallet in Her back pocket. It was to be a cfnm interview so he immediately took off all his clothes. She motioned him to follow Her to Her room.


She told him to sit in the corner of the room and She sat on the edge of Her bed. He was directed to tell him most intimate secrets about himself as he humped his hand. All the time he could not help but notice She had her panties exposed. He imagined Her pussy and so juicy and sweet.


Smirking as she asked probing questions, She could only She a waste of sperm in front of her. 100,000 sperm and this one was the fastest, She felt that this genetic dna must end. He on the other hand knew She was the most superior person in the world. He felt so inferior to her that he did not even think of himself as a two legged human but a dog to walk on all 4’s. He wanted Her to shave his head and use his former head hair to make a butt plug to be his tail. If only Shwould take him out on a leash and point at a spot for him to lift his leg.


She knew he was so desperate and horny. His balls were so blue and full of cum that he would agree to sell his soul to the devil just to see Hr perfection.

11/24/2013 9:37:56 AM

Ok, so i am a slave by nature. i love being controlled by others and get a rush from it. i used to be embarrassed by the way i felt and thought it was wrong to feel this way, but boy was I wrong. I think it is social evolution that in the new society that a Woman must make all the calls now.

11/24/2013 8:47:17 AM

Looking for a demanding cruel Owner who wants a no rights no limit slave.    i want to be Your property and do whatever it takes to be a good slave.    Since as long as i can remember i have wanted someone to control me and make me do humiliating things that i had no choice but to comply.   i still do not quite understand the peculiar feeling i get in being humiliated.    i want to feel free to share my most intimate secrets and deepest yearnings.  Are You a patient open minded receptive listener who will be more than happy to humiliate me for every thought and feeling i have ever had?  i want to give you the information You need to blackmail me and even force me to give You more evidence against me.  The world of blackmail intrigues me. 

11/24/2013 8:01:17 AM

Its football Sunday. i just love foot to my balls. If You want to kick me like i was a football, i want to be Your football. i have been kicked so hard in the past that i had a hard time breathing and fell unconscious and thus i will bring smelling salts so that i will not miss any of the pain. I want the pain to be so bad that I have to be castrated afterwards. i believe all guys should be castrated and made to serve Women. Who wants to play Femdom football with me? GO BEARs naked guys and submit to the Female Superior.

11/23/2013 8:29:03 PM

i am into extreme power exchange and all i ever think about is being a slave.   The most cruelest sadistic Woman is who i seek, who will make me a slave to Her and Her family.  A Goddess into extreme domination, humiliation, blackmail, financial control, orgasm control, etc..   i want to walk through Your door and be Your slave forever.    i believe in once a slave, always a slave.  It is a lifetime commitment with no turning back.  A slave has no choice and must obey.  Everything a slave has is now his Owners.  A slave owns nothing, not even his own body. 

11/23/2013 3:30:33 PM

My opinion is that a slave has no rights and no limits. A slave owns nothing and must give everything to their Master. A slave can be loaned out, given away or sold. A slave has no right to and must obey his Master no matter what.

11/23/2013 2:05:04 PM

Christmas is coming and you need the perfect present, the perfect slave.  i am a high protocol slave who lives the lifestyle 24/7.  There is no on/off time.  i am a slave who has good skills and excellent education who understands the true meaning of service and surrender.  To me FemDom, Female Supremacy and TPE are lifestyle and philosophy. 

As a slave I do not care about Your age, looks or race.  As for You, You should not care or respect anything about me.  You should have zero respect for my consideration or my family.  To You I will be the lowest life on the earth, a pathetic man.    It will not matter to You that i never see my family or friends that as a slave all my time will be devoted to You that I will be prohibited from doing anything You consider a waste of time that You will not benefit from.  

i want to be Your slave, a gimp.  i want you to take away my balls and gold plate my testicles to make earrings with force me to wear them forever.  You will make a coin purse out my leather scrotum and transform into a permanent slave. 

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