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Hetero Female Submissive, 21,  Brandon, Florida
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Journal Entries:
3/16/2009 10:55:18 PM
just take me away from this nightmare...please.

3/15/2009 8:22:50 PM
renaissance festival

Today I went to the Ren Faire here in Tampa for the first time ever! I was so excited. I had a lot of fun, although I wish I had had more money or atleast time.. we didn't get their till like two or so.. and it closed at 6 soo blehhhhhh... But I bought a tail which is sooo exciting cause I've wanted one forever! I wish I wore my cat ears.. hehe...

Arg! I want a corset/bodice so bad!! but the cheapest ones they had where still a hundred bucks and I didn't have that at all! ARG! I would have looked AMAZING in a corset! hehe.. anyways... it was fun.. ^0^ Maybe I'll get to go again sometime.

3/1/2009 8:32:25 PM

Bad luck.. seems I've had a stroke of it.... The past few weeks have been pure HELL..

Working for Wal-mart means basically degrading yourself to a mindless piece of shit cause that's literally how they treat you. I'm on workers comp right now because I happened to be stocking a Chemical (I work in Garden) and there happened to be some leaked on the bottle it got on my hand and considering I didn't have the time to wash it off right away.. turns out I'm allergic to it.. and to make matters worse.. the allergy has gotten so bad they don't even know what to do for me to fix it.. the doctors. And Walmart is taking it's sweet time calling me back on the claim so I can go to the dermatologist I was referred to so now I'm just miserable and want to feel pretty again for anything!

My skin is all peeling and red and just bleh!!!
So I'm waiting for this nonsense to end so they can just fire me already and you know lose everything..

sometimes I wish someone would take care of me.. instead of me taking care of someone else.. ARG!

2/7/2009 9:45:43 PM
It's funny how hard things can be and growing up is one of them...

I've gone from this little girl to doing everything on my own..

struggling sucks...

i wants more friends: nods::

teach me to be patient.. that's all I ask...

1/6/2009 5:43:51 PM
I had a birthday Recently on the 3rd. I'm 21 years old... nyah...

just another day..but it was filled with smiles

11/15/2008 8:58:33 PM
little girls must grow up...

obviously.. you can't stay childlike forever... if the case was so simple I'd rather be there...

I've had to completely change who I am.. in order to live an almost normal mundane life... I work, I cook, I clean.. and I sleep..

I take care of a man I can hardly stand and all because I'm scared I can do it alone, or like I owe him something for helping me..

dont get me wrong I care for him deeply.. he's just so hard to deal with.. and sometimes I think my will's about to break..

I just want to stay that girl that everyone loved....

you know.. the one they called "Kitten"

11/12/2008 6:17:51 PM
I am alive and well.. all is good.. i am content and working hard... meow..

10/15/2008 7:17:18 AM
finally all moved in i have furniture and it's been awesome..... I work a lot.. i even work halloween night sooo no candy for me le sigh..... i got my finances in order for the most part just now trying to get Christmas stuff so i can have myself a nice holiday without all the bs from my family.. life is good im very happy lately.. glad everything is working out well....

8/21/2008 1:19:48 AM
I Painted for the first tme tonight it was awesome.

My Roommate wants to commission me.. ^-^ so extra money whoohoo.. I love the feeling of painting it sends a rush through me.. I was overly excited and hyper... :nods:

I'm going to try and do a painting weekly.. Lets see how I do? I really need this ::nods::



8/19/2008 10:54:52 PM
Work has been a little hectic.. Not Bad.

A Recent photo of me is up..
I'm here but I'm not.
I work a lot ::shrugs::

Living in Brandon is amazing.
I love it here. ^-^

Life is good ::nods::

6/24/2008 5:09:31 PM
A little update on this one I suppose..

My lock finally came in after being lost serveral times. It's very pretty.. :nod nod: I've been working at wal-mart almost a month now surprising but it's nice having money come in that's for sure...

I've been doing rather well I'm getting where I need to be and that's always a plus.

Other then this not much is new.. I work and sleep.. bout it. :nods:

5/28/2008 9:36:09 PM
Life seems to be looking up.. It seems I was blessed with an amazing group of friends, they are the family I've never imagined I'd have.

The holiday was a rough one... I wasn't expecting it to bother me nearly as much as it did, but  I was depressed. It will take some time getting used to not having "family" time on the holidays.. but what can I do you know?

I managed to land a job at Wal-mart.. Whoo.. I should be starting soonish.. ::nods: Not to bad.. lifes looking up.

got A new Roommate so we don't have to leave this appartment nor will we be homeless and we just might get another one.. It  makes me happy..

things are looking up..

oh and thank you to all those who were concerned.. I'm okay now.. hehe.

5/18/2008 1:58:10 PM
I might not have a place to live soon...

and this is devestating..

I don't know what to do..

5/17/2008 11:42:47 AM
I Realize more and more each day how much I realize I need this...

recently I've started wearing a chain with a lock on it.. every where.. only taking it off to sleep or shower... It's a neat idea I think...

Keeping myself locked... maybe one day I can hand the key to someone with a smile and say I'm yours, always.

le sigh....

I need something... I just am so.. lost.... I hate this feeling....

5/15/2008 10:55:48 AM
I crave structure..

I need it.. without it I feel like I'm suffocating ... I need to breath again..

I need love and structure.. I need hope..

My life is spiraling.. and theres nothing.. I can do..

5/11/2008 2:35:42 PM
I never went to Texas. Long Story... but it's ok.... I'll been visiting there in about a month or so.

Life has been interesting for the most part.. I've been through a few trials and I confess, I'm rather tired of it...

It seems that nothing ever wants to go right, and instead it all falls to pieces. In the past month I've had a pile of stuff happen and still managed a smile on my face..

As I said I'm now living in Brandon.. Valrico in all technicalities. But anyways, I enjoy it here it's nice... my friends are amazing people and without them I have no clue were I would be. I'm slowly stepping my foot into the door of Live action Role playing.. I was at a game last night in Tampa.. it was interesting.. I just watched, maybe one day I'll jump in.. who knows.. for now.. I'm just enjoying watching.

lesigh.. well, that's about as much of an update as I can give I suppose... ::shrugs:: Meow..


4/29/2008 5:07:31 PM
recently I reside in Brandon Florida.. it's about 45mins from my pevious location.. but brings me closer to a lot of things.

4/20/2008 8:16:07 PM
It amuses me how immature some people can be?

And the nerve...

if you have the balls to send me a message have the balls to receive one back...

And you call yourself a Dom? You're nothing more then a patheitc excuse, a wanna be... someone who tries to come off as more then a little nerd....



3/23/2008 12:06:57 PM
I'm a sarcastic bitch... learn to deal with it or get the fuck over it..


3/17/2008 6:53:11 PM

I sometimes wonder.. if it will ever be okay.. in this messed up twisted corupt world...

and i smile to myself and whisper it'll be ok..

one day.

My trip to Texas is soon, and for some reason I think my worlds going to flip upside down.

3/12/2008 10:58:07 PM
I'm Not new to this site, just making a profile more fitting to me...
My Other is GoddessKandicat... I was experimenting with the "switch" er Domme side and realized it's not my cup of tea.. theres pictures there.. and an old profile if you care to look.. I have pictures just ask... >.>


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