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Pan Female Mistress, 24,  Oakland, California
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My blonde domme bff Princess DD is visiting me and we are looking for a slave to join us shopping and at a fetish party. Details can be seen on this journal. Date not specific. January sounds good. here are our amazon wishlist links e gift cards can be sent to me at That is mine, her's is below. gift cards by amazon can be sent to her at About me: I worked as a domme in NY and attended and worked at foot fetish parties in South Fl. Slaves may also be honored to be used in pics for us. Your face can be blurred out for privacy obviously. Cuckolds, paypigs, sissies, foot fetishists all welcome. For more info on her ask for her site. This will involve PUBLIC humilation. This will not involve sex. To apply you will be filling out a form. Don't waste time with questions. Do not ask questions till you have read the journal here. Get ready to get stomped by this petite Princess!! WE CAM VERIFY











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 Dominant Female



 5' 2"

 95 lbs






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Submissive Male

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Journal Entries:
11/15/2011 10:49:15 AM

Ready to be punished? hahaha i am so excited to announce that my fellow domme will be coming down to visit me and guess who is paying for her to fly out? One of you sappy jerks!! get out your wallets and prepare to pay like the jerkoff you are!!! My Goddess bff and i will be attending a fetish party this winter and are looking for one or two slaves to worship us.  

Worshipping will include!!: Buying our drinks, buying our latex or sexy outfits for the fetish party  prior to the party by MoneyPak or fetish factory gift card or amazon wishlist gift card(complete with shoes and whatever toy we want to torment you with. In other words at least two toys!). DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO THE PARTY SO THAT WE KNOW YOU ARE SERIOUS AND have the cash to pay for play. If you don't have the cash we ain't beating your ass! Phone conversation prior to the party, after the deposit made is a possibility. I will be calling u from a private number because I know you have no life and will call me when i did not tell you that you had permission to.  Don't call me. I have a life. cam verification with both of us is possible prior to deposit. Deposit must be at least $200 for each of us. If you freak out and don't show up at the party we are not refunding this money, get it?
Duties at the party include: fetching our drinks like a little dog, serving as a footstool, being whipped, allowing us to have other girls humiliate you publicly at the party (you may bring a mask if you don't want to be recognized), you will be walked on a leash like the animal you are, you may be trampled, you may be caged, you may be slapped kicked laughed at, be an ashtray or whatever we like. Foot worship may be involved, so you'd better buy us awesome shoes. We want to look hot.  make sure our tickets are purchased and at will call when we arrive at the club. bring a sign or wear a t shirt that says "Princess pet" so that we recognize you. You may be ignored until you humbly crawl over and kiss our feet.  i don't care if you wear a damn thong or a tutu. i will instruct you on what to wear as soon as you answer the questions about your particular fetishes. Ask for the application.

 i will tailor you attire to what I want.  First and foremost remember you are there for what we want.  An extra $200 is required for each of us upon your arrival when you crawl up to us. Make sure you greet us properly. Don't make us look bad. you'd better be completely obedient! Don't forget that your job is to make sure we are happy all night so you will be expected to right away make sure we are having fun by asking us if we would like a drink. You will be the envy of all of the other subs there I'm sure. So make sure you do as you are told.
Don't forget going to our wishlist and getting us spa gift cards would be in good taste so we can show up with fresh french manicures, perfect eyebrows and nails and tans or whatever else we need.
Goddess Gia's wishlist

Princess DD's wishlist


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