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I'm a former nude houseboy interested in submitting again. What I look is to make the life of the one I serve a bit easier, a bit more entertaining, and much better overall. How that is, depends on them. I'm not nessecarilly looking to serve as a houseboy again, so I am open to suggestions right now.

I'm open for inspections and interviews by anyone, but have romantic interest in women only. My body belongs to the ones I choose to serve however. I will always try to show the utmost respect, but open to being broken down and retrained if required. I'm not good at selling myself, I'm fairly quiet, but I'm highly obediant, loyal, and dependable. I do have pics to share of course. I'm a nudist with some exhibitionist cravings, a passionate lactophile, and a curious to explore more. I prefer long edging sessions, extended foreplay, and to keep the euphoria going. I have cPTSD and severe OCD. If you have questions. My body is way too senstitive until i'm comfortable with someone. Because of this I don't do hookups or ONS, zero desire for it. A creative mind goes a long way. Willing to travel up to 1.5 hours.

I shouldn't have to add this, but rude, demeaning, selfish, and derogatory people will not be tolerated.

My role is not an offer for sexual services.

My submission is my choice, not yours. I don't give second chances, this is non-negotiable. 

If you're not willing to have a conversation, do not message me. I will ask questions, I will inquire about your needs and methods. If you cant explain them, then I will not take you seriously.

I don't meet blindly and until I'm serving you, you don't have any rights over me so don't act like you do. Have some manners and class.