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Hetero Male Submissive, 53,  Los Angeles area, California
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*******Masochist******* Leading with the steamy stuff, I enjoy canes, crops. whips, and things that sting, suspension, Inversion, immobility, sensory deprivation, no-limits-gang-tickeling, and multiple Tops in general,cock and ball torture (emphasis on cock torture-recent hernia-take it easy on the balls) including electro-torture, needles, forced orgasmorgasm denial, hot wax, hair dryers, being popped with rubber bands, being pinched w finger nails and tweezers clothes pins etc. No eurethral sounding or insertion other than perhaps an electrified eurethral probe of small diameter, no anal under any circumstances. Beyond that, other activities not listed are not necessarily out of the question, they are just circumstantial, and depend entirely on what develops. There is of course the list that every Sadist imagines, things they might secretly desire to do if they could find a way and get away without any repercussions, and the list that I think every Masochist imagines, of extreme things that would be amazing to experience if we could survive them unscathed. My list includes burning, branding, scalding, (and that thing with the razor blades and lemon juice), but being realistic and pragmatic, some things are best left to fantasy. That is just some insight as to my mind frame at times. Now, should you have made it this far, the musings, and finer points. I have been active in the scene for my entire adult life and then some-except for a couple of quiet periods where I had other priorities to deal with . Ive focused mainly on my Dominant Sadistic interests and have neglected my masochistic alter ego. I am a huge fan of extreme sensation in all of its varying s from both ends of the spectrum and I am keeping an open mind as to where my masochistic interests might take me. The sport of bottoming under very specific calculated circumstances has usually been a spontaneous reaction for me over the years, an interest that only surfaces in me if I find myself in just the right situation, the right dynamic with just the right person at just the right time. I am not talking about submission. I am not submissive. This is a physicalcerebral exchange between Top and bottom. Ive never gone into detail on a separate profile before, but for some reason I felt like spelling it out and seeing where that might lead. I listed myself as heteroflexible. I am not gay or even bisexual, but as this indulgence is on the fringe of my normal sexual interests, I am open to testing personal taboos, and flexing my boundaries. Part of the thrill of this, for me, a part that is dark, disturbing and uncomfortably titillating, even beyond the extreme mind frame that normally consumes me, is placing myself or allowing myself to be placed in circumstances and predicaments where my limits are exceeded beyond my consent or ability to stop. Experiences that are almost frightening on a primal level, experiences that I have had to talk myself into, and some that I have immediately regretted the moment I passed the point of no return where I have enabled someone(s) to act out their own sick twisted fantasies, have always had an unsettling erotic appeal for me that is hard to quantify. Overwhelming desires, primal needs, impossible to resist, yet, shocking, uncharacteristic, shameful, secret naughty and embarrassing things that I couldnt share with even those closest to me. My throat gets dry and my chest tightens, I get the sense that I cant get a deep enough breath, certain hormones dump into my bloodstream that in some people might cause extreme urgency, and anxiety, and might even trigger a fight or flight response. Take all those sensations and more, and force feed them to someone with an over active hyper-sexualized imagination, who, after swallowing the knot in his throat and shaking off the dizziness or nausea that often accompanies decisions that are clearly dangerous and unwise, and violate every warning signal and voice of reason, and after pushing through the wall of hesitation and trepidation, hands himself over to be taken captive, taken somewhere private, perhaps unknown to him, or anyone else, inescapable and beyond rescue, stripped and restrained, immobilized in the most vulnerable of ways, and at the mercy of someone(s) driven by their own equally wicked secret desires and slathering personal demons, for hours, days, who knows, and you have the potential setting for an experience arousing, and darkly erotic at a level beyond deion of words. An image comes to mind from the Hellraiser series, where they portray a character as being mesmerized by PinHeads wicked temptation, and willing to submit themselves to unimaginable, agonizing god forsaken atrocities, ultimately torn to pieces in a tornado of swirling flesh rending hooks, condemned thereafter to eternal hellish damnation, just to experience that one brief exalted and rarefied moment of ultimate unearthly ecstasy.(That is the promise, anyway. from PinHead and his associates). I am still not sure if the fact that I can completely understand that concept makes me open minded and wise to the extremes of the human condition, or a feral thing submerged, and marinated to the core in a viscous cesspool of perversion and iniquity. Only time will tell.











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 Submissive Male

 Los Angeles area 


 5' 9"

 160 lbs






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