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Pan Male Master, 22,  Chicago, Illinois
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a taurus baby! Stands 5'5 as if its a big deal A fighter and he will never give up once he started something Picks his battles well whether he's gonna win or lose as long as his butt is in it Believes in happy endings.He loves them Believes that most people are basically good and decent until they prove him wrong Appreciates my privacy and sense of being alone Loves strolling and watching movies even without company Loves his studies NOW! yeah u heard it right.! A TYPICAL BUDDY WHOSE INTO SERIOUS THINGS Damn believes that sex should be taken seriously it's not a game to play with Loves strolling and watching movies even without Single and loving it. Yet looking for his better half Have standards but not really that high Hopeless romantic yet an idealist Loves crowd but being at home gives him a sense of peace A good listener a music junkie a bum party animal Simple and complicated fun to be with committed to mah family Been a good guy for too long BUT now i have to use my head....










Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 6"






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Male

Male-Dom Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance


 Amusement Parks (Beginner)

 Bar Hopping


 Coffee Shops

 Fine Dining





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