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I will make this simple, even if this is not. I am here looking
Hetero Male Dominant, 45,  Joppa, Maryland
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 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 230 lbs





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Submissive Female

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I will make this simple, even if this is not.

I am here looking for something real a Ds TPE situation, everything is negotiated in the way in, after that, its up to me to lead, is for me to protect, guide and provide. A Few things that need to be clear from the beginning

- 100 or nothing.

- DDF, drinking, and smoking are a conversation by itself.

- I prefer someone that is willing to learn.

- I am looking for long term, after that its a negotiation.

- be real honest in what you are looking for, it will save a lot of problems later.

- dont confuse manners with weakness.


No bs or timewaster.

life is as easy or as difficult as you make it.

something fun.

* I travel all over the world always forward but always stay in my corner. What am I?

*How many seconds are there in one year?

* What has 13 hearts, but no other organs?

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. Bruce Lee

What you put into life is what you get out of it. CE

WARNING Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.

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7/8/2017 1:58:34 PM
Two kids in a boat, one decide to jump.  how may still in the boat? and why?

a life lesson. that people hardly learn or understand.

7/6/2017 4:51:08 PM
“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”  Albert Einstein.

11/13/2015 3:48:13 PM
Know thyself, it's later than you think! Know yourself!!!

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