Vertical Line


Being a good girl ... today.

She worshipped you and bowed down at your feet only to feel the warmth of your light on her tresses.  

Velvet <3R

Journal 4 - Bedroom or ?

when asked if 24/7 or bedroom only...

I had to stop to really think. Because I'm practical and so literal. In reply I'd access 8/5 would be more accurate, but even that's a factual stretch. Mainly due to the boner limits of men. Sighs. 

Journal 3 - Songs of Isis

Ogres and angels have similar weakness for music and it's said you can lull their passions with the correct melody.  I want to fall for Your flute. Tumble with Your drums.  And dance in Your arms.  It's your music that I'll recall.


Whats Your favorite song?  And why?  What song would you play for me? 


Velvet <3R

Journal 2 - Wrapped in You

Cosmos apart and yet the folds and wrinkles of my sheets are wrung with your name.  My fingers laced In yours as tight as the bodice suffocating my heart.  You skillfully strip my garments away with the softest kiss on my neck. The mask of fashion melted at my feet.  Your arms encasing me as an elegant silk whisking at my limbs.  Your hand at my throat and 'mine' falling from Your lips.  Wrapped in you completes me.  

Do you think we can fold time into a place where we exist together?

Velvet <3R

Journal 1 - Black Cat

Do you have any pets?  

I encourage all subs to ask this question. Does your superior treat animals well?  It could show you how they may treat you.  Is it a high maintenance breed?  Are you?  Does it need nightly walks or just an open door to slip in at night to cuddle.  Can you be ignored as I lick my claws in the corner?  Or do you want me jumping on you at the door?  Barks. Yaps. Meows. Purrs. Hissss.  

Did he fall for the black cat everyone feared to cross paths with?  Did she mewooooo outside his door till he fed her?  Then stayed for his perfect strokes?  

Send me your answers everyone!

Velvet <3R