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Hetero Male Switch, 30,  Staten Island, New York
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vdrago54 - Staten Island, New York

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Here's my wish list. If anything on here catches your eye, feel free to shoot me a message. I'm pretty flexible and open minded so if you have a suggestion or slightly different idea don't be afraid to ask me about it. 1) Voyeur/group fun - I wanna watch a female with at least two other men. My level of participation is up to you. I can be invisible, sit on the sidelines and cheer you on or play second string. Teasing and taunting me is welcome but no humiliation or cuck cleanup. Main thing for me is to see a woman take multiple men. A single male would be ok too I guess. I just really enjoy watching women get off. 2) Oral sex with anal stimulation - I wanna see what the fuss is all about. Not into men but I see a lot of videos of men receiving oral sex while the woman stimulates his anus with a toy. I wanna know if it actually enhances the orgasm. Of course I'm willing to reciprocate with whatever gets you off. 3) Chat - Always looking for someone to have dirty conversations with. Phone, Skype, text, video or no video. Love to role-play so let me know what you like. Maybe you are my girl who just had sex with her boss and you wanna tell me about before you get home? Or maybe you are having sex right now and want me to listen? If you are a Fem Dom looking for a submissive I would be interested if you have the time to help me explore this area. Like I said I am not into being humiliated but the idea of swinging and light cuckolding really appeal to me. More for the watching part. Seeing the female do things with other men. Makes me happy to see you happy. The more I look at my list, the more I feel like a strong, confident fem dom might be what I need. IDK You tell me.












Last Online:


 Male Switch

 Staten Island 

 New York

 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 185 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Domme/Dom Couples

Sub/Sub Couples

Femdom Couples

Male-Dom Couples

Online Romance

 Lives For:

 Amusement Parks (Expert)





 Online RPGs

 Science Fiction

 Eighties Music


 Bar Hopping


 Flea Markets (Expert)







 Horror Movies

 Role Playing Games

 Simulation Games

 Web Surfing

 Rock Music

 BMX (Beginner)

 Bowling (Beginner)

 Darts (Beginner)

 Football (Beginner)

 Ice Hockey (Beginner)

 Street Hockey (Beginner)

 Swimming (Beginner)


 Coffee Shops

 Hunting (Beginner)

 Archaeology (Beginner)

 Astronomy (Beginner)

 Chemistry (Beginner)

 Physics (Beginner)

 Heavy Metal Music

 Hip Hop Music

 Punk Rock Music

 Auto Racing (Beginner)



 Nineties Music

 Pop Music



 Seventies Music

 Curious About:

 Blindfolds (Beginner)

 Role Playing (Beginner)

 Cuckolding (Beginner)

 Swinging (Beginner)

 Paintball (Beginner)

 Sky Diving (Beginner)

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