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Experienced, sadistic Dom here. I am intelligent, careful, caring and not crazy, but as My profile name says, I will use you roughly. You might be restrained or bound, perhaps spanked, fucked hard in every hole. You will be trained to do things properly. I will play with you, toy with you, and use you however I wish. Some humiliation is possible (if that is not off-limits in advance, which it can be). You will be used often. And I will want you to feel happy, desired, and well used when you leave! And through all of that, I will always protect you from harm as My valuable property, and who knows, perhaps come to love you deeply...

If that excites you, we should talk.

ps. Since people ask I have NO interest in cutting you, needles or anything to do with blood. No permanent damage, no permanentmarks. No kids or scat or anything illegal.

pps If you are looking for play, and you are not within driving distance of Me, please do not waste either your or My time. If you are interested in an LTR, then we MIGHT be able to work with some distance IF you are able to engage in a real email conversation.

ppps. If you want to reach out to Me and you have a basically blank profile, you MUST basically write your profile in your note to Me. I am NOT going to ask you a dozen questions about your background, what you seek, etc., because you were too lazy to write a profile.
It's not a new story; I hear it from others in the lifestyle all the time:  Subs, especially male subs, play at the  game of "courtship", but then disappear when it starts to become real.  Are they scared when their fantasy starts to look like it could happen?  Were they never really planning to meet to begin with?

I don't know.  But it is incredibly rude.  These are people's lives you are wasting with your bullshit, people.  Some of you will go back and forth for dozens and dozens of emails, then disappear at the last minute before meeting...or literally just not show up for a meet.

If this describes you:  Shame on you!  It makes you qualify as "a bad person".  Try to be respectful of other people, and stop it.  Golden Rule, people!!
Oh, you're a "professional", so you can't post any pics?  I guess that means your office mates know your body so well that you can't post a body only shot?  And, gee, they'd recognize your body stats, so you left out height/weight?  Guess you shouldn't have filled out your age...they're sure to know you now!
I have to say how "funny" I find it that people will say "No one liners, they will be deleted"...and then you realize that their entire profile is blank.  

So what is it you want?  You have given absolutely nothing about yourself, but you want your prospective partner to write a long tome about what they want, who they are, etc., to you?  Why would someone be so desperate that they would invest that time in someone who apparently doesn't care enough to write anything at all?