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Does it even matter what i write here? Isnt this about You and what turns You on? i
Hetero Male Submissive, 41,  Alabama
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Dominant Female

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Does it even matter what i write here? Isnt this about You and what turns You on?

i seek a Domme or Mistress to own me. To use me selfishly for Her own needs and pleasures. A Lady that truly gets turned on by controlling a man.

Not looking for findomme. Besides, if You owned me then Youd own all of me right?

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Journal Entries:
11/13/2015 8:25:41 AM
I've been schooled on fin domme! I'm ready to give my money to someone I will never meet or serve in real life. Lets skip the part where you act like you're dominant and into s&M and let me just give you the money. We never even need to talk or cam or anything. Just me giving you my money. Still not sure why but if everyone else is jumping off this bridge then I guess I will too. lol

11/8/2015 7:33:39 AM
Will someone please explain why findomme is a thing? The main thing I dont get is this. Ifyou captured me and manipulated me into truly being your property, then you own my mind, my heart, my soul, my body, everthing I own AND all my money. but you have to capture me first. That's not fin domme. Not how it is explained to me so far. What I get is this. I just give you money with no context or connection or any chance of ever meeting in person and actually being used. I live in Alabama(Roll Tide) and get contacted from fin dommes in other countries on the other side of the planet just wanting me to give her money. One of them even addmitted that she doesnt even really get turned on being worshipped. She totally does it as a job. That totally kills everything for me. I dont want to be made to worship your feet if you are only acting that way cause you think it turns me on. i want to do it because you selfishly and truly desire it. Dont care if I like it or not. Or maybe as a tool for manipulating me into knowing where I belong. Power. It shouldnt be me throwing myself at you begging to worship you no matter how pretty you think you are. It should be you saying "hey he's kind of cute. I want to own him" and then use your power and take me. I am naturally submissive which means I can be made into a good real life. And its not about what turns me on or what you even look like exactly. If there are any men out there with a true fin domme fetish feel free to contact me. I want to understand what exactly it is that turns you on about this. Do you masturbate thinking OmG i'm giving her money and will only ever see her on this cam

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