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Hetero Male Master, 27,  Singapore
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 Dominant Male


 5' 6"

 58 lbs






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Submissive Female

Switch Women

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 Fine Dining



 Art Galleries

 Flea Markets




 Wax play

Previous profile went willy-wonkers. So I have decided to create a new one after what felt like a kazillian years.

I seek a connection, a spark, in addition to attraction and pleasure. Something that would elevate physical contact from mere sensation to something more exhilarating, more gratifying, and hopefully, more meaningful.

It delights me to notice details, no matter how small they are. It delights me even more if you have details to notice. I take pleasure in observing behaviors, mannerisms, and patterns in others. Specifically, I look for perception, something that is paired best with a fine intuition and a dash of character. I must admit that psychological interests were the driving force of my investigation in the world of kink when I first started out.I am an observer, I naturally ask a shit ton of questions and have a knack for attention to detail. I am attentive and I like getting to know what makes people tick. I mean really getting inside your head to see who you are, where youve been, and how you got here. I want to genuinely KNOW you, not the mask we all wear.

I prefer to surround myself with positive things. Id choose quality over quantity anytime (especially when it comes to food). Fiercely affectionate at times and a cuddle monster of sorts, though definitely not for everybody. I once wore many hats and I have walked many paths which has allowed me to experience some of the wildest stories and situations imaginable - and have never regretted it.As you might know, I have been around for a long time, but I am not perfect. I am flawed, I make still silly mistakes every now and then. I am only human.

Desire is the core of my kinkiness. Ive tried most things BDSM related, with the exception of a few common limits (razor, scat, bestiality,yada yada.). Ill mention that I am very selective when it come to choosing a partner I prefer a counterpart who can dance wellrather then a doormat. Doormats are easy to buy from the local store.

Thats all I have for now. This profile is always a work in progress. Comments, questions, , suggestions, idle and witty banter, If you wanna chat for whatever reason, drop me a message - I dontbite, most of the time )

Thanks for taking the time to peer into my world, even if just for a bit.


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Journal Entries:
10/27/2017 8:50:29 AM
Realized something about myself today.

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